17 Responses

  1. IT IS KJ NOT JK!!! *dies*

  2. HAHAHAHA KJ, sorry it was a typo *7aki runs to fix it*

  3. You don’t read my blog? :(

  4. lol bakkouz: of course I read your blog!
    You are on my RSS feed, but hey , you don’t read my blog either :( .

  5. WHAT!! LIES! I DO SO !!
    I’m here aren’t i?
    reading… reading… 8O

  6. HAHAHA, that emoticon always cracks me up!

  7. hey.. how do you do this emoticon?

  8. LOL sister HAHAHAAHHA fa2a3teeny min ildu7uk
    you do an 8 and then a capital O

  9. 8O
    glad i made you laugh

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  11. 8O

    HAHA I just had to try it

    move along

  12. Farah: HAHAHAHAAHHA. ta7sheeeeesh.

  13. Why am I not here ?! Why 7aki Why ?!
    Why ?!
    Seriously like why am I not here ?! Am I not that “cool” to be on your blogroll.
    Do I have to blog about chocolate and baby gums to be on your blogroll.
    Honestly, I’m flabbergasted that me and the missus’ blog is not here.
    *Hpmh* Storms off leaving a chocolate wrapper to slowly float down to the ground.

  14. shmal: HAHAHAHA. ta7sheeeeeesh. You should write a petition and get it signed by a number of people and then I will consider it. LOOOOOOL

  15. OKAYYYYY, I just signed it, I think 2 is enough :p, now add us…NOWWW :D

  16. yallah 3eeshoo, I added it. hehe

  17. […] Blogs I Read […]

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