Why 2011 Sucked Ass And Why I Am Glad It’s Behind Me

How I got my ass kicked

2011 kicked my ass.

Career wise: I got the job of my dreams … and lost it. This sucked for me the most and took me about 6 months to get over. The kicker is? My boss loved me, my team loved me, my bosses boss loved me and the project was so cutting edge and so amazing that it got ATTENTION from major corps …. but due to “budget cuts” the project I was working on got cut and I had to go back to my old job. Talking about it re-opens the wounds. SUCKS.

Health wise: Buddha had a lot of health issues this year. My poor baby. She had a severe asthma attack that landed her in the ER after a 911 call. She had pneumonia in November as well. How much can a 3 year old endure? A lot apparently because she is still bubbly and delicious to nibble on nom nom nom .
Little 7aki broke her arm IN THE SUMMER!!!! And I was just exhausted all the time due to the above points, and I cut my finger!!!!


Extended family wise: Lots of health issues, its part of getting older I guess and part of life but still SUCKS ASS.

Blog wise: WHAT BLOG? I neglected my blog and all the good stuff that comes with it, due to, HELLO, did you read the above!

We did go on nice trips tough and I did watch A LOT of amazing TV. I did join the gym and I did have fun with friends and I read a lot of GREAT books but in general the year was Meh, Blah and Gaaaaah.

2012… BEHAVE!

Just to Get Rid of the Picture, of the Finger, On the Home Page

Yeah, being at work and opening your blog and getting the finger, blog post below this one, is NOT a good idea,   HAHAHAHA.

So let me tell you how shitty it has been in the past few months:

- End of May baby Buddha had a very bad, and I am talking very bad respiratory distress emergency, asthma attack, at her daycare and she was barely breathing.

Daycare was HORRIBLE in handling the emergency; instead of calling 911 they waited for us to go pick her up and we are an hour drive away!  Luckily a relative lives close by and went to pick her up and as soon as she took one look at her she was shocked at her state. There is a clinic a hundred meters away and the stupid daycare sat there waiting for us to come save the day. The clinic saw her and called 911 immidiatly and she had to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance and I wasn’t there to go with her :( . Saying that the train ride home was the longest train ride IN MY LIFE is a understatement.

Some asthma medicine and oxygen fixed Buddha right up and she was fine but I was so stressed and crying the whole ride over.

So, due to the daycares complete and utter negligence we pulled her out that day and we didn’t look back.

They say bad things happen for good reasons and right now she is at the bestest daycare EVER. I am glad we moved her and I am so happy where she is right now. In a way her getting really sick allowed us to find her a much better place to thrive at.

Except it was real and much more less cute

- Not one month later, the FIRST day of summer vacation, little 7aki fell and fractured her arm, while we were at a beach resort none the less.

She had to have the cast on for four weeks. Nothing spells summer fun better than a broken arm!

She was a trooper though, the whole thing barely fazed her and she managed to have a fun summer.

Yup, it was her RIGHT arm that she uses for , you know, EVERYTHING

-  various colds and strep throats and eczema, yaaaaay, fun!


- Then I cut my finger with a knife and had four stitches and also had the tetanus shot of death. My finger has not healed yet, yaaaaaay, fun!

I googled: Cut, finger, knife and ewwww the pictures were so gross. So I put a picture of a unicron.

Now that the summer of accidents is over and little 7aki is back to school I am looking forward to us having our boring old routine back.

That's me and my friends celebrating the end of the summer vacation.

YAY for back to school!!!!!


Is It the Evil Eye or The Begining of the END?

There was a series of unfortunate events that just bombarded me in the past 3 weeks. It’s like I had a lot of bad things piled up waiting to hit me and BOOM they came one after the other.

- Started my new job but not really because my old job begged to keep me on for an extra week (they can’t live without me, hehehhe). My old job was pretty stressful, I’m talking S.T.R.E.S.S.F.U.L so I couldn’t wait to get out so when they asked me to stay an extra week I died a little  inside.

- Started working on new job for one day then got into a 3 day heavy-duty technical course, AND I GOT A MIGRAINE THE SECOND DAY. It took me 2 days to recover from that. So imagine I am trying to be so technical like and get a lot of technical info WHILE HAVING A SPLITTING HEADACHE.

- after the course I worked at my new job for one day.

- Then I GET SOOOOOOOOO SICK I don’t work for a whole week ,tangent, Thanks to web MD who I will call WEB ASS from now on I thought I had a brain tumor and I was going to die young and leave my children motherless, word to the wise, don’t use Dr. Google, IT”S EVIL, end of tangent. So again I could not start the THE NEW JOB I was DYING TO START. People, DYING to start, you don’t understand, did you hear me, DYING TO START IT.

- I go to my new job for one day.

- I come home all excited because , yay, I feel better, I had neglected my kids and house for the week because I was sick so let me feel more productive and do a load of laundry, and the EFFING WASHING MACHINE BREAKS DOWN. It fills with water, soaks the clothes and then would not drain, so I am in a dilemma, I can’t open the door or the laundry room would flood, so I bite the bullet, got a bucket, opened the door, and emptied the washer WITH AN EFFING CUP. yes you heard me, a CUP. I bailed the water out of the front loading washer cup by painful cup.

To add insult to injury we had to take our laundry to the neighbours to wash.

- The next day my notebook at work gets hit by a virus, a nasty, EVIL virus, so YAAAAAAAAAAY

- That same day I am still not %100 so I sleep on the train on my way back home AND I MISS MY STOP!!!! I had to take a cab from the OTHER train station to where I had parked my car. At least the cabby was a brother so I wished him a Ramadan Mubarak.

- The next day I go to withdraw some cash from the bank machine and the machine denies the card and asks me to go contact my bank. WHAT? I JUST GOTS PAIDZ. Turnes out someone stole my card info ( not the actual card) made a fake card and went on a shopping spree in Montreal, 404 dollars before the bank clued in it was not me, so I had to go to the bank to cancel my bank card , issue a temp one, and they are launching and investigation to get ma money back. I WANTZ MAZ MONEYZ BACKZ. Did all that on my lunch break

- I go back to work and I find an email from my old boss asking me to go help them out on something I worked on A MONTH AGO.

- I go home and go out to exercise on my roller blades to blow off some steam and I wipe out ON THE ASPHALT, and OUCH my arm still hurts.

How much more can a person handle people?

I need a drink, or something more powerful, like horse tranquilizer, ahhahahhaha.

Anyhoo I hope that this string of bad luck is all behind me because, hey, I had a good day today!!!!!!! FINALLY.


So you know why the washing machine broke? Stay tuned for the next post because you will pee your pants when you know why.

Chipmunk or Hamster? Can’t Make Up My Mind.

On Tuesday I paid a nice visit to the torture chamber Oral surgeon and I got my wisdom tooth extracted.

Said tooth was sitting harmlessly in my mouth minding it’s own business and not causing any trouble, I just had to interfere in its harmlesness and get it out “just in case” it wanted to cause trouble later on.

Now I look like this

This is how I look like, but with less hair.

I am in pain. WHY DIDN’T I JUST LEAVE IT ALONE? I had to be all preventative and shiznet.

Throbbing pain alert!

Excuse me while I go self medicate.

How Shameful!

How dare women in Saudi try to be healthy and exercise. These women have NO SHAME.

Get a load of this, Women only gyms are being shut down in Saudi Arabia as a result of the government only licensing gyms for men.

When is someone going to stop these people. I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity of these scholars. And why are the Saudis not doing anything about it? What will happen if they rebbel. I really wonder.

Hat tip Nzingha keep on being shameless.

The Day I Lost My Voice, My Eyeballs Melted and I Went Blind

Not figuratively but literally.

I have been fighting a cold for the last week. Usually this kind of cold would be like NOTHING but because I am the sole nourishment source for one kid and the sole entertainment source for the other it left me spent.

After I started feeling better yesterday , kablaaaaaaaam,  I lost my voice , my voice comes and goes but it surly goes in the most inopportune times.

Like yesterday at the optometrist:

Dr: So tell me what do you see on the wall

Me: A, F, D, pshpshpshpshpsh (pshpshpshpshpsh means that I can’t speak above a whisper) 

Dr: What was that?

Me: I said pshpshpshpshpsh

Dr: ?

Me: Waaaaaaaaaaa3333333.

Let me tell you about my appointment, it was like Chinese torture. For a whole hour I was whisked from one machine to the other until I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out.

First I was interrogated about my health history. It took so long that I thought they were going to make me pee in a cup after. heheeeeeeeee.

After that it was the machine that would try to figure out how screwed my new prescription was, for anyone who knows what I am talking about it’s the machine with the little house at the end of the road.

Then the machine that would take a picture of the back of the eye ball. First you have to focus on looking forward on a little red dot and then, KABLAM a BLINDING flash , that leaves you …. well … blind… for like 30 seconds. They had to flash my eyes three times. THREE.

All that and I haven’t seen the doctor yet!!!!

Then I go to the doctor and the torture of : “Which lens, number one or number 2″  begins, I hate this part. It’s so stressful I hate it. If you say number 2 and then after you get the glasses it turns out to be number one. Waaaaaa33333.

After she figured out my prescription she then puts eye-drops in my eyes to check for glaucoma, the eye-drops are yellow  ( ew) and I felt my eyeballs were going to melt I swear. It was a weird sensation I have never felt before.

I THOUGHT I was done but noooooooooooo, now they are going to check my peripheral vision, this was THE WORST part. Worse than the blinding flash and the eyeball melting drops.

First I had to wear an eye patch, a pirate eye patch. And that was the best part.

Then they put my head in this white sphere (ish) tunnel (ish) machine and I had to click a mouse every-time I saw a dot of light. Trust me after two minutes focusing forward with one eye you start seeing flashing lights everywhere. After the third minute of this torture I was just clicking away wether I saw lights or not.LOOOL. I had to repeat that for my other eye.

Finally after that I got waaaaaaaay cool new glasses.

And then my eyeballs fell out.

The End.

Little 7aki Mistifies Me!

Little 7aki LOVES to eat the following:

1) Shrimp. Yes, shrimp. She would eat pounds of it if I let her.


2) Spinach. Which some adults don’ t even want to smell.


3) Brie cheese. Like , helloooooooo, who LIKES Brie cheese? Most people hate it. ( I love it)


4) Ask her what’s your favorite vegtable and she will answer in a heart beat: Cauliflower



But tell her to taste a tomatoe and she will look at it as if it was the devil.


I couldn’t have said it better myself

“I’m feeling very DONE, either way. My skin is stretched beyond insanity, my ribs feel bruised, the heartburn is unbearable (I get it from EVERYTHING, including WATER THAT IS TOO COLD), and I’ve started throwing up again. My clothes don’t fit, I’ve graduated to the uber-sexy nursing bras, and I’m already not sleeping. Bring it, baby. Let’s get the real party started.
I’ll provide the footwear.”

Yup, EXACTLY how I feel but I am 37 weeks now, I am due on October 6th.


In other news my mom is coming on Saturday, wooohooo, can’t wait. I havn’t seen her since July 2005. Imagine? So I can’t wait to see her and little 7aki can’t wait to see her.

I have been off for a couple of weeks now, I took my vacation time that I saved during the year and I am sooo glad I did, OMG I love not having to go to work.

Getting some things done here and there, cooking more healthy for the family instead of eating out and junky food so I am happy about that.

But honestly, the baby needs to come out. I no longer look like a cute soccer ball, I graduated to a blimp!

Yup, this is me.

Yup, this is me.


… minutes left to be at home.  8 days to be precise.

But, for today I am done, I am very very tired right this second, it’s only 2:15 and I think I will catch the next train home . I need to lay down. I have zero energy and a bit dizzy so I will go home and nap.

I really want my mommy :(  .

The Attack of The Plug-in


I think the plug-in series is going to be the equivalent of a star wars series. There were six of them so what do you call that? a six-ology?

Read this and this for some background information on the subject.

3 weeks ago plug-in sighting: MY BATHROOM. The place where I go the SECOND I wake up. LIKE DUDE. Like SERIOUSLY.

So I unplug it and put it somewhere.

Another sighting 2 weeks after that: The hallway right outside of my bedroom. Sigh.

 So you guessed it, I unpulg it AGAIN…. BUT wait till you see what I did next :D ….

The plug-in current resting place: Hiding under the bed in the guest bedroom. HAHAHAHAH he’ll never find it now. Rest in peace plug-in. 

Oh shoot, what if he reads this post???? OK I will go hide it somewhere else.

Total number of times I had to unplug the plug-in so far: 5. Did you read that people? FIVE.

Oh the trials and tribulation’s of being pregnant.

On Throwing up and Such

I have developed a super power which is “Super Smell”. I am thinking of applying to the show “Heroes”, I will be the first pregnant super Hero.

Is that the villain I smell who hasn’t showered for a day? Yes it is. What to do to stop him? Projectile vomit on him in super sonic speed. LOL (OK EW)

Having the super power of smell is NOT by any means fun. Nope. You walk around thinking: “Are smells going to appeal to my over sensitive stomach today or not?” You will learn to fear what awaits you smell wise around the corner.

You will wake up thinking: “Will I like the smell of fries today? Or will I run like a mad woman to the bathroom alternating between holding my breath and breathing through my mouth and taking long deep breaths to avoid throwing up.

So not throwing up becomes an art from. You have to master it or you will be throwing up left right and center which makes you unfit to be around humans and humans are mean and they don’t have any sympathy for you until your belly starts to show.

One other thing that is soooo much fun about being pregnant ( I am being sarcastic) and in your first trimester is that you also feel like you were hit by a train and then you were forced to run a marathon because there is no other explanation to why you are sooooooooooo tired after just walking from the desk to the printer and in need of a nap ALL DAY.

But back to throwing up (EW) .

Baba 7aki , how to put this in a nice way, loves things to be a certain way around the house so he bought those really pleasant (well were pleasant before my super sense of smell developed) Glade plug-ins that you plug in the wall that SHOULD make the house smell nice.

So he is super excited and he plugs it in the hallway right outside of our bedroom.

Every time the bedroom door opens the room gets flooded with this scent that was turning my stomach. Just thinking about it right now makes me nauseous.

So after I investigated and at 2 AM in the morning I found the plug-in , Unplugged it and put in in the guest room (unplugged) far far away and closed the door to make sure the smell is not going to come out again.

I talk to Baba 7aki over breakfast:

Me: Oh man that plug-in thing almost made me throw up all night.

Baba 7aki: Why don’t you unplug it?

Me: I did that. I put it in the guest bedroom.

Baba 7aki: Good.

15 minutes later l go upstairs to get something and low and behold that thing is plugged in the wall again and I start dry heaving on the spot. I go to baba 7aki

Me: Baba 7aki, why did you plug that thing in again? I told you it makes me so nauseous and you told me to unplug it.

Baba 7aki: Oh I thought it only bothers you at night.

Me: HAHAHAHA (did not say anything mean but I really really wanted to) No it bothers me all the time so I unplugged it.

Baba 7aki: Where did you put it?

Me: I hid it so you can’t find it and plug it in again.

Baba 7aki: But where did you put it? I won’t plug it in again!

Me: I am not going to tell you. You will go get it and plug it in again! (After 7 years of marriage I know my man, he will go get it and plug it in)

Baba 7aki: Don’t be silly I won’t do it. I just want to know where it is so it won’t get lost and so I can plug it in after you are no longer nauseous.

So I told him where it is.

The next day there was this faint smell similar to the plug-in and that is soooo bad that was making me want to throw up all day. Mind you the definition of bad smell changes when you are pregnant. So I thought it is residue from the day before and I tried to ignore it.

As I was walking up the stairs to my room and as I glanced down at the living room I saw that EFFING thing plugged in and it has been plugged in ALL DAY. (HAHAHAHAHAHA, seriously it was just too funny)

I screamed: BABAAAAAAAA 7AKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. What is this thing doing plugged in the wall???? All day I have been feeling awful and I have been wanting to throw up and I had no clue why. WHY IS THIS STUPID THING PLUGGED IN???

Baba 7aki: I thought it won’t bother you over there.

Me: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU THOUGHT IT WON’T BOTHER ME? EXPLAIN TO ME WHY IT WON’T BOTHER ME??? IT STILL SMELLS, I am still pregnant BECAUSE OF YOU. It’s all your fault, you have your fun and then I suffer for 9 months and then you plug it in? This is why I hid it in the first place, I knew you were going to plug it in. I bet you you spent all day yesterday thinking about that stupid plug-in. I think you are a freak. (HAHAHAHA, at that point I couldn’t hold myself anymore the look on his face was priceless)

Baba 7aki: OK OK I will take it away.

Me: FREAK! I swear to God if I find it plugged in ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE I will take it, break it in 3000 pieces and throw it in the garbage.

Baba 7aki: OK OK. Relax woman ………. Just for the record though, you tricked me into becoming pregnant anyway so it’s YOUR fault.

And then he ran. LOL

I wonder where I will find it plugged in next. I know him. He will plug it in most probably in the basement next.

My husband is soooooo funny sometimes, funny I tell ya!

And I Hate March Too

2008 so far hasn’t been a good year health wise for me.

Got sick From February 18th till like the 25 and now I have been sooooo sick that I have been in bed all week.

Every muscle in my body aches, coughing, sneezing, I got the chills, and then  the sweats, can’t remember sleeping for this long in my life. And been kinda disoriented; I was so disoriented I couldn’t even watch TV!

So I decided that I hate March too.

I mean what’s to love when it’s flu season?

I HATE February


 And this year we have to suffer through one extra day of it. Feb, I  can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can say BBye!

Why do I hate February?

Take a look at this:


This weather is just inhumane. Nobody should suffer through this.

And honestly, when my husband finished his Masters degree in the West Coast in the States can you tell me what POSSESSED him to come to Canada? Ha? HA????



At least we have free health care so in your face West Coasters!!!


I just say that to make my self feel better :( .

Biddi Maaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa.

Guess What!!!!

Remember when I was telling you about little 7aki and how she’s bugging her dad to stop smoking?

Well guess what! He did!!! So wooooohoooooooo.

Cold turkey for hubby is not an option so he’s been taking this new stop smoking medication (CHAMPIX) and it is making him not only stop smoking, but hate the taste the smell and the after feel .

Wish him luck, it’s really hard to quit something that’s ingrained in your daily routine and that is proven to be addictive he’s trying really hard and I am so happy for him … actually happy for all of us :D .


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