Overheard on Mothers Day

I hear little feel patterning and soft little squeaky voices whispering. My bedroom door opens and then closes. I glance at the clock, it’s 6:30 AM. Yaaaaaaawn. not getting up.

Same happens at 6:45, 7:15, 7:30.

I hear little feet going down the stairs. Lots of clangy noises from the kitchen. I hear feet coming up the stairs.

Little 7aki while going up the stairs: Buddhaaaaaa, you’re spilling the juuuuuuice!

Little Buddha: But you filled the cup too muuuuuuuuuch.

Little 7aki: Buddhaaaaaa, stop spilling the juice!

Little Buddha: But, but, you’re walking too faaaaast. Slow dowwwwwwwwwn.

I hear my door opening. I see Little 7aki carrying a tray and little Buddha carrying a cup of juice.

Little 7aki and little Buddha: Happy motheeeers daaaaay.

7aki: Awwwwww, you girls made me breakfast in Bed??? You girls are soooo sweet!

Little 7aki: Yes, we made you a turkey sandwich with cheese and butter, Buddha helped me! We put lots of butter because it tastes good.

Little Buddha beaming: And I carried the juice for you!

7aki: I love you girls sooooooo much.

I turn to whisper to Baba 7aki: Do I have to eat a turkey sandwich this early???? Hehehe.

As I take two sips from my juice little Buddha says: Can I have a taste of your juice? (gulp gulp gulp… she drank it all)

As I take a bite out of my sandwich, little 7aki and Buddha say: Can we have a taste of your sandwich? (NOM NOM NOM… they ate it all)

I ended up with no sandwich… no juice … and breadcrumbs all over my bed. HAHAHAHAHA , soooo funny!

But I did end up with the fullest heart! It was the most thoughtful thing an eight and three year old can ever do.

I love my girls.



The Best Thing That Happened To Me In 2012 … So Far

And it comes in a jar.

It’s a butter … that is made out of …. Wait for it … waiiiit for it … COOKIES!!!!!

It’s Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

Heaven in a jar

Who thinks these things up? How crazy is that? Someone sat there and thought, hmmmm, I am going to take some cookies, ground them up and make them into butter because hey, life NEEDS spreadable cookies.

To the person who invented cookie butter, will you marry me?

It is sooo delicious it’s not even funny.


Rub My Belly Mama, Mama, Rub My Belly

My little Buddha who calls her belly boody. She is sooooo funny.

She says:

Mama, talk to me, talk to me mama, mama, talk to me …. so … I have an idea , lets color.

That is just soooooooo funny, “talk to me” in her world means “listen” and I think it is just the funniest thing EVER.

She also says: Mama, MAMA , I tellllll youuuuuuu, SIT DOWN. (yes the caps are her speaking to me sternly , LOL)

She just turned two and a half years old a couple days ago and she is blossoming more and more and has her own personality.

My little Buddha copies and says everything little 7aki says. Little 7aki says, mama, I don’t like this it’s gross, and then I hear an echo , mama, it’s goss, goss mama.


Oh, and another thing, Buddha blames everything on little 7aki:

7aki: Who spilled the milk?

Buddha: Little 7aki

7aki: Who turned off the TV?

Buddha: Little 7aki

7aki: Who did poopy in the diaper?

Buddha: Little 7aki.


Then she sits in the back seat in the car and when I get out to unbuckle her she has her eyes closed and a tiiiiiny smile on her face.

I say: Buddaaaaah.

Little Buddha: I sleeping mama, I sleeping.

God I want to ef3asha.

And little 7aki, will be seven in May, SEVEN, when did this HAPPEN???? I love her so much my little monkey she is such a mothering big sister and she worships the ground little Buddha walks on; she takes a lot of abuse from her little sister but is always calm and loving towards her.

She now thinks princess are lame and totally babyish. Well, she didn’t really have a lot of interest in princesses before but now will NOT BE SEEN DEAD even close or TOUCHING anything that has a princess print on it. What can I say, like mother like daughter; while I was such a tom boy growing up, no seriously, you don’t want to see the pictures; she is actually interested in jewelery, hair, perfume and makeup and OH MY GOD is obsessed with shoes.

So she has a perfect balance she is a fierce tom boyish girly girl who would have skinned knees and lip gloss.

Fa3es those two.

Gotta love girls.

And that concludes my quarterly post of the year.

Over and out.


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 3

I didn’t mean for this 10 year wedding anniversary blog to drag on forever. I promise this is the last post about this but look at what Baba 7aki got me!

He got me a GORGEOUS Michael Kors watch. It looks soooo amazing, I am going to resize it today. You should see it in person; it sparkles :D .

Baba 7aki has donez goodz

# White ceramic and rose golden bracelet strap.
# Rose golden and white ceramic bezel.
# Mother-of-pearl and white face with golden time stops and crystal insets.

But as you know these kinds of occasions are not about presents they are about …….. nah, presents are fun. LOL.

And he surprised me! Yesterday he was saying, oh the present I was going to get you was not in stock so maybe I’ll get you something next week and I really believed him and he comes in with the bag and I see Micheal Kors printed on it so I jumped and grabbed it! I’ve been wanting one of these watches forever.

So finally baba 7aki was able to surprise me and he was sooo happy

And this concludes the 10 year wedding anniversary trilogy.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 2

BamBam (who’s a good friend) emailed me today and told me that I was a “Poo Poo Head” for cramping Baba 7aki’s style and that I should have let him “do his thing” and I can go buy myself the IPad.

Little does he know that before I even read his email I was feeling HORRIBLE about being a flat out surprise spoiler ( yeah Baba 7aki was a bit miffed) and now I feel even WORSE.


And then he wanted to know what I got my man so here goes:

I got him this yesterday:

We already have the PS3 and I knew he had his eye on the PS3 move for a while .

I spent about an hour setting it up and downloading some games; we have an entertainment centre that is about 9 feet away from the TV and all the wiring is snaked inside the wall(maybe I will share some pics one day) so I had to buy USB extension cord and set the “eye” on top of the TV to make sure it’s positioned properly and did all this good stuff before he got home. To my luck he was working a bit late and came in JUST as I finished setting things up ; I managed to sneak in some play time, MWAAAHAHAHAHA , my arm hurts though, that move gets you moving!

I wanted to show it to him this morning but I CANNOT WAIT TO SURPRISE SOMEONE TO SAVE MY LIFE so I showed him his present last night…he he he I am such a loser. He LOVED it

Baba 7aki is lucky to have a techie wife I tell ya :D . And don’t tell him I said this but sometimes my technical skills surpass his. heheeeeee . Fo realz yo.

Tonight we will have our dinner and little does he know that I have another surprise up my sleeve; he thinks he got the “Move” and that is it but I also got him this:

I hope he likes it.

And yeah, I will be lucky if I get a MOFO shib-shib (flip flops) after upsetting him yesterday . LOL.


Holy Cow 10 years

Tomorrow marks baba 7akis and my 10 year wedding anniversary.

Holy Cow man … 10 years!!!! I can’t believe it.

He’s so cute. About 2 weeks ago he comes in our room and asks me, out of the blue : where is that promise bracelet I bought you when we first started dating?

7aki: It’s in the Jewelry box.

Baba 7aki: Can I see it?

Now I am starting to feel suspicious, because I have had it for 12 years and he never asked me to see it.

7aki (I dig it out of the jewelry box): alright, here it is.

Baba 7aki: Cool, what else do you have in there (he starts rummaging through my jewelry box)

Ok at that point I thought, the jig is up. He is going to buy me diamonds or something for our 10th year wedding anniversary.

Baba 7aki is soooooooo funny, he can never surprise me because he is soooo obvious, HAHAHAHA. Like seriously?! show me the promise bracelet, like DUH. LOL.

So after 10 minutes I send little 7aki down to ask him , so what are you going to buy mama for your 10th wedding anniversary?And I told her, don’t tell your dad I sent you. After she asks him he asked her if I sent her and she said yes! WTH man!!! I just told her not to tell him, hehehehe. I should not send a 6 year old to lie for me cos SHE SUCKS AT LYING. So he sent her back to tell me to mind my own business.

So I told baba 7aki: I do not want a thousand or more dollar gift that is diamonds, I just want an IPad, maybe a watch.

Baba 7aki: But an IPad is not romantic! It’s like a birthday gift, not a 10 year anniversary gift!

7aki: But what am I going to do with jewelery? Tab get me an expensive watch instead of diamonds.

Baba 7aki: NO. I want to show off OK.

7aki: LOL. AHAAAA, GOT IT. It’s not about me, it’s about you showing off. TOO FUNNY.

Baba 7aki: Mind your own buinsess.

7aki: tab what should I get you? You are impossible to buy for.

Baba 7aki: I want nothing

7aki: I have a great idea! You Can buy me the diamonds and I will buy you an IPad!!!!!!

Baba 7aki: HAHAHAHAHA. You are such a loser.

So I have been nagging him for the past 2 weeks to get me the IPad and to put a diamond screen saver on it. heh

How messed up is that? I think this would be the first time in the history of history that a wife tells her husband I do not want the diamonds and he insists on getting them. Crazy stuff man.

So tune in tomorrow to find out what I will get.


Join Me in Congratulating Me

When I was planning on posting this post I wanted to speak poetically about marriage and how it’s pretty cool and stuff.

The craziness of the fact that it’s been 9 years….wow…that’s a lot! I don’t feel it’s been 9 years.

I also wanted to upload a picture of the cake little 7aki decorated for the occasion. Can you say CUTE.

And about the dinner we had, I stuffed my face with steak , giant jumbo shrimp(seriously, giant and jumbo, it was almost as big as a baby lobster!) and scallops in a creamy sauce with roasted almonds. It’s been 2 days and I am still stuffed.

Also about how although marriage can be uneventful sometimes it still manages to be  fun sometimes too , I guess you can argue that uneventful is good in a way .

But I am super busy, swamped, insanely crazily have no time to do anything, buried ….. in work.

I didn’t want the occasion to pass with no mention so please  join me in congratulating me on my/our 9th year wedding anniversary.

The End

PS: I feel like I used this title before.

PPS: I might have but too lazy to care and look for it.

PPPS: Speaking of food, I had an AWESOME burger today

PPPPS:  I know  I was not speaking of food but I thought you’d like to know I had a yummy burger

Either Nothing or All

Peanut never seizes to amaze me.

At 8 months she was clearly behind on her milestones, no crawling, no standing, no rolling over (that really concerned me, until the doctor told me she was too fat to roll over, HAHAHAHAHA), no teeth.




And then when she hit 8.5 months she:

1) Turned over back to front and front to back.

2) Crawled.

3) Stood up unassisted.

4) Sprouted a tooth.

All in one day. ONE!

I think this girl takes after her dad in terms of ambition and drive, either she does nothing or she does it all.

She does not do half ass; oh let me crawl today and then get my teeth tomorrow and then maybe next month I’ll clap my hands and say Dada.

Now my peanut is ten months old and in true peanut fashion she sprouted three teeth yesterday. THREE if you were not paying attention the first time I said it.

She is just growing up too fast. She can climb the stairs now, which gives me anxiety attacks and I cannot leave her alone for one minute, which is steadily and surly making my sanity go away.

She can walk around holding sofas and tables.

She can say baba, mama, dada ,seedo, bird, oh – oh , wow ,  light (but in Arabic) , mum mum for food or drink (I am working on that one) and she can sign more and enough. She waves hello and goodbye and she claps her hands.

And she is sneaky this little one, I have a stack of magazines that she is just obsessed with, I tell her don’t touch, no no, she looks at me, wags her index finger, shakes her head, giggles and grabs them.

And she is officially the Michelin man now, no doubt about it. Seriously, I am embarrassed to tell you how much she weighs. Lets just say, if she could walk and had teeth you would think she’s 2 years old.

My little peanut, a hand-full, with a beautiful sparkle in her eye.

PS: My biceps are just HUGE.

PPS: Seriously, my arms have never been so fit in my life, pays off to carry the Michelin man around.

Here’s an illustration to help you visualize it.


PPPS: I am making rice right now and for some reason it’s just not happening. It’s sticky. But tastes good at least.

The End

To the End of the Universe and Back

I can’t begin to describe how much joy you bring to my life.

You have a sparkle in your eyes that I have never seen in any other human being. It brings so much joy to my life.

I wish I can describe how my heart flutters every time you smile at me and every time you look into my eyes with so much love that I feel my heart is going to burst. You are just precious.

You are turning 8 months tomorrow and I am starting to get to know you better. You are starting to have a personality now. You let me know if you like or dislike something. You let me know if you want to be picked up or not and you let me know if you want to be in my arms if you see a stranger face .

When I enter the room and you see me oh my how your face lights up. You extend your arms , you smile the biggest smile ever, you squeal and then those eyes of yours sparkle. Oh how much I love those eyes. Come think of it oh how much I love those eyes and cheeks and lips and nose. And those little chubby stinky feet.

When you sleep in my arms and then I touch that ticklish spot you smile in your sleep and my heart just stops and it comes back to life.

My little angel , my little heart, my little soul may that sparkle always stay in your eyes.

I love you to the end of the universe and back.

If I Had Fairy Godparents.

Little 7aki: I wish I had fairy Godparents.

Me: Why?

Little 7aki: So I can wish for anything and it would come true.

Me: What would you wish for first? (I asked while waiting to see what toy she wants).

Little 7aki: I would wish that Daddy stops smoking.

Me (stunned) : Wow! What else would you wish for?

Little 7aki: I wish that you would never yell at me. (Well she dropped her sister off the couch, so I yelled, hehe)

Me: What else?

Little 7aki: And I would wish for lots of hugs and kisses.

Me: Hahahaha. But you get lots! Sometimes you run from me and I  have to chase you to kiss you.

Little 7aki: Well I want more.

Me: I will give you sooooooooo many you are going to ask your fairy Godparents for me to stop.

Little 7aki: Moooooooom.

Me: Yeeeeeeeeees.

Little 7aki: I love you .

Me: I love you too.

My little 7aki  just turned five on Friday. Wise beyond her years she still wishes for immaterial things, like the time she wanted to throw those coins in the fountain.

Little 7aki, my love for you grows stronger and stronger with every passing day, with every word uttered by you, with every night we snuggle in your bed and read together. My love still grows with every time you frustrate me with your stubbornness, every time you cry and every time you push my buttons, especially when I tell you, stop pushing my buttons, and you say, mommyyyyyyyyy, where are your buttons?

 You are my baby and will be my baby forever, although now when I take you places you don’t cling to me, you push me to leave. Oh how much you grew.

I love you my little philosopher.


…. the gums.

Peanuts Gums

Peanuts Gums


Peanut turned 4 months a couple of days ago.

Oh my how time flies!

She can grab things now with her little tiny hands and guide them to her mouth.

She can squeal and kick her feet with excitement.

She still drools like it’s her bidness (for real she drools a lot, like A LOT).

She has a ticklish spot where I am guaranteed to make her laugh ( on her sides, she goes nuts).

She is one plump monkey (for real, think of  her as in on her way to becoming a Michelin (wo)man) ( knock on wood y’all).

She looks me in the eye when I sing to her and coos with delight.

When I yell at her sister (little 7aki is driving me NUTS)  while she sits on my lap she smiles thinking I am talking to her. Ilhabla, only if she knew what in store for her, LOL.

She has a completely bald spot on the back of her head, HILARIOUS. Like TOTALLY bald. I like to sniff it and kiss it.

Her feet are still stinky, HAHAHAHAHA.

And the list goes on and on.

I can’t believe how much I  am enjoying peanut and little 7aki.

I love them so much that my heart swells when I watch them sleep. Yeah I watch them sleep like a stalker, especially little 7aki, she is growing (four) and I miss her already.I am terrified of the day she will want to be independent, I want my baby back :( .

I want “baby” little 7aki back who used to say bubooz (bubbles) :( .

She now drinks hot (HOT) chocolate :( and and she tells me ” chill mom”  (CHILL?????)  and and and she she she gives me back massages (well, ok,  I like this part, hehehehe) and she says “This meal is scrumptious” ( like, who says that???). And and she tells me ” Moooooom, why are you not leaving, goooooooooo” when the baby sitter shows up when baba 7aki and I are going out.

I want my baby back


On a lighter note, because little 7aki loves peanut so much and I don’t know why it is when you love something  so much you just want to squeeze it (fa3es). Little 7aki says, “I can’t taaaaaaaaaaaaaake it I want to squeeze her little head”. So we came up with a solution. Every-time peanut looks cute we would squeeze each other, HAHAHAHAHA. I squeeze little 7aki and she squeezes me.

I guess peanut has been too cute lately cos my cheeks hurt peoples!


I can’t believe it has been 8 years since Baba 7aki and I got married!

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year anniversary with a nice simple quiet dinner kid free, we decided that this year will be celebrated simply with no gifts or nothing.

Ok that is a lie, both of me AND baba 7aki forgot about the anniversary, HAHAHAHAHA I swear we both forgot!

I got a text message from my brother in law congratulating us for the anniversary and I was like YIKES. and then grandfather 7aki called baba 7aki at work to congratulate him and he was like YIKES.

So baba 7aki calls me and I burst out laughing as soon as I pick up the phone. He was like “walik happy anniversary” and I was like “I KNOWWWWWWW” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I think he was scared to death that I knew it was our anniversary and I was testing him and he failed . Hmmmm, I should have done that. Hehehehe.

Little 7aki made us a present though :) it’s down there for your viewing pleasure.

Little 7aki art

To the left is baba 7aki. What’s that thing on top of his head?
I am on the right.
Little 7aki wrote Dad and Mom and dictated the rest to taita 7aki .
I wonder what’s worse, little 7aki’s handwriting or taita’s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

On The New Year.

I don’t know about any of you but the year 2008 was a tough one, many deaths, many dear people to me got ill , my pregnancy was very hard and work was soooo boring and I hated it which is a first becaue I always loved my job and  many other difficulties.

But there was one thing that made all of that float away.

Behold the toes:


They are kinda stinky, like the year 2008.

Although the year was bad it is one of my favouritess because peanut came along and I love her to death. She drools like it’s her business.

I don’t have any resolutions cos as I said earlier I like to make my resolutions in the summer when I am more likely to fulfill them (never, hehehe) but I wish you all a happy, successful and fun year!

Happy new year everyone.

Who Will I Marry?

Me: When you get bigger sweetie you will get pregnant too and have a big belly like me and have a baby.

Little 7aki: Will I be here living with you and baba when I have the baby?

Me: No sweetie you will be married and live with your husband

Little 7aki: And who will be my husband? (Has an alarmed look on her face)

Me: I don’t know, when you are older you will pick your husband.

Little 7aki: But will I stay here with you and baba?

Me: I am sure you will have your own house.

Little 7aki with a determined look on her face: I want to marry you and baba so I can stay here.

Me:  (FA3ES) : Maybe when you are older , like really much older you will change your mind but don’t worry , you will stay with me and baba for a loooooooooooooong time.

Little 7aki: Yes, because I love you and want to stay here for a long long long long time.


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