Overheard at the Office: The One Percent.


Bob:  The 7aki’s are part of the 1 percent

7aki: Holllaaaaaaa.  But why does the 99 percent go on more vacations?

Bob: Two reasons:

1-      To escape a horrible day to day life

2-      They don’t have jobs that have responsibility

7aki:  So if you have more money you have less time to enjoy it. SOOOOOO IRONIC! Best case scenario, Baba 7aki makes lots of money and I quit my job to enjoy it!

Bob:  I think you have the answer!!!  I don’t want to work.

7aki:  Your lucky wife is not working.

Bob:  My wife does it all…but that is the problem. Trying to have it all, makes it stressful. Even my mother has told me to tell her to relax – cuz she will die early and leave me a widower.

7aki:  A widower to marry someone younger Aaaahahahahahahahahahha.

Bob:  Hahahahaha…. l should take out a bigger insurance policy!  Is there anything sacred that WE won’t joke about?

11 years … and counting

Today marks the 11th year wedding anniversary for me and Baba 7aki. Just saying I have been married for 11 years makes me feel old!!!!exclamation mark!!!!

What’s an anniversary without gifts? A sucky one that’s what it is, hahahaha.

This year we went totally techie and bought each other a joint gift, yes we did. So here is what we got each other together for us:

1) LG 3D TV. Oh yes you read that right, 3D. It’s OUT OF THIS WORLD.

The movie comes in the house

Little Buddha could not stop saying:” Look Mama, the movie is coming into the house!” And asked her Grandma: “Do you know what 3D means? It means the movie is in the house” Looking all smart and knowing. YES , Buddha is going to carry the family techie torch.

2) Panasonic sound bar.

OMG its wireless

It;s a thing of beauty. And the sound is unbelievable.

So we decided we’ll buy these and not get each other any other gifts. But Baba 7aki being the sneaky guy he is went and bought me the most COOLEST headphones EVER!!!

3) Panasonic retro headphones.

They are green.....GREEN!!

They are gorgeous.

Usually I am the one who tricks Baba 7aki, but this time he managed to surprise me :) .

So yeah, one nice 11 year wedding anniversary full of unnecessary consumption; just the way I like it. Eheheheheheh.


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 3

I didn’t mean for this 10 year wedding anniversary blog to drag on forever. I promise this is the last post about this but look at what Baba 7aki got me!

He got me a GORGEOUS Michael Kors watch. It looks soooo amazing, I am going to resize it today. You should see it in person; it sparkles :D .

Baba 7aki has donez goodz

# White ceramic and rose golden bracelet strap.
# Rose golden and white ceramic bezel.
# Mother-of-pearl and white face with golden time stops and crystal insets.

But as you know these kinds of occasions are not about presents they are about …….. nah, presents are fun. LOL.

And he surprised me! Yesterday he was saying, oh the present I was going to get you was not in stock so maybe I’ll get you something next week and I really believed him and he comes in with the bag and I see Micheal Kors printed on it so I jumped and grabbed it! I’ve been wanting one of these watches forever.

So finally baba 7aki was able to surprise me and he was sooo happy

And this concludes the 10 year wedding anniversary trilogy.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Part 2

BamBam (who’s a good friend) emailed me today and told me that I was a “Poo Poo Head” for cramping Baba 7aki’s style and that I should have let him “do his thing” and I can go buy myself the IPad.

Little does he know that before I even read his email I was feeling HORRIBLE about being a flat out surprise spoiler ( yeah Baba 7aki was a bit miffed) and now I feel even WORSE.


And then he wanted to know what I got my man so here goes:

I got him this yesterday:

We already have the PS3 and I knew he had his eye on the PS3 move for a while .

I spent about an hour setting it up and downloading some games; we have an entertainment centre that is about 9 feet away from the TV and all the wiring is snaked inside the wall(maybe I will share some pics one day) so I had to buy USB extension cord and set the “eye” on top of the TV to make sure it’s positioned properly and did all this good stuff before he got home. To my luck he was working a bit late and came in JUST as I finished setting things up ; I managed to sneak in some play time, MWAAAHAHAHAHA , my arm hurts though, that move gets you moving!

I wanted to show it to him this morning but I CANNOT WAIT TO SURPRISE SOMEONE TO SAVE MY LIFE so I showed him his present last night…he he he I am such a loser. He LOVED it

Baba 7aki is lucky to have a techie wife I tell ya :D . And don’t tell him I said this but sometimes my technical skills surpass his. heheeeeee . Fo realz yo.

Tonight we will have our dinner and little does he know that I have another surprise up my sleeve; he thinks he got the “Move” and that is it but I also got him this:

I hope he likes it.

And yeah, I will be lucky if I get a MOFO shib-shib (flip flops) after upsetting him yesterday . LOL.


Holy Cow 10 years

Tomorrow marks baba 7akis and my 10 year wedding anniversary.

Holy Cow man … 10 years!!!! I can’t believe it.

He’s so cute. About 2 weeks ago he comes in our room and asks me, out of the blue : where is that promise bracelet I bought you when we first started dating?

7aki: It’s in the Jewelry box.

Baba 7aki: Can I see it?

Now I am starting to feel suspicious, because I have had it for 12 years and he never asked me to see it.

7aki (I dig it out of the jewelry box): alright, here it is.

Baba 7aki: Cool, what else do you have in there (he starts rummaging through my jewelry box)

Ok at that point I thought, the jig is up. He is going to buy me diamonds or something for our 10th year wedding anniversary.

Baba 7aki is soooooooo funny, he can never surprise me because he is soooo obvious, HAHAHAHA. Like seriously?! show me the promise bracelet, like DUH. LOL.

So after 10 minutes I send little 7aki down to ask him , so what are you going to buy mama for your 10th wedding anniversary?And I told her, don’t tell your dad I sent you. After she asks him he asked her if I sent her and she said yes! WTH man!!! I just told her not to tell him, hehehehe. I should not send a 6 year old to lie for me cos SHE SUCKS AT LYING. So he sent her back to tell me to mind my own business.

So I told baba 7aki: I do not want a thousand or more dollar gift that is diamonds, I just want an IPad, maybe a watch.

Baba 7aki: But an IPad is not romantic! It’s like a birthday gift, not a 10 year anniversary gift!

7aki: But what am I going to do with jewelery? Tab get me an expensive watch instead of diamonds.

Baba 7aki: NO. I want to show off OK.

7aki: LOL. AHAAAA, GOT IT. It’s not about me, it’s about you showing off. TOO FUNNY.

Baba 7aki: Mind your own buinsess.

7aki: tab what should I get you? You are impossible to buy for.

Baba 7aki: I want nothing

7aki: I have a great idea! You Can buy me the diamonds and I will buy you an IPad!!!!!!

Baba 7aki: HAHAHAHAHA. You are such a loser.

So I have been nagging him for the past 2 weeks to get me the IPad and to put a diamond screen saver on it. heh

How messed up is that? I think this would be the first time in the history of history that a wife tells her husband I do not want the diamonds and he insists on getting them. Crazy stuff man.

So tune in tomorrow to find out what I will get.


Join Me in Congratulating Me

When I was planning on posting this post I wanted to speak poetically about marriage and how it’s pretty cool and stuff.

The craziness of the fact that it’s been 9 years….wow…that’s a lot! I don’t feel it’s been 9 years.

I also wanted to upload a picture of the cake little 7aki decorated for the occasion. Can you say CUTE.

And about the dinner we had, I stuffed my face with steak , giant jumbo shrimp(seriously, giant and jumbo, it was almost as big as a baby lobster!) and scallops in a creamy sauce with roasted almonds. It’s been 2 days and I am still stuffed.

Also about how although marriage can be uneventful sometimes it still manages to be  fun sometimes too , I guess you can argue that uneventful is good in a way .

But I am super busy, swamped, insanely crazily have no time to do anything, buried ….. in work.

I didn’t want the occasion to pass with no mention so please  join me in congratulating me on my/our 9th year wedding anniversary.

The End

PS: I feel like I used this title before.

PPS: I might have but too lazy to care and look for it.

PPPS: Speaking of food, I had an AWESOME burger today

PPPPS:  I know  I was not speaking of food but I thought you’d like to know I had a yummy burger


I can’t believe it has been 8 years since Baba 7aki and I got married!

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year anniversary with a nice simple quiet dinner kid free, we decided that this year will be celebrated simply with no gifts or nothing.

Ok that is a lie, both of me AND baba 7aki forgot about the anniversary, HAHAHAHAHA I swear we both forgot!

I got a text message from my brother in law congratulating us for the anniversary and I was like YIKES. and then grandfather 7aki called baba 7aki at work to congratulate him and he was like YIKES.

So baba 7aki calls me and I burst out laughing as soon as I pick up the phone. He was like “walik happy anniversary” and I was like “I KNOWWWWWWW” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I think he was scared to death that I knew it was our anniversary and I was testing him and he failed . Hmmmm, I should have done that. Hehehehe.

Little 7aki made us a present though :) it’s down there for your viewing pleasure.

Little 7aki art

To the left is baba 7aki. What’s that thing on top of his head?
I am on the right.
Little 7aki wrote Dad and Mom and dictated the rest to taita 7aki .
I wonder what’s worse, little 7aki’s handwriting or taita’s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Who Will I Marry?

Me: When you get bigger sweetie you will get pregnant too and have a big belly like me and have a baby.

Little 7aki: Will I be here living with you and baba when I have the baby?

Me: No sweetie you will be married and live with your husband

Little 7aki: And who will be my husband? (Has an alarmed look on her face)

Me: I don’t know, when you are older you will pick your husband.

Little 7aki: But will I stay here with you and baba?

Me: I am sure you will have your own house.

Little 7aki with a determined look on her face: I want to marry you and baba so I can stay here.

Me:  (FA3ES) : Maybe when you are older , like really much older you will change your mind but don’t worry , you will stay with me and baba for a loooooooooooooong time.

Little 7aki: Yes, because I love you and want to stay here for a long long long long time.

Chocolate Caramel

Friend: My boyfriend and I had a big fight and we went back and forth and he finally said that I don’t care about him.

7aki: What did he say in specific?

Friend: He said that I don’t care about him and he said like for example you don’t even know my favorite color or favorite food. I feel like I am a bad person.

7aki: Well baba 7aki and after 7 years of marriage still thinks I like caramel chocolate. And I hate it. lol. and I tell him every time he gets me some, but he still gets it for me all the time. He says ” I thought you said you hated turtles” so I tell him: “Yes I do because it has caramel.” LOL.

What I think is that he is at the store, he thinks about making me happy, so he buys me chocolate, the chocolate he thinks I love and that makes me happy! It’s the thought that counts. That he stood there thinking about me when he did it.

7aki after a bit: So what’s your boyfriends favorite color?

Friend: I think It’s blue or green.

7aki: Gosh I have no clue what baba 7aki’s favorite color is, I think it’s blue. LOL. So don’t feel bad!


Honestly, all this favorite this and that and whatever, it all changes. Today I could like something and tomorrow I wouldn’t, so it’s hard to keep track and hard to hold it against your partner if they didn’t know your favorites. As long as you know the IMPORTANT stuff about your partner then favorite color and whatever is not essential to a good relationship.

So when he gets me the wrong thing I actually think it’s cute how he can’t for the life of him get it right. Unless I am PMSing and I NEED something in particular. Then there is hell to pay. Hehe

And besides, it took me like 4 years to drill in him that I want sprite or 7.up when he buys me pop but now I like diet Pepsi and I hate sprite. Poor baba 7aki , I keep him on his toes. LMAO.

What do you think? Is it important to know your partners favorite color and food and all that stuff? Or is it something you can live without?

The Attack of The Plug-in


I think the plug-in series is going to be the equivalent of a star wars series. There were six of them so what do you call that? a six-ology?

Read this and this for some background information on the subject.

3 weeks ago plug-in sighting: MY BATHROOM. The place where I go the SECOND I wake up. LIKE DUDE. Like SERIOUSLY.

So I unplug it and put it somewhere.

Another sighting 2 weeks after that: The hallway right outside of my bedroom. Sigh.

 So you guessed it, I unpulg it AGAIN…. BUT wait till you see what I did next :D ….

The plug-in current resting place: Hiding under the bed in the guest bedroom. HAHAHAHAH he’ll never find it now. Rest in peace plug-in. 

Oh shoot, what if he reads this post???? OK I will go hide it somewhere else.

Total number of times I had to unplug the plug-in so far: 5. Did you read that people? FIVE.

Oh the trials and tribulation’s of being pregnant.

On Marriage and Freedom

A lot of people out there fear marriage or flat out hate it because they are afraid that they are going to lose their freedom.

But what is freedom?

Is it the freedom to do whatever you want whenver you want?

Is it the freedom of having the ability to be romantically involved with whomever you  want whenever you want?

Is it the freedom of having no responsibilities and only worrying about yourself?

I know a man in his mid forties who never got married by choice, he wanted to enjoy his freedom, and let me tell you I have never seen anyone sadder looking in my life. He has the cool car, the nice house the things most married people strive for but at the same time he has nothing, no wife no partner no kids no substance in his life, just decadence and he is very lonely, nothing means anything to him, he over dosed on freedom. 

He doesn’t say he is sad but when he holds my daughter I can see the sadness.

Bob Dylan and  Janice Joplin said it best, “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” and “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

Sugar Daddy

Me: Gosh, work is soooo overrated. And the whole career thing nonsense. I wish I could just not have to work. If I ever get a chance to not HAVE to work I would so take it!
So right now I am grooming my husband to become my sugar daddy.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: I need one of those.

Me: You so should get one of those.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: but I don’t want an old and ugly man.

Me: Or worse, a good looking Daddy’s boy, they are the worst, looks and money but as dumb as doorknobs.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: OMG yeah, these are the worst.

Me: See I did the smart thing.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: What did you do?

Me: I married potential.


Me: Yeah, Sugar daddy potential.

Nahfeh Girlfriend: I am sooooooo gonna use that line one day.

Accidental Adultery

**Guest post by Bob** 

My wife and l were at a house party. There was food and drink and many people. The people were mostly my neighbours and all of them were couples. We got to the party around 9:00pm and l clung to my wife, so l wouldn’t have to have any meaningful conversation with other people. How many times can you talk about the weather or listen to stories about their wonderful spouse and wonderful kids and wonderful house and wonderful jobs and etc etc. I successfully managed to avoid people for a whole hour, when my wife had to go back home because our daughter woke up and won’t go back to sleep.

So my wife leaves and l’m left alone to fend for myself. I evaluate the party environment. There were at least 5 different conversation groups going on at the time – all chatting about how wonderful things were – so none that l wanted to get involved with. So l head to the bar to get a drink. As l’m getting a drink, the Neighbour lady says in a whispery voice: “Bob, can you please pour me a glass of white wine”. I oblige. I pour the neighbour lady a glass of wine. As l’m handing her the glass of wine, someone bumps me, and some wine spills over onto my fingers.
Neighbour lady says, “Waste not want not.” Then proceeds to take my fingers and put them in her mouth. The wine is expertly removed from my fingers and neighbour lady say ‘Thanks Bob” and leaves.

I was like ‘What just happened?” I think l stared at my fingers for a few seconds hoping they would reveal some answers – but none were forthcoming.

Lucky Seven

Seven years is a long time but it can still fly by really fast.

Baba 7aki and I celebrated our 7th year wedding Anniversary on January 12 and we couldn’t believe how time flew by so fast. It just feels we’ve been married for 2 years.

He is loving, he is sensitive he is attentive he makes me laugh. Humor plays a big part in our marriage, we laugh at each other and with each other.

We’ve had our really rough spots and our really amazing spots and spots that just flew by in the chaos of responsibilities and work and just life and after seven years I still love him (he better still love me too or I’ll kick his butt!).

With years we both changed and evolved and met in the middle, he picks up where I am lacking and I pick up where he is lacking without any resentment to each other and it was hard work getting there.

I love how he drives me crazy with his OCD. Hey less house work for me eh!

I love how he is very supportive and he always pushes me when I need it. Could be annoying though when i jsut want to procrastinate hehehe.

I love how he is with little 7aki. She worships him, he is always there for her, plays with her, takes care of her , is not embarrassed to be silly around her. All hugs and cuddles to the point little 7aki runs away from him sometimes, LOL, He just hugs her too too much.

And it helps that he has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen .

But seriously, why would God give him those eyelashes? I mean what about me????? Helloooooooo, eyelashes are a waste on a man. SO NOT FAIR.

And the Cherry on top?

The new watch he got me. Ooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Check out the bling bling.


P.S. I love you. Warning: A chick post.


I watched the movie P.S. I love you yesterday and let me tell you how much of a sobbing wreck I was at the theater. But everybody was so I am not a freak.

The story is about a man who dies at the age of 35 and his wife dealing with the loss.

Jerry  comes up with a plan which consists of sending her letters after he dies that instruct her on what to do and stuff like that.

The movie is really really funny and sad and the cast is PERFECT.

My friend and I were a total mess at the end and cursing every Hollywood movie that paints the unrealistic picture of a husband or partner.

Men don’t write you letters from the dead and send you off on vacations to Irland with your best friends and send you a birthday present from the dead and on top of all that are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and IRISH .

Men forget important dates and they  are clueless and are just human, not the picture perfect image these movies portray.

My friend said and I quote:

” I cried like through the whole thing and when I think about it I could cry again. Oh yeah there was a lot of hot men with Irish accents so it’s worth renting or going to see it with someone.

It was sad but it was funny and really touching, and no man will ever be able to compete with Jerry (character in movie).
When I got home my boyfriend hadn’t taped a show I watched and I got so mad all I could think was Jerry would have.

It ruins women and gives men no chance really”

LOL, that cracked me up royally, poor boyfriend, it’s not his fault that Jerry is perfect and so unrealistic. I mean the movie just sets you up to feel that you are dating/married to an Ogre no matter how amazing your partner is.

Ladies, go watch it.

Check out the cast ::starts daydreaming:: YOU HAVE TO.  Hot has been redefined.

Gerard Buttler

Jeffrey Dean Morgan


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