Here we go again

I am giving blogging another shot. I used to blog a long time ago , let’s see maybe in 99?

At the time it was called a diary,…and they shut my blog down in 2001 because I was “TOO POLITICAL”…isn’t that crazy ? maybe because I was an Arab ( Insert conspiracy theory here) and it was 9/11 , it was an American site and I admit I said a couple of “I hate American policy” and ultimately “you deserved it” but that was the youth in me talking, coupled with me having not read a lot of non fiction books at the time.

So Voilà, the new me , 8 years older, wiser and more angry…LOL.

Anyhoo , so this will be fun, I was inspired by my fellow Jordanian bloggers ( in particular Abu-Shreek ) to start filling these pages with 7aki fadi (a literal translation “empty talk” ) because ultimately it’s all 7aki fadi.


One Response

  1. Go on el 7aki el fadi a7san she hal eyam! i really enjoyed your place.

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