This is a story about a very delicious delicacy known to us Jordanian’s as “BOLOBEEF” ( to those who don’t know what I am talking about it’s canned corned beef), that’s how I grew up calling it although it had a complete different name on the can.

It’s like calling every tissue out there “Kleenex”, every glass cleaner “Easy” and every disinfectant ” Dettol”. Which reminds me of a story when I was 11 or 12 years old, we were visiting my dad in LA for the first time and we needed disinfectant ,so my Mom takes us to a supermarket and after looking in all the isles we couldn’t find any, so my mom asks this stocker for help and she goes : “I need Dettol, do you have Dettol?” , and he was like” Mam , what is Dettol? ” So my mom start’s this elaborate description,” it is to clean with, it smells like a hospital, it’s brown”…..and on and on with the descriptions , it took her maybe 5 minutes and the guy would not get it, so finally Mom said “We clean bathrooms with it” and he said “Mam, I don’t know what you want but this Isle has all the cleaning products” and low and behold there was the equivalent of Detol but here in North America they call it Pine sol….

Anyway, back to the Bolobeef, I think it’s a middle eastern thing that we eat Bolobeef , really, although I see it stocked on the shelves here, I’ve never seen anyone buy it but me !? I love this stuff, I remember them giving it to the cast of survivor once and they were like “ewwwwwwwww, but better than nothing”, I was like, you stupid, stupid fools, you don’t know what you are missing. Fry it in a pan with some “bhar” (All spice) and you got yourself something really yummy.

Now, the fascinating thing, when I was reading a book called O’ Jerusalem , it talked about how we lost the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and described what happened and stuff like that , by the way it’s a great book you should read it, but that’s not the point here, in the book it talked about how when the British army left Palestine in May of 1948 , it left behind loads of the army provisions and what was one of those provisions called? It was called “Bully Beef”, I almost fell down laughing and I was like, Oh my God, it’s Bolobeef , I always wondered how the name came about.

I think I called everybody I know that day and told them about it.

I tell yah man that was too funny…anyway , have a good one people, oh that means somebody is reading my blog…ha ha , I like to keep myself delusional….


7 Responses

  1. Bolobeef is definitely underrated.
    During camping trips (3ala saill il saltt in particular) we developed 43 different recipes to prepare a can of “EXTRA” (or is “exetra”). Anyway , the possibilities are endless: (with onions, with eggs, from the can after heating on the camp fire, sandwiches, ….).

    Another thing if you want to get more readers try to submit it to ( after a few more posts. You may get a few more people to check it out.

    One last thing, not to bust your balls over a typo, but in your header I think you meant (literal) translation.

  2. My balls kinda hurt… but thanks for the tip.

    Oh..hold on a second…let me check…I don’t have balls ;p

  3. Just wanted you to know that there IS someone who reads your blog, and consequently falls of the chair laughing. Dude you crack me up! In fact, that’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna list you under the ‘Crack me up’ list on my own sad excuse of a blog. 🙂 Bolobeef, eh? HAHAHHA! Ew, but still, HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!

  4. anothe nice one.

    i’m now at work and i really don’t find any thing to do (ba5asi 3jol) and was very bored but this is hilarious. keep on i’ll keep reading.

  5. Rambling Hal : you realy don’t like it? that’s a shame :). Thanks for reading and linking to my blog.

    MOA_No1 : ya zalameh same here, guess how i found about this, I was so bored I looked up the word til7as and then I saw the whole Jordanian blog scene…shu biddak a7san min haik…and now I blog too..

  6. The three best things about BeloBeef are:
    1- The way the can is opened.
    2- Fried Belobeef with eggs
    3- The size of the food. It is satisfying.
    very nice blog by the way, keep up the good work.

  7. Batir: the size of the food is so big that you keep eating and the bolobeef increases in size, seriously, especially with eggs…

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