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I went through the Petra Seeq after sunset with a Bedouin and a donkey. Why don’t you?

I want to tell you about the best summer of my life, the summer of 1996. Some people say the best moment in their life was when they graduated or got married or when they met the love of their lives or when they had kids. For to me it was/is the most unforgettable 45 minutes of my life one summer night….and to the perverts out there, it was not sex…I had a summer job that required me to stay in Petra for 3 weeks. We were at the ancient city everyday from sunrise to sunset, that alone was an outstanding experience, It made me love the people of Wadi Moosa. An example of their generosity is the story of this local teenager that hung around us all the time, one day he insisted on inviting us to dinner, so he asked us to meet him at this public park and he brought us this HUGE mansaf platter with tons of meat, it was soooo good by the way, I think his mom spent a lot of time and money preparing it. I really miss wadi moosa people, they are so sophisticated and kind and simply classy, class is not money, it’s how you treat people and the way you conduct yourself. Them and Karaki’s are my favorite Jordanians…and no I am not from Karak.

Now back to the story, the first day we arrived we were scoping the ancient city out ,it was getting dark so everybody left. I don’t know if a lot of people know this , but back then , after the sun sets and the tourists leave, the city used to come to life and the tombs turned into homes for the Bedouins that lived there, there is a special name for these Bedouins but it escapes me now, they even drove their cars in the city. The last time I came to visit Petra in 2003 I asked this little boy Ali ( who wanted to escort us around in exchange for some cookies and 1/2 dinar , I think he was like 4 – 5 years old) I asked him, do you still live in the caves? He said ,” no King Abdulah moved us and now we have homes with electricity and water” , I asked him if he liked it before or now, he said I love it now, before we had to move our stuff during the day and bring them back at night.

Back to the story again, my God I keep getting side tracked, anyway, all of our people left the city from the top were there is car access to go back to the hotel so they don’t have to go through the seeq , but a guy and I stayed behind and asked this little Bedouin boy to rent us a couple of donkeys, by the way, this little boy said hello in every imaginable language. With time I became friends with 10 of those kids…very cute. The guy who was with me was a little big so the boy said “ I will not take less than 10 dinars from him , the donkey will die under his weight “,the guy was American so I found it too hilarious when I had to translate what the boy said to him, by that time the sun had set and it was getting pretty dark.

We went into the Seeq and it was so dark you honestly could not see your hand in front of you, the donkeys apparently knew the path by heart. The most breathtaking moment of my life was when I lifted my head up and looked at the sky through the top of the Seeq opening and I saw a RIVER of stars, it looked like the most beautiful sparkly river EVER, it was so unexpected.I remember my neck was sore for the rest of the night from tilting my head up for the whole ride.

(You have to have to click this picture to enlarge)

It was like taking a black cloth and sprinkling tons of salt on it…breathtaking.

So people, I really think if you can make that little adventure happen, you can truly say Petra IS one of the worlds 7 wonders…

Take care people, have a good one.


5 Responses

  1. wow that saw a nice story to read,no one ever talked about petra they way you just did

  2. Hey Manal: Petra has a very special place in my heart, I really love it and I always go there. I really hope it wins.

  3. good for you. You went during sunset.
    As much as I was anticipating the petra trip, it turned out to be the worst. We decided to act all manly and stuff and go to the museum walking at 2:00 p.m, to find that it was really not worth it.

    We came back walking and literally dehydrating. We had to take turns carrying my fainted sister.

    However, it was all worth it when we spent the night camping in Wadi Rum. It was awesome especially the stars at night

  4. at was soo nies

  5. hi i.m beduin boy and i do like the phot

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