Side walk rage

Do you ever have this problem? It seems that whenever I am in a hurry to catch the Subway or the train there would be somebody walking on the sidewalk in front of me in an excruciatingly slow, kinda zig zag, in the middle of the sidewalk and blocking the way…God I HATE these people and in my head I am imagining that I am frigging kicking them with my foot, arrrggggh.

Seriously, do these people have any clue that they are stupid and a burden to society…it’s like they are stunned… Really…This happens to me in many different ways; on the escalator when they stand in the middle and you can’t frigging pass them, or blocking the elevator door….sigh…

But you know what , I am always in a hurry, but what do I shave off , like 2 minutes, but man those 2 minutes could mean me missing the train and then I have to anlite3 God knows how long for the next one.

One thing about Toronto is that it’s a great city blah blah blah , but you have to be around thousands of people everyday , on the train , in the supermarket , on the subway , too too many people .

Oh my God, the crazy’s on the subway , or the stinkys ? one time there was this stinky bum, I swear to God I almost threw up and I HAD to leave the subway car and caught the next one. Or this girl and her friend practicing some Broadway singing and I wanted to tell her, you SUCK , you really do, you sound so bad I want to kill myself, but what do you do? You move as far away as possible and let the other noises drown the singing.

So to all the people that make fun of Jordanian Cab drivers, you don’t know what you have until you lose it, I would in a heart beat pick that over being in an over priced, people infested, over hyped transit system.

I would be crazy to drive because I would lose my hair and get an ulcer, there is soooooo much traffic that it takes 1.5 hours for a half hour drive…

Even if I choose to cab it fat7et il3adad (Minimum Meter charge) here is 3.5 dollars…..Nobody can afford it , for me to go on a 7 minute ride it costs me 20 bucks

For the minimum charge I can buy in Amman:
2 shawermas
5 kilo khubez
kees shebs
and cab it to Abdoon

So whoever is visiting Amman, tip the cabbies will yah.

Anyhoo, have a good one people..


2 Responses

  1. it’s me again. you have a nice way of writing! really interesting.
    I really hate those people blocking the way, but i don’t know why it’s always a woman? is it because i can easily bypass a man (i think the arabic mentality is working here)

    about transportation systems, you are right in jordan it is much cheaper than in other countries.

  2. MOA_No1: In Canada it’s always Chinese people

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