A case of telephobia

I hate making phone calls, I can only call people that I absolutely know they like me %100. I have no problem ordering food, or making work phone calls but tell me to call somebody who I know is not very sincere I’d rather die. It tears me apart and it takes soooo much effort from me to pick up the phone and make a phone call. Once I do it I am OK but it does not come to me easily, I have to plan it or talk myself into it.

It’s been like that since I was a teenager, I have no problem receiving a call, but thank God for caller ID, I can screen my calls, see who is calling, let it go to voice mail and see what they want, then it’s like, shit, they left a voice mail and I have to call them back, or even worse some people say , you didn’t see my missed call, why didn’t you call me back. People are relentless, there is no more privacy ever ever ever they are after you all the time, emotionally needy and I can’t handle it… gosh I am getting emotional here, and my heart is pounding fast just from the thought of it… breath in .. breath out… breath in… breath out.

I think it’s not knowing what to expect, to me I hate it because I never make phone calls, so when I decide to do it I have to spend like 5 minutes explaining to the person (depending on who it is) that oh I am busy, you know how life is, sorry about that, maybe we should keep in touch more. I think my case is so extreme because us Jordanians don’t just say, hey, it’s been a long time since you called, no, they will flat out say, “Sho , wain ma btihki , meen7 illi ismi3na sotek, mnee7 illi lissa hafzah il raqam ana fakkaret inik daia3ty ilraqam” and that seals the deal for me, I would never call that person ever again, even if it means I will lose them forever, isn’t this sad, I wouldn’t mind losing someone if it only meant I have to pick up the phone and call them….

So out of all my years only 2 true true friendships endured, those are the friends that will call me everyday and not mind the fact that I NEVER call them. I still have tons of acquaintances where it’s OK to give them a call lets say once every 2 months. Most probably it never develops into something more because I only call them once every million years…..

I blame it all on technology, damn you technology for making phone calls so cheap.

Anyhoo, a small glimpse to the emotionally imbalanced that is me!

Have a good one People.


12 Responses

  1. Oh I’m the worst on phone! I just cant be myself and I usually end up saying stupid stuff.
    anyways just wanted to tell that everytime I read u’r blog’s name i thinks it’s related to me ;P
    nice blog..keep it up!

  2. I know, I just become this other person…trying to end the phone call as fast as I can.

    Thanks for the compliment, maybe my blog is a distant cousin, or the neighbor of a friend of your aunts uncle…;P

  3. What does “Sho , wain ma btihki , meen7 illi ismi3na sotek, mnee7 illi lissa hafzah il raqam ana fakkaret inik daia3ty ilraqam” mean? 🙂

  4. Anon: it means:” why don’t you call, thank goodness we heard your voice, do you still remember my number? I thought you lost my phone number”

  5. […] I have telephobia. It is physically painful for me if I have to make a phone call. I have no issue at work but when […]

  6. another telephobe here *hug*

  7. Hugs back. I need a hug today

  8. you wrote my life. although in truth, i have trouble at work too depending on the situation. the “call me” voice mails — with nothing else said — leave my heart on the floor assuming that it’s something so bad and so terrible that they can’t even sum it up on a voicemail.

    pretty much i’d rather have someone hold a gun to my head then leave me a “call me” message.

    and since when did making demands on people become socially acceptable anyway. “call me” it’s a command. last i checked it wasn’t cool to boss people around like that. and yet for phones, there’s a different set of rules.


    thanks for the sympathetic ear and great blog. it helps to not feel so alone in the telephobia battle. gotta go return my “call me” messages. 😦 😦 😦

  9. Allison: I really feel your pain. It’s not easy and so uncommon that people don’t accept it.

    You know what you should do, cancel your voicemail service, LOL.

  10. I saw this page through google search, and OH MY GOODNESS does this sound like me, but I am sooooo much worse. I wont ever call anyone if I dont have to absolutely do it, and even if I do it can take me says, months, years to do it. I am also a paranoid individual with other mental issues going on, and I will NOT call to order food, or do it for a job when I am able to work, which with everything else its not likely ill be working. I can not do it. mentally I am screwed. I can not take it, and very often i feel like Why the hell am I alive. Theres no point to it, and its not just b/c i cant pick up the phone to call anyone. It everything else too. If its not Email, IM (PST), or face to face, I am not ever going to talk to you. I feel you thought trust me I do.

  11. omg, i saw this over google and god is it quite a bit of a definition of me. however, i am a teenager and i suffer from telephobia as well. it brings me alot of problems and it’s so uncommon people just don’t accept it! haha so hi to all of you guys(:

  12. I hope it gets better for you.

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