Biddi Mama

Here I am sitting at home sick, drinking vitamin C fawwar (fizzy) and biddi mama 😦 . Unfortunately she is at the other side of the world, a 20 hour plane ride.

When I used to live in Amman my mom would wake me up every morning with a cup of Nescafe , IN BED….we called in nas7aleeb because she made it all milk, yuuummmyyyy . Now I wake up like a mad person just trying to get ready to go to work and I am half asleep reading a book on the train.

Sleeping on the train. I can’t sleep on the train, I just obsess about the fact that I am trying to sleep and in my head I keep saying: I am sleeping, I am sleeping, almost, almost…..and I work myself up trying to sleep , I think I over think it.
So I gave up trying to sleep after my 2nd train ride and now I average 4 books a month, 5 if the books are not 1000 pages long. Can anybody recommend a good read? I love non fiction books, and I also read fiction books if they are interesting or history related.

Gosh, my nose 3am bisharsher…not a good sight.

Yallah mama ta3alee dal3eeny…waaa3333 .


6 Responses

  1. non fiction:
    On the brink..tyler Drmhuller

    My year in Iraq..paul bremer

    Human Traces..Sabastian Faulks


  2. Thanx appreciate it

  3. i’m now reading the last juror for John Grisham it’s v nice. most of his books became a movies like Atime to kill and the pelican brief hope u like it

  4. lol ta7sheesh. I love my mommy!

  5. whisper : I already read those , but thanks anyway.

    Roba: Seriously, I really miss her (idmoo3 bitsharsher), and to top everyhitng off ana ju3aneh , I want real food.

  6. yallah allah b3en

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