How I learned to gamble

It all started when I was 6- 7 years old, it was 3eed and we were at my grandparents’ house, and the person who taught me was my uncle.

Do you remember playing sa7bet balaleen? It’s when you pay gar6a (2.5 2roosh) to peel off a sticker from a piece of paper that had a number under each sticker.To go with the numbers there was a piece of cardboard with balloons stuck on it ( maybe about 50 balloons) , each balloon had a number. So the game is to have the chance of picking one of the small balloons (45 small balloons) or another chance of picking the biggest balloon you have ever seen in your life (by the standards of a 6 year old).

I never in my life picked the big balloon, ever, I don’t know why our parents let us go through this torture, I bet you they could have bought us a 100 balloons bdinar wa7ad.

I miss playing sa7bet balaleen, you can make a big profit here in Canada I think, but most probably they would outlaw it and call it child abuse, or say it’s a game invented by the big casinos to condition children to become gamblers.

Anyhow, ana 3indi ikti2ab today. mish tay2a 7ali.


8 Responses

  1. For some strange reason I faintly remember those ballons/numbers….I was only 3 when I left Jordan….so maybe I am just imagining things. I do that usually.

    To gamble like a true professional just head over to Windsor for some roulette or BJ. I can meet you there to teach you…in fact that’s where I’m going tonight. You can also visit Detriot where we have three casinos to choose from. All three offer gambling classes during the day, where yes, the casino teaches you how to gamble….of course you use your own money to learn. 🙂

  2. The big ballon is usually number 10.To make sure your sa7beh investement work, hold the drawing card against the sun, locate the number 10 and pull it out while leaving the balloon there.Little kids like 7aki fadi never wins it and the game goes on.(Kind of similar to third world politics)

  3. the only childhood gambling i did was with monoply money, then i thought i was over it, but it really doesn;t help much to be close to vegas

  4. i can never forget “days of sa7ba”, man you opened my “wounds”

  5. kont dayman anjele6 menhom hadol ta3oon esa7be! wala mara zab6at ma3ay o gad ma 7awalt eno yeje hal ballon elkber ma kan yeje. gal 6ofole gal!

  6. baba w mama kano yeshtarolna elsa7beh kulha o 2endalna nes7ab belsa7beh 7atta yetla3elna elbaloon elkbeer o bardo nenbaset ka2enna 2erb7nah….zakaretny belathy mada 🙂

  7. yaaaaaaaa we used to play smthing ismo (sab3a u nos) !!! really i forgot how to play its good i remeberd the name 😦
    shklo wad3ak se3eb there…. child abuse u ma child abuse actually wade3hom se3eb, but sometimes its better!! enjoy it…

  8. Luai: Man I suck so bad.

    Abu Shreek: you are right when you said: “Little kids like 7aki fadi never wins it and the game goes on” , because their uncle , who was by the way 10 years older, didn’t let them cheat and took their money ….my uncle had issues…ha ha ha .

    Hareega: I’ve never been.Someday I will but I will not gamble, I am such a sore loser…

    abu_shakuush and MOA_No1: ya jama3a I am still scarred, I didn’t forget about it and I am 30 years old.

    whisper : Niallik!hada intoo kuntoo wasleen.

    wedz: Yup, kids here are very protected and vocal, they say whatever’s on their mind.

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