Five things you don’t know about me.

Well, you really don’t know anything about me, but these are 5 things that might interest you….or not:

1) I am so scared of cockroaches that I would rather jump out of a plane before I kill or see one.

2) I did actually jump out of a plane once. I like adventure:
-I went skydiving
-I went Scuba diving
-I went zip cording
-I went down a mountain dangling from a rope….well, it was more of a hill really ..
-I zipped down with a rope from a helicopter….well, a fake helicopter that was not moving
-I parasailed which is hardly that adventurous but it was fun
-I climbed the highest mountain in Rum which was by far the most amazing thing ever, tiring, but amazing, it took us hours.
-Hmmm what else? Oh oh I bungee jumped.

All of the above took place in Jordan, except for the bungee part.

3) I hate shopping sooo much that I only shop maybe 3 times a year, I think it’s the amount of people at the mall, the blaring music and the stifling heat that turns me off.

4) I love to read. If I was commuting, say on the train or the subway, and I didn’t have something to read, it drives me insane, no seriously, it does , if I forget my book I start reading anything.
Reading is my addiction.

5) My first big purchase as a child, that I saved for for 3 months was a microscope,yup,I am a geek at heart and very very curious. Maybe I will blog about the stupid questions that pop up in my head and occupy precious brain cells.


3 Responses

  1. Well, that was 7aki Milyaan! thanks for the revelation and may God protect you! NO bungee jumping off the Abduun bridge, yella?

  2. kinzi: Welcome to my blog!
    Well,there was no Abdoun bridge when I was in Amman.

  3. 7abibi now they use this bride to walk on it …. last day a bride in her wedding dress and groom walking thru the abdoun.. i think its in my blog… the vedio

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