How I’m spending my Valentines

At home, lots and lots of snow.

It’s a snow day today… .,nnnnnnn,.It is amazingly beautiful outside bbbbbbbb/./., /

Those periods and gibberish are my daughters contribution to the blog.
Because it’s a snow day, her daycare is closed and I am mommy the entertainer today.

If I watch Little Mermaid again I think I am going to stab myself with a pencil.

So I went to get the mail from our mail box around the corner and I was knee deep in the snow, 50 CM , that’s lots and lots of snow. And by the way it is still snowing.

Look at the pictures


8 Responses

  1. damn this reminds me of suburbia toronto where i grew up

  2. It is suburbia Toronto

  3. I miss my house in the GTA…:'(
    And seriously you people in the GTA have got to stop complaining about the weather. Winter finally catching up in mid january? we have been in knee deep snow since the end of october in the middle of nowhere on the that is one long winter..I forgot how it is to drive on streets that dont have few inches of packed snow…

  4. Sam: Since October? Poor guy.
    I love snow , I love it, I really do, it’s so soft and fluffy.

  5. Wonderful pictures! It is didnt snow here in Amman this year. Acutally it did for a bit but didn’t stuck for us to enjoy it.

    I find your blog name creative. I like it. It can be also 7aki “Fadi”, considering Fadi to be a name instead of empty 😛

    So if your name is Fadi, it can be Fadi’s talk, and Empty talk! lol

  6. Im so JEALOUS. And man, I love The Little Mermaid. I’d switch places with you ANYTIME. 🙂

  7. happy white stuff and keep warm 🙂

  8. The Observer:You are right, unfortunatly my name is not Fadi :).

    Rambling Hal: I USED to love it, but watching it everyday for a week tends to change some feelings, I can recite it by heart, well my daughter can too, she started saying “Father, I love him” …LOL… she is only 2.5 years old….anyhoo

    abu_shakuush : Thanks!

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