ka3ek ka3eeeeeeekkkkkkk

When I used to be younger, my mother and I would go downtown and this is what we used to do:
If we went early in the morning she would buy me a ka3keh and I like my ka3keh with La vache Qui Rit and za3tar on top. Then she would take me to this corner juice place and I would get some carrot juice, I can’t understand as a child how I liked it but it was delicious.

If we go in the afternoon she would take me to Jabri downtown and we would order mashawee imshakall. I think they closed Jabri or the restaurant part of Jabri.

Ana ju3aneh, what I had for breakfast was a cheese and broccoli croissant, seriously…I need real food and I don’t want to make it, can’t I just go to the hummus place next to our house in Amman and get some real stuff, because the fool and hummus I make are good but mish maghsoosh, it does not have the crack they add in Amman.

And here it costs $6 to get a small order, so small that after you dip the first time you see the bottom if the plate.

Anyway, later people.


9 Responses

  1. Oh that ka3ed with cheese is the best breakfast, i never stopped eating it , the whole ka3keh wityh cheese is for 60 gersh, i kept buying it from the same person near Shuman’s library in Jabal Amman so he ended up giving me the cheese for free 😀
    that was important to me given that my salary was 47 nera bel shaher, yel3an abu el emtiyaaz

  2. La vache Qui Rit (the cow that laughs). One would think they speak french in Canada 😉

  3. Hareega: 47? tab make it a round figure, 50 ya3ni .
    And they wonder why people leave Jordan

  4. Anonymous: I don’t speak french and I was too lazy to look up the spelling ,he he he he I will fix it in the post

  5. I guess havign ka3ek with cheese in the morning is one thing in common between most jordanians.

    I can feel how much you miss Amman and your days here.

    Nice blog 🙂

  6. The Observer: I really really miss it 😥

  7. i miss the ka3ek we had in lubnan as kids…i wonder if it is the same as in Amman..i will make a point of going for ka3ek next time im in Amman…probably in the summer..I wonder why i never had it…i’ve been to Amman 4x already..
    but seriously dont diss the humous u get in toronto…now im really missing going for shawarma,or flafel, yummmm manakeesh from paramount…ever been there? they have the best manakeesh…even better than my mom’s(dont tell her i said that!) u never appreciate what you have untill u lose it..sure toronto is not like Amman…but it has the biggest arab concentration in canada..and u will never appreciate that untill u live in a place that does not even have an arabic store..we buy our pita bread from the super store for god’s sake! and it cost $3 for 6pc! whenever I go visit my parents in Toronto, I bring back a bag full of khobez arabi like my son calls it because the ones we buy here suck..they are too thick and go jafer very quickly..not good for arabi bread sandwiches:)

  8. We always go to paramount. I like their la7m b3ajeen.

    By the way , in my work building in the food court, there is a place called Gourmet Libnani, they have THE BEST shawerma I ever had in Toronto, seriously, it’s as good as Amman….yummy, I almost have it everyday. So that I don’t miss.

    See, the Arabic store is a trip you have to make as opposed to it’s everywhere you go, I am tired of having to make a special trip to eat Arabic food, that’s all.

  9. I miss ka3ek too

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