Meaning of my existence

Like a scarecrow in an empty dry field
There are no birds to scare away
No crop to protect….

Logic is ruling now
No water
No crop
No birds

So why am I here?
Burn me to feel warm
But it’s hot
Does my existence have a meaning?


4 Responses

  1. You were created to Blog!

  2. The ancient question that has been haunting man kind since their brains developed. Still no answer though!

  3. Name: LOL, that solves the problem,now i know why I am on this earth, thanks name

    Human:but I need to know, it’s driving me crazy day and night, it is

  4. A meaning to justify existence!

    But the question is not one of meaning vs non-meaning no more than it is being vs non-being.

    Man fallen from the primordial oneness with nature, aware of himself as the outcome of an absurd process with no obvious meaning beyond itself, rejects it, thus erecting himself as the ultimate meaning.

    Man is a creature that stretches himself into the future, thus posits himself on a timeline, not accepting that the timeline must end, reveres himself with a goal in the beyond.

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