I miss it ..I miss it not.. I miss it ..I miss it not..

I miss the people in Amman
I don’t miss the lack of water

I miss garbage collection everyday
I don’t miss the car noises toot beep beep beep tooooooooooooooooooot

I miss mama and my brother and sister L , ta3alooh zooroony
I don’t miss jaretna the old lady who used to spy on us

I miss going out everyday to the café’s
I don’t miss coffee costing 2 JDs

I miss the weather
I don’t miss the smoking everywhere

I miss my friends
I don’t miss the “we have to visit khalet im 3am bint 3amek la2enoh 3aib”

I miss a proper eid and Ramadan
I don’t miss not being able to walk 2 steps on a sidewalk (not because of the trees ) but because of “shu ya 7elweh” and the “ya raitny kont…fill in the blank”

I miss real good food
I miss driving around aimlessly
I miss speaking Arabic all the time
I miss the dead sea
I miss Petra
I miss my taita
I miss wasat ilbalad
I miss everything

I miss it I miss it I miss it …I really do.


7 Responses

  1. lah!
    Where are you now?

  2. I live in Burlington and work in Toronto, Canada.

    I Havn’t been to Amman since August 2004 😥

  3. y3ny 2ata3et 2alby 😦
    beddy mama o hay btdel ennak metdamer
    m3lesh m3lesh bthooon insh’allah

  4. sorry just now i figer out that u r a girl
    fa 7zenet 2aktar bsara7a
    bs bardo ma b2dar 2a7ky ella bethhoon insh’allah
    take care

  5. whisper:Thanks, hala2 ana sirt biddy abky from your comment…LOL.

  6. aw u poor thing…I hope u get to go to Amman soon…I know I miss lebanon so much some days…I have not been there since aug ’93…this past summer I finally convinced my husband to go to lebanon while we are in amman…but war had to happen..sheesh..i miss my teeta, uncles and cousins…
    hey we are almost neighbours, my home is in milton…and I grew up in hamilton….

  7. Hey neighbour :).

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