A quick story

When I was younger, like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay younger, I was walking with my Mom and there was this HUGE puddle. So I jump right in and I get my shoes and socks wet and the works.

Right behind us was a cat that walked around the puddle. So my Mom said: ”See, the cat is smarter than you, she had the sense to walk around the puddle”. The funny thing is, back then, I started looking at cats differently, I like, believed my mom…LOL.

Now, whenever I see a puddle, I remember my Mom.

My gosh it sounds crule doesn’t it….but it’s not.

Anyhoo, MOMS RULE.


4 Responses

  1. my favorite hobby at school was to find puddles wait till someone is passing by it and …BAM.. jumps in it with both feet. I may get wet a little but the look on their faces while water is splashing on them was well worth it.

  2. OH…you’re one of those..

    (Walking backwards, facing you and avoiding eye contact)


  3. thats was so amazig from yr mom…
    its weird how things from our childhood sticks in our heads forever

  4. Manal: totally, I can remember the weirdest silliest things.
    Thanks for reading 🙂

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