When I first started working here in Canada I had a problem understanding people in meetings, not because I can’t speak English, but because they can’t.

My goodness, I am working with the Chen dynasty here.

I can barely understand them because they all speak Chinglish (a dialect of Chinese he he he ) , I am amazed at how they are hired, for real.

What amazes me the most is that they turn away lots of immigrants but they let in non-English speaking people IN HORDES.

Here’s a joke:

Wouldn’t it be pretty amazing, if this caught on, all over the country…?

New Telephone Greeting:
“Press “1” if you speak English.”
“Press ‘2’ to disconnect until you can.


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  2. My God Jad we are suffering here…in Canada English IS a 2nd language…LOL

  3. tell me about it…few years ago I worked in a chinese company in toronto…I was the only none chinese out of 50 people at the office, untill I got my boss to hire a freind, another arabic girl..I worked there for 1.5yrs and did so much nodding and smiling , having no idea what my coworkers were saying..Im just thankful, that my boss and the people i actually had to work with spoke clearer english…but seriously do they even have an incentive to learn english? there is way too many of them! especially for the ones living in scarborough, and surrounding area..

  4. Sam: Not only Chinese, once I was sitting in a meeting and the attendees were:
    2 Indians
    One Arab (me)
    3 Chinese
    1 Sri Lankan
    1 Russian
    And 2 white people.

    All the non-whites were immigrants, meaning none of them were even 1st generation Canadians.

    SO I had to adjust listening to each of them speak, it was hilarious, I was really laughing inside because it was too funny, and no, I don’t work for the UN.

  5. Hehe, I suffer the same problem here. I have a Pakistani Manager, 3 Sri Lankan and 1 Chinese. I can barely understand them when they talk, but you know I am getting used to it! Except for the Chinese guy!!!

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