Drama Rama that is called JB

Did everybody get the JB announcement today?

I am new to the Jordanian blog scene and I am amazed at the drama that is simmering in JB. People have to sit down and take a deep breath.

Seriously, what’s wrong with this picture, I think the whole JB saga that is going on is outright silly (for the lack of using a better word).

I have an idea, how about just everybody go for a yoga lesson or something to relax.


14 Responses

  1. i suggested ice cream

    but then again, no one ever listens to nas

  2. Nas: Geeze man. Tell me about it.
    What did you think of the announcement? I thought it a bit martyr like, no?

  3. well he spoke his mind…and after everyone else spoke their mind about him

    so there’s something noble to be said about that

  4. While I agree that he has the right to respond/defend himself; there is no need to send it to everybody.

    Like you said, most people don’t care.

    Anyhow, I don’t care.

  5. One problem : does the “internal spying devices” have anything to do with putting pressure on JB and other aggregators , that is the only question.

  6. seriously now, you think that the mokhabratt putting pressure on JB, sawtona, and Dwwen (plus practically closing jordanplanet) is silly issue ?

  7. Anonymous: I really don’t know, Maybe? You should ask the aggregator.

    Abu Shreek: No, what you mentioned is not a silly issue.

    You know how I am the biggest fan of your blog, but at the end of the day , after all said and done, they are human, it is their aggregator, and they never claimed to champion for freedom of speech.

    If I was the aggregator I would not have removed the blogs, but then again it’s me, my personal opinion.

    I meant to tell everybody to relax and not overreact, simple.

    Shoot me for saying what I was thinking :).

    Still a fan.

  8. It is their aggregator true,but dont call it jordan blogs and not include evry one,call it by your name then do what you want.

  9. hanede: there is no copy write for the word Jordan, really.

    I can open any site and call it Jordan something. It does not mean I will represent Jordan.

    That’s besides the point.

    People should chill and just move on.

  10. If you call your own blog jordan it is yours but having aggregator with the name jordan,evry one have the right to be in.

  11. Hamede: We agree to disagree

  12. What happened? I didnt receive that announcement! Where can I find it?

  13. It was sent by email.

    I can email it to you if you want.

    But the gist of it all is this; You know how three blogs were removed from JB because of political content and one for explicit links, so the announcement was that Khalid was upset to be compared to the Egyptian government who jailed Kareem the blogger (On Robas blog).
    He said he is maintaining JB on his own time and money and if people don’t like JB he will close it down and people should wait for JP to open. He was pretty upset and offended (and rightly so), but because of lots of support from the bloggers, he decided against shutting it down.

  14. :), I went to Khalida’s blog right after I read this yesterday, she had posted his whole email. Now I have a clearer picture of what happened. Thanks for explaining it to me 🙂

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