I climbed Rums highest peak, why don’t you?

This is a picture I took from the highest peak in Rum, it took us hours to get up there and hours to descend but it was an amazing experience, gorgeous.

Note the helicopter; it gives you an idea how high the mountain peak is, it is 1754 meters (5 754 feet) high.

You should do it if you get the chance. Keep in mind though that it’s not an easy task to get up there, it could be scary at certain spots, so it’s not for the faint of heart. I had no problems going up because I could not see bellow me, but going down was a bit harder because you can see how high you are and see where you end up if you fall.

I am not scaring you though, it was great. Make sure you have a local guide that knows what he is doing that will take you up. Trust me, it would be stupid to attempt it on your own, pack lots of water and energy snacks, boots that have good gripping soles and you are set.

Oh, do not forget your camera.

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11 Responses

  1. that is the second thing i am going to do, the first thing is eating 1 killos of knafa just by my self 🙂

  2. Sounds interesting. I should do it one day 🙂

  3. When was that ? or are you in Jordan now?

  4. abu_shakuush: Knafeh, yummmyyyyyy. I LOVE knafeh. I am eating that and shawerma Reem in the 2nd circle.

    The Observer: It is really. The view once you go to the top is unparalleled.

    Jad: That was a while ago, in 2000. It only feels like yesterday though… oh my, it’s been a while, I want to do it again. Maybe we should organize a bloggers climb, but when I come and visit Amman, I am hopefully hopefully coming in June or something like that, but it might be too cold no? But if I want to do this I better hit the gym, and get ready. When I went in 2000 I was so fit. Now I am a lazy bum, haven’t set foot in a gym for 3 years L. I am rambling now I will stop.

  5. nice phot..and experience..

    Just thinking of that makes me dizzy 🙂

  6. nice, i must do this one day 🙂

  7. Gardenia: Jordan has TONS of amazing things waiting to be explored.

    Manal: Go for it 🙂

  8. i totally agree w u jordan is a lovely country
    its small but full of different experiences and that what makes it great
    a small spot filled with various places to go and different things to do
    the dead sea and the الاغوار are my favorate

  9. hnz: you are right, there are tons of amazing places, I love the dead sea, Petra and rum the most. Also Aqaba , it’s one of the worlds most amazing diving spots, the waters are calm and the corals are beautiful.

    Then there are lots of hidden gems like Wadi abu Nimreh

    You can’t forget Danna…. The places are too numerous to count

  10. quick Q here: do you know how one would go about organising a camping trip (1 or 2 nights) in wadi rum?

  11. Hey Loolt.

    Sorry I have been away from Jordan for so long, but a lot of travel agencies arrange for wadi rum trips. Just call them up they will either arrange something for you or recommend who to go to.

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