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This is truly sad.What do you think?


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  1. The Talibans and the jihadest were once and for long time,were helped and finnanced by the American goverment.Enjoy the liberation.

  2. I don’t like the idea of covering the face..but I really think we should not make fun of other people’s believes..

  3. Who do you think you are to mock people like that ??

    You’re even worst off than Taliban. It is completely unacceptable !

    I am against wearing Neqab ! But Human Dignity is pricless !

  4. :(, that is sad!

    hey guys, I dont think that 7aki fadi meant to make fun of other people’s believes.

    What she felt is comapssion with this woman who has to go through this pain of covering her body when she is out of her house.

    This woman can’t enjoy nature around her, nature that she most probably believe Allah has created.

    This picture speaks volume. It isn’t meant to make fun of the woman in any way.

  5. criticizing does not mean insulting

  6. The observer…

    Why you are assuning that this woman is going through painful time covering her body…how can you know that?

    who told you that covering her body prevents her from enjoying the nature around her?

    comparinf this woman to the bags next to her is insulting..

  7. and maybe she is doing that willingly..

  8. Seek out people whose beliefs are different from yours you,ll benefit greatly.

  9. Gardenia: I am not insulting her in any way; most probably she is not doing this willingly. Do women in Saudia Arabia choose not to drive for example? You know how Afghanistan is and how they treat women. You are free to interpret the picture in any way you like. If you choose to think it’s insulting it is your choice. I choose to think that this picture shows you that women are dehumanized in Afghanistan.

    When you do not have the choice to do things differently; it means you did not choose.

    Isam Abu Salhieh : Do you even know me to compare me with the Taliban? that’s too funny.

    The Observer: Thank you for seeing it as how I see it

    karakib: I agree.

    Bottom line, pictures leave you to interpret things any way you like. Sorry if I offended anyone but I choose to see the picture as being an example of oppressing women. Period.

  10. Hamede: can you elaborate.

  11. The human face of women in Afganistan.

  12. Alurdunialhurr: Thanks for the link

  13. I agree with you, it is sad.
    Alurdunialhurr , that is a good link, sometimes living a normal life we forget what others in afganistan, palestine,iraq and other countries are going through. It just seems women and children get hit the hardest.

  14. 7aki Fadi,,we don’t know if the women in the picture is forced to wear the Burka or it’s the choice she took,there are lots of injustices against women whether in Afganistan or elswhere,in Jordan,women testimony is conscedered null and viod in Jordanian courts we must start talking about our sister who are oppressed by the mass male culture and practice.

  15. I do not think 7aki fadi wanted to make fun of anyone.

    I do feel sorry for the women of Afghanistan, the male dominated society (the Arab world too) assumes that men are always thinking about sex and makes them cover those women from head to toe.

    When they are covered like that, you feel that they are “moving objects” and not humans, I remember seeing on TV some of those crazy Talaban “herding” women on the street with a stick as if the Talaban man was a shepherd and the women are like sheep. That is inhumane.

    And yes %99.99 of the covered “head to toe woman” are either forced to do that or they do it just to make their husbands happy, if they had the choice they will wear a normal Islamic dress and still show the face.

    sorry, i wrote to much!

  16. abu_shakuush: “moving object” is exactly how I felt when I saw the picture.

  17. Sam: maybe because it’s a male dominated society, they are blinded by whatever it is they are fighting for it could be oil, religion, money, power, lots of causes all the same results, murder, oppression and eventually corruption.

    وَطَني : that’s the beauty of pictures, when I saw the picture I saw her as being oppressed. About women in Jordan, I know a woman’s vote is worth half the mans vote. I know the religious reasoning behind it that I choose to refuse.

  18. 7aki Fadi : I dont know you and i know you’re not villan or anything. This is a blog were you can modify or remove if you wrote somthing politically incorrect. Your post would’ve been just fine if you used another picture and not one comparing a human being to a load of trash , don’t you agree ??

  19. Hey Isam: I don’t think it’s a load of trash; it looks like her stuff or something.
    This picture makes it more meaningful because you can’t even see her at the first glance sitting there, makes here look like an object, no? That was my point.

  20. gardenia,

    “Why you are assuning that this woman is going through painful time covering her body…how can you know that?”

    I guess it only takes some common sense. I mean one can apply it to himself in order to know how much painful it is to run out while covering up all your body including your head and face.

  21. This woman is a victim of religion and twisted culture…
    I thought our people here were a BIT more open, but sadly, I still read a lot of stupid defending-stupidity-and-rotten-minded comments!
    The ones who like what’s in the pic: enjoy ur bags guys, cause ur some empty cans like them! got some can-minded-human examples from saudi arabia, check them..
    and… viva saudi arabia hahaha

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