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Could my day have been any more…..adventurous?
No that’s not the word, more ….Challenging?
Could it have been any SUCKIER.

This is how my day went, I drop off my daughter in the morning, traffic is good and I have enough time to get coffee and catch my train. I get to work all is well.

Around 11:45 a fire alarm goes off and I had to go down 12 flights of stairs, that was good exercise. We say screw it, lets go eat. We go to this Iranian place , the food is TO DIE FOR. I had Kabbak and Kofta, basmati rice and a Greek salad.

By the way, I eat a lot at lunch so one of my Chinese co workers asked me,” Do you like lots of meat?”, followed by” do you exercise a lot?” in not so many words he was saying “Boy, you can pack it in”….So I told him” Are you asking because I am eating twice as much as you? …LOL, well I am blessed with a high metabolism rate, so what can I say

We come back and I am pretending to work…he he he , because gosh since I discovered Jordan blogs I am addicted, and I have deliverables at work (I work in IT and the project I’m on is a multi million dollar one, so busy and lots of stuff to do) I hope they are not tracking internet traffic.

Anyway, not too bad so far, eh? At around 2:00 pm I look out the window, well not my window because I work in a hole (my Cube), and there was a massive snow storm going on, didn’t we just come back from lunch? Wasn’t it OK like an hour ago.

I decided that I should leave early because God knows what’s going to happen.

Guess what, all the trains were delayed because of a train derailment. Thankfully it wasn’t on my line. I got on the 3:30 train at 3:55 , there were so many people it was disgusting, the train was so packed they couldn’t board everybody, I was lucky to get on.

Then after going one stop (I am like the 8th stop) we stopped for 20 minutes because of switch problems. We start moving reaaaaallllllllly slowly and then we reach stop number 5 and they announce, “everybody detrain we are going back”…….YIKES, at that time it was 5 pm and I need to pick my daughter up by 6 pm or I pay $20 for every 15 minutes I am late.

At 5:15 another train comes and we board it, flipping packed too, I reach my stop at 5:30, I got stuck in snow traffic for 3o minutes for a 5 minute car ride. I got there at 5:58 so I managed to avoid the penalty.

3.5 hours to get home…..I am tired.

I come home and I find a mountain of snow on my driveway, because I am a good woman : ) I decided to shovel the driveway to help out my husband. That took me about 35 minutes of hard labor

My arms and shoulders are sore and I am hungry and it’s like 7:30 now…

waaaaaaa33333333….biddi Mama 😦 .


5 Responses

  1. happy snow day. i am a desert man i love the sand 🙂

  2. Yah, especially if it’s on a beach

  3. I enjoyed reading your post…i love daily journals!
    Snow!!! i am glad i am out of chicago for the winter!!! it is so beautiful and sunny here today in Beirut.

  4. wow..what a day you had…I actually miss shovelling snow..the other day there was a shovel by our apartment building enterance and when the kids were playing in the snow i wanted to grab the shovel and shovel some snow..Im sure I will be blogging about how much i hate shoveling next winter(if my husband decides to stay outwest that is)

  5. Summer: lucky you 😦 , trade places please ?

    Sam: Tell me about it.

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