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Warning: A very shallow post

As most ladies know, low rise pants are going lower and lower by the minute, you go to buy them and I swear you are scared of bending over in front of people in fear of exposing the “plumber butt”. But God damn; those pants make any woman’s ass look good, they are sliming and comfortable, you can eat lots without your stomach getting squeezed. Also when I was pregnant, they were the perfect maternity pants for the first 5 months.

Because of low rise pants; I have been, for YEARS, in the quest of finding the “Perfect belt”, something that would hold the pants up, prevent the exposure of certain body parts and look good. After years of search, horrible attempts and hundreds of dollars, I finally found it. What I love about it is that it’s curved, so when you sit or bend over it does not stick out from the back.

I love it so much I took a picture.

If you want to buy one it is at Banana Republic for 50 dollars Canadian (perfection does not come cheap)

Also I have found an amazing leather jacket that fits me perfectly, and and and it was on sale for 60% off, from $300 down to $120 at Danier leather. A Dream come true.

After my happy purchases I go to my husband and show him all the stuff he said, “a belt? For fifty?” I said “No, 2 belts for a 100. I got the brown and the black”, then he asked about how much everything cost, I said “325” ( I forgot to mention the eyebrow pencil from Mac, the scarf and a new top), he was like YIKES so I said, “You have been complaining about my jeans being too loose, so I got the belt(S), the Jacket was on a crazy sale, my shoes are more expensive (well they aren’t but he doesn’t know that) , me looking pretty does not come cheap you know 🙂 ”.

Finally, look above what hubs got me for my Birthday, Purrrrrrrty aren’t they, well they have to be because I picked them out, HA HA HA HA.


14 Responses

  1. haha, my husband doesnt even bother asking how much I spent everytime I come home. I love your bday present, very pretty! after few years of what the heck gifts, my bday gifts from my husband are picked and bought by me, i just go home and say thanks hon, I love my gift..wanna see what you got me?this year it was my lazik surgery…im sure im going to love this one the best!:)

  2. low rise jeans … emmmmmmmm emmmm emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

    They are extreamly sexy … i wish this trend stays around for the next 20 years , i cant picture women wearing normal or high waist jeans ever again 🙂

    nice belt btw … and girl easy on the money you dont want the kids to eat belts 🙂

  3. :), nice present for your birthday. Your hub has good taste.

  4. allahy y3eenak ya hub.

  5. LOL ….
    This is Soooooooo cute …
    I’m sure hubbek is soo happy and proud of you … Allah ykhalleekom la ba3ad!

    Now, about those low rise thingies… did you know they’re making them for guys now, and Banana Republic Rules sisters… I tell yeah. If you wanna buy something, it better be worth it!
    (one of my guilty pleasures around here is going to the banana republic store … and just going overboard with everything) I just love EVERYTHING they make … It makes me look good 🙂

    Ahh … looks like I will be going shopping soon

  6. well…I like those belts and jeans..stylish 🙂

  7. i just wanted to say that i saw one of those “plumber butt” things yesterday and it was not comfortable to the eye, and yeah that was a cute belt but there is no way I am paying $50 to get one, go ahead call me cheap. later 🙂

  8. Asuccesful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend,a succesful woman is one who can find such a man.

  9. Sam: I got my Bday gift from http://www.diamond.com, they have amazing stuff and you don’t pay customs or anything.

    Isam Abu Salhieh : don’t worry, we still have money left over to feed the kid.

    The Observer: Thanks, he got some help from me though 🙂 .

    El tapatio: HA HA HA , you made me laugh

    Qwaider: Thanks for the nice wishes :).

    I LOVE BR, so are you going to tell me what you got since you are going shopping

    Gardenia : Thanx

    Abu shakuush: Very unpleasant wallah these sights, so unattractive. About the 5o bucks, well it’s like buying dinner sometimes, no? So instead of the dinner I bought the belt, well 2 dinners ..HA HA HA

    Hamede: a successful woman is one who also makes lots of money and spends it however she likes 😉

  10. hehe ta7sheesh. Man, shopping is the best thing EVER. It just feels sooo good when you buy the perfect belt.. the perfect shoes.. the perfect anything! Yesterday I got a killer shade of red nailpolish and I’m sooo excited about it.

    As for low rise jeans, I HATE THEM! Sometimes I shop at the ultimate “mommy stores” (like Liz Clairborne!) as they still make highrise jeans.

  11. Roba : I like Liz Clairbornes jewellery but I have not worn high rise pants for 10 years now, ba7es 7ali makhnoo2a

  12. Banana Republic is the best. i second quaider, it better be worth it. i had a plain black T-shirt that i kept on wearing for 4 years la 7ad ma enhara.
    now in dubai their agent has changed and still i didn’t find their new place :-(.
    mabrooken all the new stuff.

  13. Sel3: yah they have cool stuff, so why don’t you order online?

  14. […] thing is I never ever shop, for real , last time I shopped was here that was March, like 3 months ago….but when I do I overdo it. I guess to make up for lost […]

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