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A story about Muammar al-Gaddafi

My parents lived in Libya for 10 years before they decided to move to Jordan for good in 1979. Here’s a story that happened to my mom that involved Qadafi.

My Mom used to go to the Benghazi University ( I don’t know it’s name) , she was sitting in a lecture hall attending a seminar of some sort. All of a sudden Gaddafi walks in with his entourage and starts lecturing them about something . My mom at the time was pregnant with me. You know how pregnant women go to the bathroom a lot, so my mom stood up to go to the bathroom, all of a sudden Gaddafi stops talking and then points at my mom and says ” Inti, wain ray7a, ug3ody” , then he signalled to his guards to block the doors and to not let anybody out, my mom was kind of scared, so she sat down promptly and he continued lecturing. Every once in a while he would pull out a camera from his pocket (when people are clapping) and he would start snapping pictures of the crowd.

How bizarre, eh? This story happened in 1976. No wonder my family left, it seemed he was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

My mom told me amazing things about how beautiful Lybia was and the beach. I can’t remember anything since I was 2 when my parents left, but I see the pictures and it looked very pretty.

By the way, one of his sons is called Hannibal.I wonder if he was born before or after the whole Hannibal Lecter stories or if he was named after Hannibal; one of the greatest military commanders

To read more interesting facts click Qadafi


12 Responses

  1. The man is empty from the neck up.

  2. Just for the sake of fairness, Hannibal wasn’t Roman, he fought the Romans ALL hist life, and never submitted to them. He eventually committed suicide rather than surrendering to the Romans.

  3. You gotta give the guy some credit..he’s entertaining, I was involved with work at the Arab Summit in Amman in 2001, during the sessions, the dude wore those colorful african costumes…every half an hour or so, he would stand up..walk out, he would go change into the same costume..with the hat..but in a different color, blue, yellow, dark blue, golden, dark green..and so on.

    On other occasions he would stare at the lights in the ceiling..then take out his sun glasses..puts them on..and stares into the lights in the ceiling..take them off..stare some more..put them on..then off, and so on.

    sitting in a far corner with some colleagues..we almost had heart attacks out of subdued laughs..we literraly enjoyed the G show.

  4. Qwaider: Thanks for correcting me, I will fix it 🙂

    Ammar: No way…Ta7sheeeeesh…LOL

  5. *lol* that is so funny..the guy is so screwed up! Ammar that is hillaroius, changing his outfit…didnt brides used to do this so long ago..?

  6. Sam: yah, Brides only do that, he is one charecter :).

    Did you click on the Qadafi link? check out his qoutes.

  7. Qathafi is a total moron, he’s the worst Arab leader ever, he even started a war on a neigboring country (Chad or Nifer i forgot) for no reason then criticized his army for startying it, he treats his people like pigs and he stole allll the money is his country. Libya has an enoromous amount of resources than can make Libyans libe like kings but they’e living really like a 3rd world country. I see Libyans in US and they hate his guts

    About his family, his son Sa3idi paid cash so he can join an Italian club team -usually it’s the other way around-, then he was fired because he was doping, even though he never played lol, he was selected A

    Hids other son Saif al Islam is dating an ISraeli actress

    and surprise surprise, Qathaffi’s mother is Jeiwsh, everyone in Libya knows that for sure, just ask any Libyan llving abroad

    the man is a moron

  8. sorry for the typos i am literally luing on my sofa drinking (soda) and watching TV while answering a page when i was writing this lol

  9. Hareega : I guess it runs in the family, eh?

    And the typos, bti7sal bi a7san in 3a2eelat, I tell you man, If I did not have spell check I think nobody would read my posts 🙂 . ya7ya al spell check

  10. Thanks for sharing your story with us. He must be vain or dead bored!

  11. red: I think he is missing some screws.

  12. i think it is soo cool that he got in to power by not killing the king you have to give him cradit

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