Ya Rait

Ya rait, ya rait
ya rait bi2der 3assama itla3
wo haik bedoon ma 7ada yi2sha3
usroo2 ilshams wel 2amar wo khabihon bi3by
7ad albi
we zitton bi 7edin immy.
Ya rait, ya rait
ya rait bi2der 2attef min il sama njoom
we 3ale2hon nijmeh nijmeh b7abel min ghyoom
we 3o2od 7ito 3a sidr immi.

This is one of my most favorite songs of all time. At mothers day once we performed it for my mom and she cried.There’s also the baba song that i kept rewinding and rewinding, she performed it with her dad, I can remember parts of the lyrics not all.

ya allah shu hal 7ayat, mafi khod daiman hat
ya allah shu hal 7ayat, mafi khod daiman hat
tayeb khod ya baba
sali7ly hal skarbeneh skarbeneh


جينا نعيدكم…بالعيد منسألكم

ليش ما في عنا… لا عياد ولا زينة

يا عالم أرضي محروقة

أرضي حرية مسروقة

سمانا عمتحلم… تسأل الأيام

وين الشمس الحلوة… ورفوف الحمام

يا عالم

أرضي محروقة أرضي حرية مسروقة

أرضي زغيرة… متلي زغيرة

ردولا السلام…اعطونا الطفولة

اعطونا الطفولة اعطونا الطفولة اعطونا الطفولة

اعطونا… اعطونا… اعطونا السلام

Remi Bandali, I went to her consert twice when I was a kid and I love her. We went to the al2aidy alsagheera concert.

Roba posted one of her songs.

PS: Me writing Arabic English is most probably torture to you guys. I don’t have the Arabic alpha numerics on my keyboard, so I can copy and paste Arabic but can’t type it. Any tips or tools I can use?


11 Responses

  1. shu 2esset Rimi Bandali ma3na..just I was singing ne7na el rabi3 and planning to dedicate one of her songs in mothers day “ya 2a7la kilmeh fil tem..mama ;)) I love this kid ..she is awesome like an angel 😉

    If I posted something I wrote before two days about na7na el rabi3 I’ll be imitating any? sudfeh rahibeh 😉

  2. so nice, although I didn’t hear these songs, I loved them.

    PS: about your keyboard, come here and buy an arabic one…

  3. thats a good one!
    3njad sho oset rimi bandali! is she dead or soemthing!!

  4. Beautiful…thanks for sharing!

  5. yes i used to listen to her when i was a kid too! i like this song:
    ghassel weshak ya amar belsaboneh o el 7ajar..

  6. Assalamu alaikum,

    I just came across your post, and I think I can point you to a good resource to get Arabic support for your computer. I came across a paper that has step-by-step instructions to enable Arabic support: http://www.uga.edu/islam/arabic_windows.html

    The instructions are pretty straightforward. I got full support on Windows and Office on my machine, and it turned out to be extremely simple to set up.

    Hope that helps!

  7. I love the reem bandali songs, I wonder whatever happened to her. She used to be in my my freind’s class, and poor kid she was soo jealous of reem and wanted to be just like her..

  8. redrose : Go for it, I got inspired by Robas post :).

    Ahmad: So the keyboard will cost me $1800

    Wedz: I bet you something is going on with her because everybody is remembering her all of a sudden

    Summer: you are welcome

    Mrs. Al Ramahi : Ana biddi afham, meen bighasel wisho bil7ajar, very peculiar 🙂

    Tech support? : Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

    Sam: I heard she lives in Canada now.

  9. i remember that song, oh, back in the days, i feel old now 😦

  10. Abu shakuush: aren’t we all old, man it depresses me sometimes

  11. If you’ve been looking for a song by Remi Bendali that you cant find online, check out my website:


    It includes most of her songs (mp3), but you have to be a member to access to the songs and download them…it’s free to join 🙂

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