Today I was looking at my site stats to see how people googled me.

Most of the search criteria are normal like, za3tar, abdoun bridge,the seeq, mansaf, you know all the 7aki fadi I blog about

And then ( da da da dan thriller type music) I found somebody got a hit by searching for:

1) “Jazeerat al sex”. Can you believe that? Who would search for such a thing, ta7sheeeshhhhhhh. My theory is that this person is…..hhmmmmm…I really don’t have a theory it’s just too weird and funny.

2) “Exposing body parts” .. HA HA HA HA HA , my theory is that this person who looked for it just found out that he (or she for all I know) has this problem and he wants to meet flashers anonymous. Or maybe looking for tips on how to expose yourself and not get caught.

I tell yah, people are too funny, jazerat al sex HA HA HA HA HA HA .

People, I have a sad announcment to make. My F’n modem at home doesn’t work, sigh, they will send another one in the mail an it sucks having no internet. I don’t know how I will get my internet fix for the weekend……WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA33333333333333333.

Maybe I’ll spend more time with my husband instead of ignoring him…HA HA HA HA .


6 Responses

  1. LOL

    That’s so funny! Sounds like you have a lot of body parts to expose in Jazeeret el Sex!! 😀

    واط ضو يو ثينك؟

  2. hey , can i know how u do this ???

  3. that is too funny!!
    too bad about your modem…i hope u get it fixed soon..

  4. qwaider: واط ضو يو ثينك؟ HA HA HA .

    Isam: click on my stat counter and you can register there.

    Sam: I know I had withdrawal symptoms because of my modem, but I have to admit, there was a better quality of life because I couldn’t log on.

  5. Sorry, i’m commenting a bit late, but this was too funny not to notice!! Jazeerat al sex? wahahahahah
    … It sounds like jazeerat al kanz but with Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra as the main characters!

  6. Who’s sane: HA HA HA , it’s every mans dream come true…LOL, inta bitda7ek

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