300 , the movie

Before I start I would like to say that I suck at reviewing movies, no deep analysis here of any sort.I went to see this movie on the weekend and I tell you it was an amazing work of art.

It’s a story about Spartans and how they fought the Persian army with only 300 warriors. The style of filming was outstanding and the cast couldn’t have been better.

Although it has lots of gore , blood and fighting scenes for the guys, there were lots of eye candy for the girls (all the guys (ALL OF THEM) had a six pack and only wore leather Speedos) so girls , don’t shy away from going, Trust me.

It’s a story about bravery, about courage, ones love to their country and people.Gerard Butler who played King Leonidas was perfect for the role. Johnny Depp move aside, I have a new crush now 🙂 .

It’s a must see for sure, but don’t expect a deep dialogue or story line or a plot. As one reviewer said: “You don’t go to Hooters for the chicken wings – no matter what you might tell your wife – and you’re not going to “300” for the plot nuances.”.

Click rotten tomatoes and IMDB for the full review and cast.
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  1. Very well put … I normally don’t get too mad at critics who read way too much into what is just a great comic book movie, but this time a lot of them really pissed me off … after, all, people, IT’S JUST A FRIGGIN MOVIE, so why can’t they just enjoy it like the rest of us?

  2. i might see it now, but if i do not like it, i am getting my
    $ 9.25 from you 🙂

  3. Reel Fanatic: Exactly my point. They did not claim that this movie would change your life.

    It’s simply a war movie with lots of great action scenes that were filmed amazingly.

  4. Abu shakush: Sure why not, I am in a generous mood today.

  5. “It’s simply a war movie with lots of great action scenes that were filmed amazingly.”
    It looks more like a video game, even the blood looks like “mortal kombat”, I am not saying it is a bad movie but definitely not a great one, I actually enjoy watching “al naser salah al deen” much more. The worst thing is that there is nothing surprising in the events, it is like you’ve already seen this movie before.

  6. ah to go out and watch a movie..any movie that is not animated, i can only dream..i miss mama….who is also awesome babysitter..

  7. Sam: I can relate wallah, my mother in law is going to Jordan on Friday for 3 months so we will lose our movie privileges (unless my brother in law and his fiancé bi3tefoh 3alianah and watch my baby)

  8. The Iranian community in the US and Canada is very keen on e-petitions as a form of protest.

    The latest issue to grip Iranian expatriates is the Hollywood blockbuster 300. According to the protesters, it projects an “irresponsible” and “distorted” image of ancient Persia.This is another racist movies done by Hallywood about the people of the ME and we must stood by all the people to protest this crapy movie which has nothing to do with hitorical facts and objectivity.

  9. You know, this is one of the first posts I read before I headed out to see the movie. My life is now divided into two eras: Before watching 300 and After watching 300.


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