Why the 7afartalieh have more fun

First: they don’t give a rat’s ass what you or others think.

Second: they believe they are the essence of cool.

Third: they are everywhere and they always get the nicest spots to sit or hang out.

Picture this:

You are in Jordan University and you are the essence of cool, you are sitting at the square and it’s super super crowded and there’s barely a place to sit.

While the 7afartali sits on Jordan University street by the tree’s and alhawa2 al3aleel, or sitting somewhere else on the grass.

You pass by the 7afartali and you say, ‘yee shufu wain hada 2a3ed, mish tabi3i shu 7afartali”

What’s wrong with this picture? The 7afartali has the better spot to sit, more open space etc etc.

I did not go to JU so a friend who went to school there asked me to come hang out so I was like, “hey look, isn’t this a nice spot to sit?” she was like “NO WAY, what do you think I am a 7afartalieh, I won’t be seen dead sitting there”.

At that second I came to the realization that the so-called 7afartalieh have the most fun ever ever be it in JU or Abdoun, just look around you, they are everywhere and they are having fun and they think they are the essence of cool and they are not insecure aaaaaaaaat all.

I wish I were a 7afartalieh.


12 Responses

  1. You might be more 7afartalyyeh than you think.
    For some people you ARE the essense of cool, for others you will be the low life 7afartalyyeh who’s a wannabe

    Wait a second, the top part sounds like I’m offending you. But in all fact, I am not, It’s really an abstract fact. Isolate yourself from it, and you will see it.

    Best part about being a human, is having the ability to think what you like to think and do what you want to do. Creativity on one side, is seen as hafartalizim on the other side.

  2. I was once one of JU 7afaratal, then the wave of coolism took me:)But the thing is 7afartalism is not connected to a specific place, even the scinece sqaure-where cool people sit- was devided between cools wanna be’s-cool-cooler-the coolest.It is a growing process, but even though I became from the ‘cool’ sometimes I go back to my origin ‘7afartali’ for thr fun of it..


  3. Qwaider: LOL, no offence taken. I did call you little 7afartli first anyway :).

    It’s true, I am/was a 7afartaleih to certain classes of people before and I could see them saying it in there eyes, ” look at this wanabe cool”

    But to be a TRUE TRUE 7afartali, you really don’t care, you are in oblivious thinking that you are REALLY cool.

    Muhannad: so true…

    I have the ability to mingle with both classes of people, it’s a talent that you have to work on.

  4. Simply, you can stop caring about class, and look out more for fun. If I want to do something, the first question I ask myself: “Is it fun?”, I wouldn’t even bother to ask if it was classy, cool, or not one or the other!!

  5. HAHAHAHAHHAHA you crack me up so much you have no idea, I swear to God next time Im in Canada if i don’t get to meet up with you, I’ll probably curl up in some corner of Union Station and cry or something. You’ve been warned!

  6. Devil’s Mind: I love Canada because I can be as 7afartileih as I can and nobody cares, it’s fun man.

    But you are right, you as a man it’s easier to be a 7afartali in Amman but it’s harder for women (I know this will start a debate….)

    Hal: HA HA HA , ta7sheesh.

    OK . Do you know the musicians corner at union station at the top of the stairs, if you want to sit and cry sit there so I can see you ..HA HA HA .

    But for real if you come down please email me I will definitely love to hang out 🙂 ( don’t worry I am not weird or a stalker ..LOL)

  7. if 7afartalee was someone who doesnt care what ppl think of what he is wearing or what he is doing then I am proud to be 7afartal.

    what I dislike in jordan is one thing everyone just looks at everyone and classify or group well for the ones who thinks that they are cool or the one who thinks that they are class or the ones who pretends to be that and they are actually not I would advise them one thing look at your origin ,dont go far lets say ur grandfather what was he?

    a prince a king? that implies i think to 20 ppl in jordan not 5 million ppl so ur grandfather was either a farmer,a very poor refugee,a bedwin .90% of our grandfathers were so damn poor and illetrate so don’t pretend that you are class or royal becoz of 10 JD’s you have in your pocket:) in other contries they calssify you as sha7at:)

    o slametkooo

    by the way i like the way 7afartal talks becoz they look like always high on drug or something em3amreen el taseh dayman o 3arasee shabab el dawaween:)

  8. if u want to refer to some other post on the same issue

    please refer to this one by sabri 7akeem I liked it

  9. Tiger : LOL, yah it’s true “look at your origins”.

    My Grandfather was in the military (he was a fida2ee actually before he got exiled from Jordan for some years then the king pardoned him). He actually went to school and he knows how to read etc etc but my Grandmother is illiterate.

    Yah I did see that post by Sabri a while back.

    If I were a 7afartali I would be happy man they have no care in the world, and by the way, you can be rich and a 7afartali I never said you have to be from a certain class to be a 7afartali :).

  10. see the origin of 7afartalee as a meaning was meant to low class ppl who dont have income and bugs the ppl who have money annoy them with their look or cloth or sayings.

    then it came wide bigger to be more like “hadool nawar” bas badal nawar sarat 7afartal.anybody who talks like them dress like them behave like them is considered within the same class so it became wider and included rich ppl and ppl who sympathize with traditions or culture or oriental society they r all included in the same category and this could include sometimes very very educated ppl and they can get tagged 7afartal sometimes from ppl who r really so shallow in their thinking or behaviour or even objectives.

    regarding my grandfather he was a simple rail way employee . he didnt fight a war or won a battle but he produced a whole new generation of our family that one of them happened to bug u on ur blog about damn 7afartalee subject:)

    regarding ur grandfather if i were u i would thank god that blessed me of having the same blood with such an hounourable man that faught for a good reason and was punished for the same:)

  11. mashalla, you guys all made enlightening contributions about the 7afartal.
    I only come to Amman every summer so I am not very knowledgable in the subject. But I can tell you this. Some of them over-exaggerate their coolism that they start bullying and pushing people around. Now that’s when they really become annoying. Inno ok you think you are cool, and you don’t care about how people think of you or what you to do to the extent that you offend others..now that’s an extreme I can’t tolerate

    Canada is not the best place for 7afartals. All 7afartals will be shocked to see that everyone around them acts like a 7afartali and nobody goddamn cares whether they think you are cool or not. So in conclusion, there are no 7afartals in Canada

    Does that make any sense? I should have eaten my breakfast first 😦

  12. Hamza: LOL, it does make sense but inno mish ghalat if you have breakfast 🙂

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