Don’t forget to vote for the Greatest Jordanians of all time

We always say how we love Jordan and it’s people but we never say who are the greatest Jordanians of all time.

This week will be your last chance to vote because I will announce the results this Saturday the 24th of March.

Come on, don’t be shy, VOTE for your favourites.

Click here to Vote for the Greatest Jordanians of all time.


8 Responses

  1. Toajan Al Faisal will be my first,second and last choice.It’s time to have real Democracy in Jordan,We want to be able to select and vote for pime minister that ansewer to the people,enough corraption and mismangement.
    I believe we the people deserve better of what we have right now,we need to participate in the decision making of domestic and international policies we can’t afford to stay on the side line anymore and have incompetant personality to make historical decision that will effect our life and our children lives.
    Absolute power corroptes absolutly.

  2. Alurdunialhurr : This is maybe what, the 10th comment you leave on my blog?

    I have a suggestion for you, instead of just posting your propaganda via comments why don’t you create your own blog and get it over with.

  3. Tell me what is my propaganda?I guess truth hurts,The masses have beeb tranqulised and destracted for long long time,jus because you don’t like my opnoion that does not make it as “informatioin”but as propaganda ,does it?
    what wrong with my empirical statement,did you read the State Department report on Jordan,human right watch and Amensty International,the “propaganda” according to you has been discused by Jordanian Civil society,but nobody dares to speak out,
    And finally,I like to share this artical with you If you don’t mind “Propaganda”

  4. And on the subject of blogs,I do have one,but I don’t like to advertise it and since you mentioned that, Here it isFrom alurdunialhurr to alarabialhurr”

  5. Alur,
    Thats my opinion: If you are so sencere have you are own blog and express your thoughts, that’s what 7aki meant(I think)..Another thing: Jordan is a sensitive case, the culture requires gradual change not the one that you suggest..Security sometimes requires less freedom in some areas..In all it is a gradual thing.So don’t be offended.
    About corruption: my solotuion is privatizing, yes, I am serious, when companies are in the hand of the government they always report losses, and suddenly after privatization they make money!But as I said it is a step by step process..

    7aki:This is my response to alur, I am sorry If I used your space:)

  6. Alarabiat,thank you for your respond
    How long can we wait,5,10,20,30,50,100,years,we no longer can wait and compromise on our human and civil right anymore,enuogh is enough.People are sick and tired of the old gourds,their time have been expired long time ago and their goods are rotten and can’t be utilized and implemented,that means their time is up,period.

  7. arabiat,,,privitization is the problem,you can’t have democracy and “free” market economy,every public sectore in Jordan which was owned by the public like you and me has been sold to some kind of sleazy “investment Groups” and what are the result,people have become more and more poor and endure all kind of imposed taxes on them.Just look at Argantina case and tell me what happened that miserable country.

  8. Alurdunialhurr :

    1. information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.
    2. the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.

    I call it Propaganda because you just submit things that are mostly unrelated to the post and you just make statements over and over.

    Anyway, you should use your blog to express your opinions not other peoples.

    Just to clear one point though , I did not say I like or dislike your opinions I just would like for you to use your own blog to express your opinions.

    Muhannad: Feel free to comment it does not bother me.

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