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Greatest Jordanians of all time – The results

1) Emad Hajjaj With 9.6% of the vote

– Born in Ramallah in 1967
– Received Elementary Education at UNRWA schools at Al Wehdat Refugee Camp in Jordan.
– Received his First Award in 1974 in an elementary school competition.
– His first cartoon was published in the university newspaper (Sahafat Al Yarmouk) in 1987.
– Graduated from Yarmouk University in 1991 with a BA in Fine Arts (graphic design) as a Major, and journalism as a Minor.
– After graduation, he worked for several local newspapers, including Akher Khabar, Al Ahali, Al Raseef, Al Bilad, Al Mustaqbal, Al Dustour, and Al Rai. In 1992 he started working for the London-based Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper, and then moved to work for Al Dustour. Since 1993 – Hajjaj has been working at the leading Jordanian daily Al Rai, until he was dismissed after one of his controversial cartoons in the year 2000.
– Then he worked for Al Dustour daily newspaper from the year 2000 till the mid of 2004.
– Now he is working with Al Ghad newspaper, Al Quds Al arabi (London), and his cartoons also available on http://www.cartoonweb.com and http://www.politicalcartoons.com and his own web site www.mahjoob.com.

2) King Hussein bin Talal with 8.8% of the votes

His Majesty King Hussein bin Talal (1935-1999), the father of modern Jordan, will always be remembered as a leader who guided his country through strife and turmoil to become an oasis of peace, stability and moderation in the Middle East.

For the royal official website click here

3) Mashhour Hadithah with 8.4% of the vote. The leader of our first and only victory over Israel in the Karameh battle.

Thanks to Muhannad who told me about this link click here for more information about Mashhour Hadeetha.

4) Toujan Faisal Galajjari with 6.7% of the vote

Toujan Faisal (Arabic: توجان الفيصل‎) (born in 1948) is a human rights activist and a former TV journalist, who was Jordan’s first female Member of Parliament. She is a Circassian.

For the full Wikipedia entry click here

4) Wasfi Al Tal with 6.7% of the vote

Wasfi al-Tal (1919 – November 28, 1971) (Arabic: وصفي التل) was prime minister of Jordan for several terms. He was assasinated by the Black September unit of the PLO.

For the full wikipedia entry click here

5) Mustafa Wahbi Al Tal (Arar) with 5.9% of the vote

1897 Arar was born on May 25, 1897 in the city of Irbid in North Jordan as Mustafa Salih Mustafa Yousof al-Tull (also spelled Yousef al-Tal). A second name “Wahbi” was added to his name in the Western tradition imported via the Ottoman Turks.

He was also a great poet.

For the full wikipedia entry click here


Below are the top 14 precentages :

Name ——————– Number of votes ————- Percentage
Emad Hajjaj ————–23 ——————————9.6%
King Hussein ————- 21 ——————————8.8%
Mashhour Hadithah —— 20 ——————————8.4%
Toujan Faisal ————- 16 —————————– 6.7%
Wasfi Al Tal ————– 16—————————– 6.7%
Mustafa Wahbi Al Tal——14—————————- 5.9%
Tarek Nasser————–13—————————- 5.8%
Laith Shbelat————– 11—————————–4.9%
Nahed hattar————– 9——————————3.9%
King Abdallah 2nd——— 8—————————–3.5%
Firas Il-Ajlouni———— 7——————————3.1%
Abdul Hameed Shouman– 7——————————3.1%
Ibrahim nasrallah——— 6——————————2.7%
Glubb Pasha————– 4——————————1.8%
The Jordanian citizen—– 4——————————1.8%
Thomas Edward Lawrence -3—————————-1.3%
Mounes Razzaz————3—————————–1.3%
Naser El Deen el Asad—–3—————————– 1.3%
The Jordanian Soldier & Martyr-3———————– 1.3%
Taher Al Masri————-3—————————- 1.3%
The Jodanian Mother—— 3—————————–1.3%
3oda abu Tayeh———– 2—————————– 0.9%
Haidar Mahmoud———-2—————————–0.9%
King Abdallah 1st———-2—————————–0.9%
Queen Rania—————2—————————- 0.9%
The Jordanian teacher—–2—————————- 0.9%

There are 27 votes cast for 27 different people i did not include in the table above.


29 Responses

  1. King Hussein should have been in the first place, I DO NOT AGREE!!! anyway, nice poll, where did you get the results from??

  2. I posted the poll on http://7aki-fadi.blogspot.com/2007/02/nominate-best-five-jordanians.html , you’ll find more intersting things, I did not post all the results

  3. Oh, I recently started reading your blog, so I didnt know that there was a poll!! If I knew i would’ve Voted for King hussein, King abdullah the second, Arar, king abdullah the first, Wasfi al-tal

  4. 7aki,
    here is a website about mashoor 7adeetheh

    Good luck..

  5. Mohannad, Thanks a lot, I appreciate it

  6. This is an example of how a good idea can turn out to be a disaster in the end. Imad Hajjaj the greatest Jordanian ever? come on..this is so silly. I respect all of you who were born after 1980 and voted for the person who makes them laugh each morning but this is riduculous. This country has seen thousands of people who sacrificed their lives and resources for it and not gaining money by using a gift.
    By the way, the name of Toujan is Toujan Faisal Galajjari.

  7. Batir,

    The total number of votes for all was low, I am sure if this was a nation wide poll the results would have been completely different.

    But most of the bloggers are young and honestly not a lot of the young are into politics, and that’s the REAL problem really.

    Thanks for the correction I will update Toujans name

  8. acidfog,,King Hussein should have been in the first place, I DO NOT AGREE!!! anyway, nice poll, where did you get the results from??

    7:06 AM, March 24, 2007

    “King” Hussien ,the spy, my ass,and here is Why?

  9. Palestinian, dont start throwing accusations! mish 3ajbak i’m sorry bas l bab byewsa3 jamal, w if u dont live in jordan, then GREAT!

  10. So the greatest jordanian of all time is technically a Palestinian, since up to this point he is considered to be a palestinian refugee in jordan, and will remain so until the “returning” issue is solved.
    (Please note that this is a friendly remark not intended to offend jordanians.)

  11. Adnan:
    No offence taken:) but what made hajjaj famous is his cartoon charechter which by the way is a jordanian(Friendly remark)o hala 3ami..

  12. Adnan: yah I was surprised to find out he was a refugee when I posted the information about him.

    Goes to show you that most Jordanians don’t care about that stuff

    Mohannad: maybe abu mahjoob lives in a refugee camp, you never know.

  13. 7aki,
    Abu mahjoob is jordanian “ko77” zay ma begooloha:) The whole idea is that abu mahjoob represents a jordanian and abu m7amad represents the refugees, I heared it from him when he first started his career..
    Did you delete palastenian comment?Because I thought I was replying for his comment!!or is it a De-ja-vu:)

  14. Oh zaki Fadi,,I have wonderful life and it’s delicated to my palestanians brothers and sister who have been suffering for the last 60 yaers.
    My life is just wonderful and 24/7 defending my brothers and sisters.
    Working for social justice is the most rewarding endeavor that I do in this life.
    And one of the most major problem Palestanians Face right now,people like you,who pretend that the white man is going to solve your problem.

  15. Good for you, you choose your life and I choose mine.

    That’s all I’m going ot say.

    So, on a seriuos note, why don’t you get a blog?

  16. 7aki fadi,
    Good job, I really liked the insight.

  17. 7aki Fadi,,I don’t need to get my own Blog,internet is for everybody
    And if I was singing to you Hashmi Hashmi,most likley,you wuold not delet my links and comments.
    If you don’t agree with my comments because they are too controvercial, then just delete the whole comment section and just write for yourself,because ,as far as I know comments are opinions,and your are asking people for their comments or opinions.
    When I posted a simple songMeen Er Habi you went ahead and deleted it.
    Don’t palestanians deserve little simple song on your Blog
    I understand you are from Nablus,Jabel Al narr who gave so of their preciuse lives to defend your city and ancesters and your dignity.

    By the way Iam sorry If I offended you with my comments,Iam just sorry.and I hopoe you except my abology.
    your Palestanian Brother.

  18. I didn’t delete your comments because they were controversial

    These are your comments:

    “adnan,,here is a song for you and I thought it might awake you from your comma.Meen er habi “

    “7aki Fadi,,even a song is deleted,,,,you are a digrace to palestanian people.
    You rather talk about your stupid belt and underware,what a punch of losers white’s man ass kissers.”

    “ya 7aki Fadi ya ,just keep talking about the office slut,your $100 belt and your underwares,,,that will get you somewhere,take your Blog and shove it up to your ass.
    Again,your are disgrace to the palestanians and just keep lying to yourself and your children. “

    So tell me, are they controversial or plain insulting and name calling?

    I don’t know you and I truly do not care what you think of me or of my blog or anything. I just suggest in the future if you want to get your point across that you should be polite.

    So Pal, do you know me to say all these things about me?

  19. Habchawi: thanks

  20. Ok 7aki Fadi,I said these words because you left all the comments on your blog that were racist like adnan’s comment,,and you have chosen to delete my comment which i did not say anything bad to him. But if you look at adnan’s “So the greatest jordanian of all time is technically a Palestinian, since up to this point he is considered to be a palestinian refugee in jordan, and will remain so until the “returning” issue is solved.
    (Please note that this is a friendly remark not intended to offend jordanians. Isn’t that comment from adnan more ugly ,he was very racist taword palestanian refugees and it seems i gave him a good reply because nobody in his own mind will come and say something like that unless he or she has some grudge against Palestanian for no reason.
    So i thought I gave him the right response and according to his comment.
    On the subject of being polite,I am very polite and respect people opinions but when it come to palestanian issue and mocking palestanians I will be the worst eniemies,especially with people who has no clue of their history let alone palestanian history,and then you see some people throw racist remark about palestanians then I will attack them like lion even if it is going to cost me my life.
    As palestanian,I will never compromise on my people rights and Iam not going to stay silent when somebody mocks us ,we had enought compromisers and puppets.
    And it’s time to fight back.
    on my response to you,I already abologised to you,and I said Iam sorry if I caused you any harm.

  21. Pal, I don’t think Adnans comment was racist or demeaning at all, he just stated a fact that he is a refugee. I do believe Adnans comment was freindly.

    Also I have to agree with Batir, although Emad is a great guy maybe somebody else would have been more worthy regardless of his/her origions.

    This kind of talk Pal I can respond to, I just don’t like for people to attack and judge and just do what you did.

    But apology accepted I am sure you are a good person who lets emotions rule them sometimes and I wish in the future that you debate your points in a way that is constructive.

  22. FYI I am a Palestinian refugee.

  23. hi I have avoided reading this post becoz I expected to see such comments so now after I read them I would like to comment:)

    regarding Palestinian:

    1.I like ur emotion man but..little too much see palestinian ppl dont need ur defence their history and carsima talks for them no need for what u r doing relax boss:)
    2.regarding ur deleted comments about 7aki well see maybe u r right she admires the white man too much but one question why do u think she do? well to tell u the truth from what i saw all imigrants and especially to canada they respect white man why becoz there is a civilized way in dealing with humans their that u wouldn’t find it in our countries.

    and 7aki the guy is gelaous e3meleelek mawdoo3 3an falasteen wela 3an ur granfather ‘7alee yenbest shway fee:P(just jokin)

    (By the way before u start palestinian am a palestinian refugee who has no nationality okay so am one of the
    ppl u r saying that u r defending)

    reagarding mohanad fact about abo mahjoob u r 100% right abo mahjoob is jordanian and abo mhamad is palestian.

    adnan u started the fire:)

    batir yes toujan is good but u have layth arabyat ,abdol majeed shoman(arab bank founder),king hussein was not bad,firas ajloonee,taher el masree

    7ajaj is a great guy that represents revolution against jordan society complexity that 90%of blogs is talkin about so he swiped the polls no dought:)

    and 7aki I congratulate you for this post “it looks like jordan parliment:)”

  24. Adnan: you don’t need to prove anything to anyone , I think he misunderstood what you said which was a positive comment in my opinion 🙂

    Tiger: Thanks for the comment :).

    Just a question though? Who is this white man that I respect / ass kiss? Is he in any way related to the greatest Jordanian of all time? It is so funny that anybody living abroad is accused of kissing the white mans ass …akh ya tiger akh ( shar albaliet ma yood7ek)

  25. Tiger: one more thibg, it’s 3abd al7ameed Shouman

  26. sorry for the mistake I always mix between him and one of his sons or his brother i dont know why…:)

    regarding white man stuff I was replyin to that guy comment and hey I didnt say that u r kissin an ass or somethin :)i said u respect and admire which shows in ur articles and that a big diffrence than kissin someone ass

    by the way my borther is a canadian immigrant and my cousin lives in Toronto when I meet with them they always show how much they respect canadians for how cevilized they r so u r not accused of anything relax:)

  27. Tiger: I wasn’t referring to you tiger I was referring to the other guy and I was kind of venting so YOU relax …:o)

  28. Tiger who is Laith Arabiyat? I think you mean laith Shbeilat?

    Pal, I do not want to interfere but I am sure you are a polite guy. One of the added values of any person’s character is to be able to control the anger and never degrade to a point of insulting someone (especially a lady) to defend an opinion. I am not preaching here, I just leaned by experience. I am sure you regret what you said deep inside and that is a good sign. Regards

  29. […] Going Commando, dating an Arab man and much moreHi, my name is 7aki and I am a Musicolic too!Greatest Jordanians of all time – The resultsGoodbye my LoverVote for the five greatest Jordanians of all timeOn Eating AloneBooks I ReadFurious […]

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