Smelly Bostar

I come from a family of three, my oldest sister, myself then my brother; we are all 4 years apart (one every 4 years).

My bother and I used to have lots of fun together before he was too old and felt embarrassed if I played with him and his friends that became “izlam” (men) once they hit the age of 12 or 13.

We used to play war and I usually got to be the chief / major because I was the oldest. If he would not let me I would sit on him until he surrendered and I would be the major. We used batteries as grenades (I guess we were not that bright).

Anyway, he had this friend that I knew was visiting even before I go in the house or the room they were in because he smelled sooooo bad , or lets say his “bostar” (military style boots) smelled so bad even when he was wearing them. It was so stinky that the smell kind of came out through the leather. We had a theory that he never took them off and even wore them to bed.

It smelled like all the bad smells you could imagine ever in the world combined in one little package. We used to dare each other (in secret) to who would ask him to take his “bostar” off and who could stay in the room the longest without barfing.

But now that I am grown up I remember other sad parts of the story; this kid was abandoned by both his parents (or abandoned by his mom and his dad had to go work abroad) and he lived only with his uncle that worked all the time and left him do his own thing during the day.

I wonder what happened to him.

So if you had a smelly bostar, YO, how you doin? We used to play Atari together.


13 Responses

  1. Barf=canadian for puke:)

  2. I stumbled across your blog by pure coincidence and found that you had a story about me. I am the guy with the smelly boots. I am doing fine, thanks for asking.

  3. While reading the post, I was touched in the heart.
    it reminded me of some friends from the past, I almost began to cry but I remembered that I am a “zalameh” 🙂

    really I was emotionally effected.
    After reading the comment of anonymous “hero of the story” I’m so happy.

    Anonymous, you have to be more excited than that… i guess

  4. Sam, Nice post! i have a comment to Anonymous…i know for sure that you are fake! if you were the guy with the smelly Bostar you should come out clean and tell that you are the one…sorry to be this harsh, but this is not nice…although you are trying to be nice, but still i do not buy it! 3aib 3alaik!

  5. i used to do the same thing to my brothers…sit on them untill i got my way..ah the good old if they sit on me they’ll squish me..thankfully they are not as mean as i used to be..:)

  6. leesh heik, we used to laugh after reading your posts.

    Very touching!! I do miss so many people from childhood, school, and university days, and grandparents. But the bright side, I was not a friend of your brother, otherwise you would have “sharsha7teeny” online as well 🙂

  7. that is another reason why I didnt like to wear a bostar:)

    regarding this guy he would live I think as 6.5 billion ppl living a human soul is survivor by nature:)

    Anonymous one logical question the diffrence between ur comment and this post I mean time diffrence is so daaaaaaaaamnnnnnnn close man wow how can u make such a coensidence happen ? I need to salut u man u r the best coinsedence guy I ever saw:)

  8. It’s amazing how this made people sad, was not my intention.

    Anon: to prove it’s you ” matha hyah kalemat alsir?”

    Ahmad: Your friends had smelly bostars , ha ha ha.

    Joking aside, I am glad you enjoyed it, we are all children at heart, and you could cry its ok :).

    Thanks summer, I think Anon was just joking because the post was like half jokes half serious so I think it’s OK.

    Sam: oh my God it was the best thing ever ever when I used to force him to do stuff by sitting on, I learned the hard way though, once I sat on him ( at the time when he was getting kinda a little bit bigger than me) and he overpowered me and sat on me instead and that was the end of it. After that I used psychological methods…HA HA HA

    Fadi Malian: LOL , yah nobody is safe on my blog, you should be thankful I don’t know you.

    But to make you laugh read it again and focus on me sitting on my brother and the smelly bostar parts. It’s kind of funny in a sad way.

    Tiger: I have no clue what happened to the guy, maybe I should ask my brother, but I don’t even remember his name.

  9. I know a kid like that … I hope his father one day is able to take him… after his mother abandoned him!

  10. Hi,
    This is your sister

    Bostar guy is Fine (by the way he doesn’t smell now). He still lives in the neighborhood. I see him around sometimes driving a convertible (when it’s nice weather).
    I’ll say hi if I see him.

    very funny about Brother, No wan can sit on him now… WAAA33333

  11. Hi Sister, welcome welcome.

    Wallah good to hear that smelly is doing good.

    I have an idea, when I come to Amman you and I will sit on Brother he will have no chance of survival..he3 he3 he3 he3.

    And last but not least, inti gull …HA HA HA HA

  12. Boostar? That is so 1991!

    Nice post,moving. I hope Mr.Smelly is doing great, though thanks to you perspective GFs will be asking questions.

    At least he drives the convertible when it’s not raining, he’s smart 😀

  13. Firas: LOL,hmmm, Well it did happen in late 80’s early 90’s and there was an influx of basateer.

    Hoepfully GF’s are not reading this.

    And smelly has a convertible man, that’s a chick magnet and as sister said he is not smelly anymore and also also, he was blond so triple chick magnet (or is it double? I lost count)

    By the way, which Firas are you?

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