The curious incident of the dog in the night-time – Part 2


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  1. Saba7 el Full 7ajjeh!
    Sho msa77eeki bakkeer haik?

  2. I have a 3 year old and she wakes up at 6:30. aaahhh 3ala il3oozobieh man I miss it.

    The real question, why are YOU awake so early?

  3. so, is this a part of a book?? should I read it?? I can’t it barely has any pictures in it!! I like more illustrations than words!! 😛

  4. Yes it is a part of a book.

    This is part 2 so you might want to click the link previous to start from the beginning.

    It’s my favorite book so hope you like it.

  5. no pictures in this book?

  6. now i found out how to read the book ,, i’ll put them as seperate files in a folder with the name of the book, after you post all the book i’ll print them and aggregate in one book (hard copy) because i don’t like reading from the computer. and this proves that Einstein’s relativity theory is wrong. he assumes that substance can be transformed into energy if traveled in light speed according to his equation (E = mc2). now after you decompose the book (a solid matter) into 220 pages(physically do not exist) and then i re-join them and extract a hard copy (solid matter again)crossing a distance of thousnads miles and through much more time than what he assumed, then the book is said to undergo mass-to-energy transformation and then back to mass without the need for speed of light!

  7. okay okay okay

    first of all 7aki fadi dont stop this series I loved it just dont stop deal?

    ozz u spinned my head man 3ajagtnee:)

    last but not leat JUST DONT STOP I LIKED THIS POST

    o salametkooo

  8. Abu Shakoush: books stopped having pictures since we stopped being in grade 2 … HA HA HA

    It does have illustrations though from time to time.

    Ozz: why the complication? why don’t you print it as it comes. Oh yah I remember now you are very impatient, ya zalameh I posted 18 pages for you.

    And by the way, you should patent your theory, you are a genius :).

    So did you read any of it? he has lots of scientific stuff in there that’s kind of up your ally.

    Tiger: don’t worry I won’t stop, what did you love the most about it so far, the narrator is so smart and when the dad was crying and told him he was sad about the dog and when he hit the cop and he said I had to hit him.

    Amazing story I tell yah

    All: we should start a book club and we’ll ask questions about this book and discuss like intelligent people do… HA HA HA

  9. well to tell u the truth i need a post to highlight the points I liked

    okay so intillegent ppl stuff u want hehehe:
    1.the narrator is difinittly having some brain problem I dont what is the english describtion for that in my words he looks like Sean Penn in I am sam..

    the amazing part of this novell is that the writer is seeing with (Cristopher=Sam) eyes and viewing the world in the same way which is very new approch.becoz it pushs the reader to lower down his imagination into this guy imagination which is actully more pure and simple than humans missed up spirits r….

    the part i liked is when he said if am in story I would not be able to go out
    and also the part of his father tears…

    check my blog I started advertisment campaign for this book
    so u can start ur club right away:)

    btw our advertising agency (Tiger Limited) doesnt accept visa cash only:)

  10. Tiger: he is Autistic.

    He is extremely smart but socially incapable of any close human interaction or understanding some social cues we take for granted.

    Google Autism to learn more about it.

    Thanks for the advertisement!

  11. Looks like an interesting book indeed. Read both posts now.

    But is the writer writing about himself?

    Or is he writing about Christopher on a first person nattarive basis? Perhaps the author is so good he made me feel like it was a real kid who is actually writing the book, hence the simple vocab. If so then the writer is brilliant.

    Or maybe I should just shut up and read on. lol

  12. Who’s sane: The writer worked with autistic children and is writing on a first person narrative basis. He is brilliant indeed.

    What I love about this book is the insight you get and the thought process the main character has with analyzing every single detail in ordinary tasks we take for granted; like his inability to tell a lie because of the infinite numbers of lies there are and his inability to stick with one lie over the other.

    I love this book.

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