The curious incident of the dog in the night-time – Part 3


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  1. me no kan read english 🙂

  2. great… so your posting about a book… i have to go back to part one, and i better do it soon so i will be able to catch up 🙂
    me go read now 😉

  3. great … 44 pages out of 220 … this is 20% done … it was good idea scanning two pages in one. now the point is to use my own printer or the one in my office at work? i guess it wouldn’t be free-read if i print them in my own printer .. YES it should be completely free!

  4. abu : 🙂

    Maioush: welocme, I am sure you will enjoy it.

    ozz: LOL, free is great , ya7ya al free.

  5. This is just brilliant!

    I loved the part where he thinks that there are molecules of his mother in the clouds or coming down as rain or snow 😦


  6. Insane: This is my most favourite book of all time.

    I know bi7azen moo.

    I loved the part where he explains that it is logical to have the good days and the bad days by seeing the different color cars.

    And all these questions he had about God and how the Reverend could not answer any of them because they are logical.

  7. I agree with insne I liked that part too very much

    thx 7aki keep up the good work:)

    one comment the last scanning of the pages seemd very old page sheklek kayneh teqra2ee be hal saf7a kteer keef bas detective tiger balash he3he3he3:)

  8. lol tiger.

    No I haven’t especially read this page any more than the others .. lol.. I have no clue why it came out that way…maybe I had the scanner cover open because I had to push on the book and the color looked funny ..but lol.

    Glad you are enjoying it!

  9. hi. in my 9th grade english class we JUST got DONE reading this book.. it was hella good

  10. 🙂

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