Little Giant Girl – AMAZING

I found this posted on No Angel’s blog, its mesmerizing.

A Giant “Amman style”: Picture this, a Giant size Abu ma7joob flinging his giant pink shibshib at his son, HA HA HA HA.They should have had it at “the biggest Mansaf in the world” event I tell yah!


15 Responses

  1. WOOOOOOOW … Amazing, i can’t imagine how much tie it took them to finish such a thing 🙂
    LOOOOOOL Abu Ma7joob m3 el shebsheb LOOOOOL, hadi elli jad betkoon ta7sheesh 😀

  2. wahahahaha, where do you come up with these thoughts? a giant abu ma7joob shibshib! LOL

    But is the “biggest mansaf in the world” event true willa “7aki fadi”?

  3. Mai: isn’t it amazing?
    Just picture Abu Ma7joob walking and the wind bloeing on his 7atta.

    who’s sane: I am a comic genius man, shu bitfakker.

    I kid you not about the biggest mansaf event, I posted something in Feb about it, link below.

  4. who’sane I heard they r gonna do it but 3a seeret abo ma7joob o akbar mansaaf o 7akee fadi check this out:

    regarding aboo mahjoob 2 things:
    shawarboo keef bedhom eyzbtooha
    o lama ye7kee hala 3amee le2noo lazem yet3aj temo nos ta3jeh 45 degree sa3beh shway to imitate:)

  5. WOW! It is true!

    LOL Tiger … ta7sheesh!!

    Well until this becomes true, Jordan has to compete with this:

    Take a look. fazeee3!

  6. who’sane I think the one they r plannig to do is much much bigger than this plus hadool shekelhom dab7eeen jamal o 6ab’7eeno 3ala mansafa etala3 ya zaalameh adaish el 3dam kbar bel sa7en eshee be’7awef:)

  7. Tiger: oh my God that’s too funny! But ya3, did you see the guy liking his elbow (barf barf)

    Who’s Sane: the event is today by the way. Too bad that all of us are not in Jordan.

    And by the way, it can be proven that Dinosaurs are not extinct because they have a Dinosaur not a camel there. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  8. I KNOW!! Look at the size of those bones, lol

    and ya33 @ the guy licking his elbow. Thanks for pointing that out to all of us 7aki 😛

  9. bas 3anjad how can you miss it, it’s disgusting man ( projectile barf)

  10. Good God!

    It’s actually kinda creepy…wow

    Anyways as for the Jordanian version I think it would work nicely, Abu mahoob giving the biggest Kashra with a cigarette in his mouth .

  11. firas el sigarah should be viceroy A7mar 7efthan 3ala el taqaleed el ordoneyeh el 3areeqah:)

  12. wow that is creepy! freakkkky!
    what guy licking his elbow? i guess i missed something..ewwwwwww!

  13. Firas: it’s amazing I have never seen anything like that in my life.

    I can see the kashra, they can make his eyebrows go up and down with a string.

    Tiger: Cigarette Reem would be a6ly

    Sam: I wish they come to Canada, no?

    The link tiger posted in the comment, it’s a caricature about abu ma7job, check it out.

  14. 7akiii viceroy a7mar is the official slogan for 90% of dyana bickup drivers,sravees,taxis,and bus drivers in Amman please dont insult the inspiration that comes out from those ppl when they smoke 3al sobe7 gabel el ftooor viceroy a7mar em3afen ma3 kaset gahweh men 3end aboo sreee3 (feeha ma7lool mayet jarabeen) please ya3nee 3an jad eash elee cigarete reem o kelopatra ma3lesh viceroy had sar jozo2 la yatjaza2 men haweyet el mowa6en el ordonee fa ‘7aleena enra3ee masha3er hal sha3b ..:)

    regardin the caracter check the comment he said 6a3mee el fom ebtesta7ee el 3ain be6la3 sooot I guess who means something else?!?!

    there is tow beep beep words written on the center bottom check from where they r comin out he3he3he3he3he3 be6laaaaaaaaaaaa3 sooooooooot hahahahahaha:))))

  15. now thats art

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