I am on auto pilot

I can go through the day without thinking at all of what I am doing, it feels like I am on auto pilot, I go through the movements without thinking about them.

– wake up at 7:15 get ready to go to work
– put out my daughters clothes for my husband to get her ready for daycare for him to drop her off
– go catch the 8:20 train and read on the train
– get to work around 9:45
– go get my coffee to wake up
– work
– go to my comic relief buddy at 11 for him to entertain me for 10 minutes
– work
– have lunch at 12
– work
– at 3 my comic relief buddy comes to my cube for me to entertain him for 10 minutes (this is when we start analyzing stuff like the office slut)
– work
– leave work at 3:45 to go and catch the 4:30 train to go home
– get to my daughters day care at 5:30 to pick her up
– make dinner and eat it with family
– play with daughter for an hour
– bathe her and put her to bed at 8
– watch TV or browse the internet.
– sleep

Then repeat.

And my day never differs AT ALL during the week except for one day in the week I go out with my friends after work; this is the day that keeps me going.

Before I got married or had my daughter I did not have 2 days that were similar, it was more fun but now I guess it has more meaning? yah? maybe? because sometimes I feel like a robot.

How does your day go?


8 Responses

  1. Look it,
    I am baytooti, I like to stay at home. If you tell me to choose between a vacation in the bahamas or just relax at home I would choose the later..Wierd right?
    But you know what, you have to have some action in your life, that when the trip to jordan becomes the soloution..

  2. You know 7aki…
    Life routine sucks, for me before I move to the states, my life was an action movie, every day I had something to do, every day I would be in a new place doing something totally different, but in this country… OOOOFFFFFF.. Malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal… although I’m single (I guess that means that I have nothing to worry about) but as you said,
    Wakeup at 5:00am
    Go to work
    Leave work between 4:30 to 6:30pm
    Drive for an hour or so because of the stupid traffic
    Get home tiered

  3. I was going to reply you here, but the sheer length of the comment made me retrete to my blog … come and read it here: Life on Autopilot

  4. well that is life with kids eh? no more clubing, no more late nights, all of the sudden u do not feel like being with your single freinds. well im sure your weekends are different..mine are all the same since I am a SAHM for now..well in winter at least..:)

  5. for the past 3 years, my daily routine would be something like this:

    but this will all most probably change soon as tomorrow is my last day at the company in which i worked for the past 3 years. :-)))

    wake up at 7:30. get ready, make coffee
    out of the house by 8:30. drink coffee on the way (work starts at 8)
    get to office by 9:00 (although work starts at 8)
    read 2 or 3 dailies
    work work work
    lunch at 1
    2 to 6: work work work
    back home by 6:30
    7 to 10: take my wife out, internet, watch tv or a dvd
    11: shower
    1: sleep

    it does sound a bit boring when u put it this way though but there is some fun involved ofcourse.

    On a seperate note, I really need to change my contacts, I just saw the 7aki fadi’s funniest commentator award! hehe, thanks 7aki. Does it come with an accolade or a medal? 😛

  6. Mohannad: oh my God I can’t wait to go to Amman, I have my mom there and I can have her baby-sit anytime and go out and have fun. And inshallah when you have your baby you will know what I am talking about. Children change your life both in good ways and difficult ways

    Mai: Exactly. Here in North America it’s different; people don’t have the Middle Eastern / European mentality of going out everyday and having fun, moo?

    Qwaider: I responded on Life on Autopilot at your blog

    Sam: bilzabt, you understand me the most. But you know what, I have single friends because you need to get away from all the kids/family talk and stuff like that from time to time, they are always available to watch a movie or go out with etc etc.

    And winter oh my God winter, makes it suck even more.

    Our weekend is always packed with fun stuff where you need a weekend after the weekend…LOL

    What’s SAHM?

    Who’s sane: Well it’s routine that you enjoy, kinda sucks you in.

    Maybe the reward for the funniest commentator should be new contacts..LOL..3anjad you make me laugh always with your comments, very witty.

  7. Wow, 7aki Fadi, way to go at making us single women COMPLETELY put marriage out of question 😛
    But anyway, for some reason, I always thought life maintains itself. I know a lot of people who have routinous lives now and who I would think would always have routinous lives.. do you think it has to do perhaps with where you live?

  8. roba: lol, totally, stay single AS LONG AS YOU CAN…he he he

    It’s totally because I live in Canada, if I was in Amman it would have been completely different, whenever I visit there’s no routine (for me that is, my daughter maintains hers), my mom looks after her if I need to do something.
    In Canada it’s the nuclear family concept that causes you to have a routine because there’s no family with you aka no support system. Immigration is not easy.

    But joking aside, marriage is fun too, as long as you have family to help especially your mom :).

    Biddi mama, waaaaaaa33333

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