What type of government best suits you?

I always read all these posts by fellow bloggers trying to understand democracy, always analyzing their governments and I noticed that there’s always a heated debate and always people agree to disagree and a “tosheh” (fight) happens.

While I was reading the book “America ‘the book’ ” by the daily show with Jon Stewart I saw this amazing chart which “offers a helpful comparison amongst today’s most popular options – along with a sneak peek at what may very well be the government of the future!”

Follow this chart and figure out what government best suits you.

By featuring this chart I hope it brings peace to the blogsphere and we live happily ever after.

Click to enlarge

So? What type of government best suits you?


9 Responses

  1. LOVES the constitutional Sultanate…lol

  2. Thats funny:D John stewart rocks!!

  3. This post made me do a lot of googling!

    Kleptocracy? ski-doo? bunker-buster? Apostasy? ROBOCRACY?!

    Thanks for making me feel like an idiot 7aki 😦

    John Stewart does NOT rock in anyway!

  4. Saned!: I know. Hilarious.

    Mohannad: he’s the man.

    Who’s sane: but you learned something new! Come to Canada and I’ll take you on a ski-doo trip 🙂

  5. Constitutional Robocracy!

  6. Yes Robz it’s the government of the future.

  7. 1.too many rocks so little time! abu hal nagle kolha 7jar.
    2. You were late mailing your bribe.
    3.where is a check point when you need one.
    it is hilarious! thank you.

  8. Wala wa7deh :/

    w dont try , they will not stop the 6owash 🙂

    Ma fi amal 🙂

  9. sel3: you are welcome

    y7ala: ahlan wa sahlan 🙂

    I know they will not stop twash but this is like when they are in between rounds they can laugh

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