Furious George

This is for real too too too funny


12 Responses

  1. He came back today!!I mean the daily show..

  2. he was fucking making fun of the Islamic calendar…

    sorry for my language…I’m pissed off..

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOL that was funny, I love John Stewart, he is a comic genius 🙂

  4. well its funny but little bit poisoned against us

    I dont know you seem very liberal but it seems u enjoy who makes fun a lot from islam and culture and here when this post becomes not funny 7aki when a jew like this guy make fun of muslims or iraqi ppl who r killed everyday becoz of some mad ppl like him in USA that doesnt respect ppl and compare all that to september who iraqi ppl r not related to is not even little bit funny..u can say deadly ironic but not funny

  5. this guy is a jew and funy as hell. he pokes fun at Bush and his people in a way that is light years away from arab media.

    some haters up above.

  6. Globalorama

    I like his jokes but and yes he is funny but when he jokes about muslims he is very racist in a way unacceptable.he doesnt make fun at the jews with the same amount i wonder why?

  7. Guys:
    You see we muslims are sensitive!!He makes fun of jesus and the jews eventhough he is a jew, he never made fun of mohammed PBUH, but we have to get over it..

  8. I think this is hilaious! Although I kind of didn’t like how he made fun of the Islamic calendar, but I also do think that we’re a bit over-sensitive when anyone talks bad about our religion. We need to learn to ease up a bit. tiger, malak 3assabit? tik-it-easy abu shreek 🙂

  9. Walla tiger mwal3a m3a!!abu shreek this is the way of life in the US, they make fun of everything so you can’t blame him or accuse him of attacking islam, this is jus what they do as comics, thats their job to make people laugh even if they offend you..The other day there was an episode of south park-I don’t know if you know it-They made not only fun but masa7o el ard in christanity but it was ok with the american and they just laughed, they had an interview with the head of the catholic church in the US which was a charechter in the episode:he said it is funny!!You have to understand the american culture before you judge them or else you will just become a tool for the “islamic movements” in the our countries, think out side the box ya nemer:D

  10. Mohahnnad #1: I know I am excited 🙂

    Saned: well he was kinda making fun of the Arabic language and his inability to pronounce the months really, it’s like how we make fun of the Chinese language, no? 🙂

    Mai: mee tooooo. He is soooo witty.

    Tiger: waaaaaaaallllllllll tiger, ana kol hada?
    – You seem very liberal
    – U enjoy who makes fun a lot from Islam and culture
    – You smoke up …lol..well you didn’t say that bas ana ba7eb a3mel mashakel 🙂

    You should watch his show all the time to really judge him man. He makes fun of EVERYBODY.

    I won’t explain how the humour is not insulting because this video will not be funny anymore.

    Globalrama: Absolutely. His humour is sooo smart , the Arab media is a billion light years behind.
    No man tiger is not a hater, he’s a buddy 🙂 , but bin7ere2 dammoh ibsoor3a 🙂

    Tiger #2: again, you need to watch more of him to judge him :).

    Mohannad: I agree.

    who’s sane: Sa7, we are too sensitive. And sa7, maloh abu shreek ilyom za3lan?

    Mohannad #3: I agree 100000000% percent

  11. 7aki and Who Sane e3tebrooha fashet ‘7olo2 sorry 7aki bas entee 3an jad mashkaljeyeh:) so aja 3abalee ado2 feekee el yoom nakshet mo’7:P

    see guys I watch him on weekly basis and yes he is hilarious bas whenever it comes to arabs he always try to show us in the same hollywod picture el 7aywan 3an jad bedayegneee ya3nee bedee baseeer awale3 7aseesh 3ashan roog bas eybalesh tas bel 3arab 3an jad eno ‘3atheeb waldeen bas yes he is funny and I like him bas howeh !@#$%^&***(()) be’7tesar ya3nee ..

    guys am not sensitive towards this issue but i dont like to be prototyped and i dont like be promoted with the same prototype every time… by the way i like robin william and he does the same so that doesnt mean i dont like john stewart ya3nee if am an iraqi and watching this o nos ahlee madboo7een bel 3eraq 3ashan george et7ajaj enoo fee al qaeda bel 3eraq o yeejeee had a’7o &*)%^$##@@! ba3ed arba3 sneen eylame7 enoo el nas bel 3eraq masheyeen 3ala calendar “September” belahee 3aleekom ma btenjeltoo 7ata law kanat nokteh

  12. besides, it’s only Saudi Arabia that follows the Islamic calendar, no?

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