Hi, my name is 7aki and I am a bookaholic.

I read on average 5 books a month and I always have at least 5 books on standby; so the second I finish the book I am reading I pick up the next one.
I even sometimes have only 20 pages left to read in a book so I carry 2 books with me so if I finish the book I have I start the other one right away.

God forbid I am on the subway or train and I don’t have anything to read! I go crazy and resltess.

I only have 1 book in my reserve stash (Snow by a Turkish writer) and I am freaking out.

I am going to pick up 1984 because I heard so many good things about it and I am dying to read it.

Please please please recommend some interesting books for me to read.


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  1. I am not sure what type of books you like to read but one of my all time favorite books is ” In search of Fatima” by Ghada Al Karmi. i have not read a book in more than three months!! i read about five books a year!! you make me feel that i should do more reading!!

  2. If you want something good read “the world is flat” by thomas friedman..

  3. Bravo 3alaiki … seriously I envy you … I wish can do the same

  4. summer: I like all books honestly, fiction, non-fiction, science (but the dumbafied versions ), science fiction, fantasy, politics…anything.

    I will definitely check the book out 🙂

    Mohannad: I read that one, I own it great book I think .

    Do you have more recommendations?

    Qwaider: see I commute on the train to work so it gives me lots of time to read :).

    Do you read or not at all? I can recommend short reads to get you started then you’ll get hooked in no time.

    And maybe less mall more reading Q would help 😉

  5. sophies world (Jostein Gaarder)

    A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)

    Right Hand, Left Hand (The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms and Cultures) was also a very interesting and good read.

  6. wow.. that’s too much reading in one month.. you seem to be a good writer as well! 😀

  7. I am totally impressed……NOT!

    Anyways, if you are commuting, then it’s always a joy to stare at the ads, try to figure out who is the most person to attack you (hint: Usually the guy who looks psycho, and look at you and smile,true story), flirt with the girl sitting in the other cabin (maybe not in your case,be creative) I mean be Jordanian! Do what Jordanians do!

    Gal Read on the train/bus/metro/waiting room gal! What a shame!Shame on you

    PS:You should read Orielly’s “Culture Warrior” maybe afterwards you’ll stop reading…..forever

  8. Good choice!!! 1984 is one of the best books I’ve ever read! A classic masterpiece!

    7aki, I moved again 😛

  9. sophies world should be mandantory reading for all.

  10. Who sane: akheeran, daoukhtna ma3ak. mabrook, the new site looks great! I really like it :).

    th14: I will definitely check that book out 🙂

  11. th14: thanks.I already read “A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)” but not the other tow.I will definitely check out “right hand left hand”, looks very interesting.Rebellious Arab Girl: No honestly when I read other peoples blogs I envy their writing skills, my writing needs a lot of work.Firas: LOL, you made me laugh.True story: there was this guy once who was super super attractive and he sat next to me , so I was kinda checing him out .He was readign a book and I am like wow not only cute but also reads, so I look over and guess what he was reading…star wars…STAR WARS…complete turn off…but I said, well maybe he got it for cheap and its a fun read, I read stupid shit sometimes.I saw him like a month later and he was still reading it…so it was exnay on the hot guyeh. “Culture Warrior”? I am going to google it 🙂

  12. 1984 is a good book, I think you’ll really like it. Here are a few good ones I’ve read:
    The 5 people you meet in Heaven
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Jane Eyre
    Anne of green gables

    You’ve probably read them if you’re a book freak though 😛

    (BTW I like your blog!)

  13. Dandoon: thanks for liking my blog :).

    Well I only read:
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    Jane Eyre

    So Thanks I will definitely check the others out

  14. ma azkaki ya 7aki… mshalla you read a lot, well, to be hounest, i never finished a book,NEVER, even when i had to during college ::shame on me::

  15. there is a new book coming out next month for Khaled Husseini. after I read his “the kite runner,” I knew this guy is an amazing writer. it is worth checking out. it usually comes in paper back, so it must be inexpensive to buy.

    p.s. I too envy your reading habit. I seldom read, but I read some really intersting books. check my blog, I have listed the books that I have read and enjoyed.

  16. i’m reading the great German writer Hermann Hesse these days, try his “the glass beads game” and “Steppenwolf”.
    also the Palestinian Edward Said .. read “Oriantalism” it was written in English.
    there is the Turkish Aziz Nesin, i read the Arabic translations of his books and I don’t know what books particularly are available in English, i found this quote that belongs to him ” I don’t need God because i want neither paradise nor hell” but I can’t remember where was it.

  17. hey 7aki, wowz if you read that much how about u start a book club for jordanian bloggers ? you pick a book each month we can ever scan it and discuss maybe …. it’ll be great if it gets more people to read

    as for suggestions,
    48 laws of power – robert greene a must read for all aspiring evil tyrants, get the one with the history not just the rules (thicker one)
    Memories, Dreams, Reflections – Carl jung very nice

    Freakenomics – steven levitt and stephen dubner think of it as a blog, oh wait it was a blog ?! so perfect for interrupted reading and very light

    Six Thinking Hats – edward de bono
    nice read, if u like to practice what u learn


  18. I loved th no-angel idea about bloggers book club. Lets give it a try 🙂

    I honestly think that you should be the one recommending the books for us because you most probably have read most what we would recommend 😛

    I love Paulo Coelho and Nawal AL Saadawi writings. If you havent check them out yet (which I doubt), give them a try 🙂

    Now I realize where your intellectuality comes from 😉

  19. Maioush: tu2 tu2 tu2 , yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shu 3aib…lol..yallah why don’t you read the book I am posting
    (The curious incident of the dog in the night-time ) takes you 10 minutes twice a week and you will finish it 🙂

    Globalorama: I loved the kite runner. I will definitely make sure I check out the new book.

    I will check out your profile. I’ve visited your blog before though 🙂

    Ozz: I really liked Aziz Nesins style of writing I will check out if he has more English translations.

    I don’t mind reading Arabic at all by the way, I have the complete works of Najeeb Mahfouz (6 HUGE volumes, cost me 80 Dinars!!???) that I intend to read but the books are so big that it’s kinda tough for me to carry them on the train everyday. So maybe when I am on vacation I will read them.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    No Angel: Great Idea.

    Well I started to “read with me” thing (look at the side bar) and you are welcome to join and read and leave comments, maybe I should post some posts asking about the book, maybe makes it a bit more structured :), .

    I have not read any of your recommendations; I will check them all out.
    I know the book freakconomics and I was waiting for it to be on Sale or paperback 🙂

    The Observer: As I told no Angel I am posting the “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time ” and please join in and read it and leave comments, very light read.

    By the way there are tons and tons of books I have not read. I have only started reading intensely 4 years ago so I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

  20. i like reading but i’m lazy, i do envy you. the last book i’ve read, 3 months ago, was Digital fortress and i didn’t like it.
    bas mashalla 3anek. keep it up.

  21. lucky u…i love reading but latley i have had no time …im reading pride and prejudice now..it is for my course so i have to read it..so im finding some time for it..but it is killing me..because when i read i read the whole book in one night or 2 at the most..and i have been reading this book since sunday!!! and it is short…i read the dancing arab few weeks ago..it was ok…

  22. I have read a couple of books about sufis, am not sure if you are interested in such a subject and it might be a dry material.If you are check “Rumi ,a treasury of wisdom”. I have also posted a story from the book on my blog, check it out..

    Nice blog..

  23. lol your title reminded me of those group therapy people. let’s give her a hand everyone for being so brave as to admit her addiction! how long has it been since you left books? :p

    okay good books. If you’re in the mood for romantic comedies, you should read books by Marian Keyes and Jane Green. The Kite Runner, which i haven’t read yet, is supposed to be really good. try Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani. Gilead by Marilynne Robinson is good too. do you like business books? if you do, get How to Sell Anything to Anybody, by Joe Girard. The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory was a really good read, I don’t know why but I have a feeling you’ll like it.

    Enjoy! 😉

    your blog is an entertaining read. love it!

  24. The Kite Runner

    Nice blog too 🙂

  25. Oh you have my cousin’s book syndrome as well. LoL.

    Currently I am reading “Everything’s Eventual” by Stephen King. It is a collection of short stories and more than half of them are good. Some are terrible but at least you have the option of skipping them 😛

    I am also going to start “Eleven Minutes” by Paulo Cohelo. I heard it is nice, usually his stories are nice, except “The Zahir”, which is lower than abysmal.

  26. Sel3 : digital fortress was not too bad.

    Sam: I read pride and prejudice, period pieces tend to drag on and lots of details (and I love details) I thought it was good, why don’t you rent the movie? There’s also a TV series you can rent, more details, then don’t read the book…lol

    Noura: I will drop by and check it out :), thanks for the compliment and the recommendations.

    Practical utopian: lol, well I am learning to LIVE with my addiction 🙂 , I think if I leave it I will have severe withdrawal symptoms that mostly consist of me becoming super boring…lol

    Marian Keyes, I read maybe 3 of her books, a good escape after I read serious books, I’ll check out the others

    Thanks for the recommendations and the compliment.

    Elijah: read it and loved it. Thanks 🙂

    KJ: You know, when I was younger I used to LOVE Stephen King, but I think I over did it and now I can’t stand his books. It’s weird, I never hate books but I find him “lower than abysmal” 🙂 .

    I’ll check out the others, thanks.

    To all: Welcome to the new visitors!

  27. Read Mandell’s Infectious Disease I just got it yesterday, it’s four thousand pages and comes in 2 volumes 😦

    Ok seriously, if you read Arabic read:
    – Thakerat el JAsad for Ahlam Mastgamani, you can order it online

    -Mehnati Ka malik for late King Hussein, even if you’re not too much into poltiics it is a very interesting read

    Iinfidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

    I feel bad about my neck…. Nora Ephron

    How Doctors think… by Gerome Groopman , strong one

  28. try Free as in freedom

  29. Me talk Pretty One Day

    Notes from Underground

    Hey we want suggestions from u now!!

  30. i’ve watched the movie already…half way through the book i could not take it..so i went and rented ther short one..im looking for the mini series but cant find it yet:( but i do enjoy reading the book…i’ll be checking out more jane austin book soon..as soon as i finish my assignment, taxes, and the 1000000000million things i should be doing instead of browsing blogs…shame shame shame!

  31. Hareega: I’ll pass on “Mandell’s Infectious Disease” Thanks :).

    I will definitely check out the rest, they all seem interesting, the King Hussein one I heard about it.

    No for” how doctors think”, is it an own in book or check it out from the library book?

    Jad: Thanks.

    Elijah: OK. I go in the order of how much I liked them

    – “The red tent” , one of the most amazing books, I really liked it

    – “Lullabies for little criminals” it won the 2007 Canada reads award, it’s one of those books you think about long after you finish it.

    -“ The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” I am scanning it on the blog

    – “Shake hands with the devil” talks about how Romeo Delare the head of the UN mission when the Rwanda genocide happened, very very moving and makes you hate the world and the UN. the UN is the most body in the world

    – “Blink” talks about how you form first impressions and “The tipping point” by the same author talks about what tips the scales and makes certain trends/things popular both very very interesting

    – Guns germs and steel, talks about how civilizations started , long kinda dry read but very very good.

    – “Arab and Jew” talks about how Arabs and Jews in the west bank and in Israel perceive each other and why the hate exists, good read.

    I love lots more but this is what I can think of at the moment

    Sam: lol, procrastination is sooo good.

  32. :D. I’d say go for “why men don’t have a clue and women need more shoes” if you are looking for non-fiction

    If you are looking for fiction, then go for “Life of Pi”

  33. the lovely bones
    Vanishing acts by jodi picult
    I know this much is true by wally lamb
    The good women of china

    pretty diverse collection
    im a bookaholic too 🙂

  34. Hamza: Thanks for dropping by.
    The first book sounds interesting :).

    I already read life of Pi, I really liked it, pretty good book.

    eshda3wa: yay, there’s somebody out there just like meee :). Welcome.

    I read the lovely bones, LOVED IT.

    Have not read the rest so thanks!

    I read the lovely bones, LOVED IT .
    Have not read the rest so thanks!

  35. This is the 1st time I log into your blog, I really enjoyed your way in expressing and feeling.
    I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie

  36. Welcome gradly and thanks!

    Wow it’s been a long time since I read her books, maybe I should read more of her.

  37. A good book that worth the time to read is The Confession of Economic hit men by John Perkins.

  38. antizionest: thanks

  39. You probably have a more than full reserve list now, but here are more suggestions:
    -Demian [Hesse, H.]
    -The Joy Luck Club [Tan, A.]
    -Angela’s Ashes [McCourt, F.]
    – Cheaper by the Dozen ; & its sequel: Belles on their Toes
    -Boy [Dahl, R.]

  40. Thanks anon.

  41. Have you read all books by Richard Dawkins? Read:
    1. The Sefish Gene
    2. The Blind Watchmaker
    3. River Out of Eden
    4. Others
    And also books by Carl Sagan, Brian Greene, Carl Zimmer,etc.
    All are popular science books that will change your view of life
    For history, have you read the classic The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?

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