My dysfunctional family (Dare I say part 1 ?)

Due to circumstances I am not going to delve in (because I don’t want to get depressed or angry) my mom had to support us by herself. So while she was busy running a business to put food on the table (from 8 am to 8pm with a 2 hour siesta) my siblings and I were left to use the “survival of the fittest” or “The jungle law” at home when dealing with each other.

Here is one of examples of how dysfunctional we were.

My brother and I had a hobby of raiding my sisters closet; I for the clothes, the cool posters or tapes or her favourite books and stickers (can you believe it??? STICKERS) and my brother for numerous other objects from my sisters diary (he he he that was fun) to God knows what. Till this day I do not know what would interest a 7-year-old boy in his 14-year-old sisters closet?

Because of that and 100000000 other things, we were calling my mom upwards of at least 20 times a day saying “look what he did” and “look what she did”

To prevent anybody from borrowing anything form anyone (and to save herself the headache) and instead of my Mom sitting us and talking about it (yah who wants to talk) she bought 3 industrial chains and 3 industrial locks to use and lock our closets.

So what did my Bro and I do? We loosened one of my sisters chain links, enough for it not to be noticeable and enough to wiggle the other links out, to get into her closet. I still remember how she went crazy looking for things SHE SOWRE she put back in her closet secure behind chain and lock.

So SIS, if you are reading this, now you know you were not crazy.

Now what’s really knida funny but kinda makes me feel sad at the same time is my Mom got my Bro a chain so he doesn’t feel left out. So he took his stuff that he loved a lot and stuck them in the closet and put the chain up although nobody in a million years would think of taking his marbles, or his favourite stuffed toy or those special cards we got on a trip or that little box he saved some seashells / stones in.

Brother Sister and Mom I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I would not trade you for anything in the world.

KISSES KISSES and I miss you.


24 Responses

  1. well, it is funny now but I bet it wasn’t at that time, especially not for your mom or siblings:)

    Me and my younger brother didn’t raid each other closets but for some reason we use to fight a lot, all the time, constantly..Mom would solve one issue and we start a new one almost me and him are best of friends but he keeps calling me bossy ??
    Your post brought back nice memories..thanks..

  2. funny,,,
    I still use a chain and a lock, seriously I’m using them…
    don’t ask me for details.

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 7aki, I felt like reading the story of my family, the only different that my mom was a working mom and she didn’t have time to deal with our craziness, and since I’m the oldest I was the victim with my brothers taking out all my toys (barbies) strip them, cut their head and play with them as Jingar or Grendaizer :S .. oh my god boys can be really crazy LOOOOOOOL
    My mom end up bringing me a chain for my drawer so they won’t cut my barbies heads any more, but they managed to break in to it.. AAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKH walahi you brought back some crazy memories ya bent .. yes3ed saba7ek 🙂

  4. thats funny,
    I never had the chance to do that simply becasue I was “a7’er el 3angood” or you can call me a thursday night mistake:P
    The difference between me and my older brother is 13 years and my oldest sister has a son who is younger than me by about 6 months..
    You can see the picture..So for my brothers and sisters I was like a SON which led to me having 6 moms:D
    Ya3ni ble3arabi Dalloo3 el 3eleh…

  5. heheh that is funny…but i feel bad for your is hard being a single parent especially to 3 3afareet…and that u and your brother seem to have been:)

    i was the oldest, but no one dared touch my stuff…i was such a bully and looking at me u would never know..i had a very innocent look:)

  6. LoooooooL . . . . this is not dysfunctional at all, this is normal 🙂

    I used to behead my sister’s barbies. LoL.

    But I also played with them. Go figure.

  7. My God!! Chains and locks!! hehe…the comments are so funny as well!!
    I grew up with 3 sisters, so I’ve had a calmer life growing up! The only thing I remember, was that mom used to lock us in the bathroom altogether, and we’d spend the time sliding on the bathing tub!! That was hillarious!! hehe…

  8. well I have to confess my sister was very slow in eating sweets ya3nee she would have a byte of it and leave it to the next day which 6aba3an she wouldnt find due to my night check up procedere on the fregerator so as a defense mechanism she started to store sweets in strange areas bas 3ala meeeeeeeeen he3he3he3

    I liked the chain idea very original ..I remmember when I did something naughty I used to look my self bel ashatah emsakreh el doot handle it was effective solution a7san men el mofta7 marat 🙂

  9. 7aki, I thought you were going to say she chained you all up! 🙂

    I hope there will be more parts…but coming from a dysfunctional fam too (well, I suppose we all do)I know there are sad parts.

    God bless your mom

  10. that was hilarious! fights like this always happen. i used to nag my sister on any thing. and now i remember and laugh at it. allah y5alelek eyahom.

  11. Noura: You are welcome!

    It was not funny indeed. Now my brother and sister fight over the, it will never end, but we are close and always will be.

    Ahmad: Man you have to tell now, have to have to.

    Do you have pron in your closet?…LOL.

    Mai: ta7sheesh, and all those years I though we were freaks because non of my friends had chains

    Mohannad: yah , my brother is dalou3 il3eleh .
    I bet you you are still the dalou3, no? You visit Jordan and the whole family bitdal3ak.

    Sam: Yah my mom and sister struggled to keep us sheltered and fed.

    LOL, inti bully ya3ni, ta7sheesh. Well my oldest sister had a weakness that if you tickle her she would stop breathing and cry so we were 2 against her and we threaten to tickle her…LOL, but I guess that’s not too funny is it.. poor sis, I love her so much.

    KJ: lol, well I do believe that every boy out there who had sisters used to play with barbies especially if he was younger…my Bro played with them too.

    Nido: welcome.
    All together in the bathroom, that does not sound like a punishment it sounds like she needed some time maybe for a cup of coffee by herself, very effective .lol.

    Tiger: yeeeeeeee, you remind me of how we used to eat anything that’s in sight and not hidden because we used to save from our allowance to get stuff and when somebody eats it war insews. ta7sheeeesh

    Zaman 3annak ya nimer.

    Kinzi: imagine! My mom never laid a hand on us all she needed to do is give us “The stare” and we would all run scrambling away, she still has this effect now even.

    I am practicing my stare for my daughter. .lol.

    I will add more parts, funny ones and maybe sad ones, we’ll see. It was not all fun and games you know, was very tough but behind us now thankfully.

    Thank you for your kind words 🙂

    Sel3: Thanks man 🙂

  12. see im not ticklish..but all my brothers and sister are…and im the best tickler in the world..for a while they were my slaves ,on days off when my mom was at work i made them clean the house..or if they were bad i’d lock them up on the balcony..:) OMG i was so mean!!:)

  13. no 7aki, we were freaks just like you guys, but in our case i was the older sister, i was the one who was screaming all the time… LOOOOOOOL walahi zakarteeni feeha mn ayam, ye5reb 3a2lek 😀

  14. Sam: yeee, jsut pray to God your kids don’t turn out to be like you HA HA HA HA

    Mai: Yis3ed rab ilfreaks…lol

  15. Hellzzz yeaaa:P

  16. Loool @ marbles 😛

    I used to have marbles and hide them from my cousins haha

  17. As KJ said, this is not disfucntional. This is cute and fun.

    Allah ye3een emkom back then. I was a good kid, but my sister wasn’t 🙂

  18. this is bringing terrible memories 😦 … I was the middle child …

    and LOL @ Mohanned’s “a thursday night mistake!”

  19. Elijah: Well I had marbles too in my closet…LOL ..shhh don’t tell anyone.

    The Observer: yah poor mom, I was actually the calmest of the bunch believe it or not, middle child, are you a middle child?

    whosane: Meee toooooooooo, I hate it, no akher il3an2ood or the oldest.

    Lol, yah Muhannad was a funny mistake..HA HA HA HA.

  20. aaaaah..this brings alot of sweet memories. The days of bulllying, conquering, abusing both my sister and brother. The list goes on and on.
    We are 3 in the house. I can’t imagine how it’d turn out if we were more. 😀

  21. LOL, I know Hamza if we were more I think world war 3 could have started.

  22. This is sooooooo cute 🙂

    I was the docile, calm one at the house. My sister and I would be playing with our toys all day in our room and then when mom walked in and told us to pick all the toys up, my sister (the little devil she is) would somehow magically manage to make me pick up all of the toys (mine & hers). I would only figure out her evil schemes when it was too late. heheheh!

    Just imagine the drama mom had to go through when I would realize what had happened 😛

    Poor mom.

  23. Welcome Kinan: poor moms indeed.

    When my mom was out my sister used to build a tent in the house and then trick us into staying there for an hour or more, she says I am coming back soon and my brother and I rot in it waiting ..LOL.

    The good days eh?

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