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I went Skydiving in Jordan. Why don’t you?

It was one of the most amazing experiences I had. It was so serene going down from a airplane flying 4000 feet high ; so quite and very peaceful.

Usually in most countries (even currently in Jordan) when you decide to go skydiving they strap you on to a skydiver and they free fall with you strapped in front of them, while in my experience in Jordan (Royal Airsports club of Jordan ) I did a trial jump where they gave me a day course and then I jump the next day all by myself (don’t freak out I will explain), if you like it you can then join the club and jump many many times.

In the day course they taught us:
– How to position your body while free falling
– They teach you how to land
– They teach you , of course , how to open the parachute and they show you in cases of emergency how to open the extra parachute (yikes!)
– You get some theory to show you how to steer left or right, how to slow down and how to completely stop.
– They teach you how to read the height watch that tells what height you are on so you can track how high or low so you can start steering your parachute and slowing down when you are close to your destination.

So once you master these skills (well not really) you go really early the next day and they refresh the course quickly then take you up in a little airplane that went ,in our case, 4000 feet high.

The airplane we went on does not have a door to make it easier to jump (but it’s safe) . What happens next is they link your parachute opener on a special line on the airplane , the ask you to jump facing inside, at this second do not pause or think just JUMP because you will chicken out since you are 4000 or more feet high.
Because your parachute opener is linked to the airplane as soon as you jump and are 6 meters away from the airplane happily tumbling along ( it’s very tough from the first try to float like you see in the pictures) your parachute opens and then you slow down peacefully and serenely. I felt like a bird and I was singing up there..HA HA HA


Of course I had to lie to my mom and tell her I was going for a flying lesson because not in a million years she would have let me go. SO I took my brother with because just incase God forbid the parachute decided not to open I would have family there.

A funny story:

During the training day we were a group of 8 – 10 people including four pilots. I remember one of the pilots did so well in the training session, his landing was great, his floating was great but then the next day when it came to the jump he was supposed to go first but he freaked out and said no no I’ll go second so one of the girls jumped and then he said NO WAY I AM NOT JUMPING and that’s it he would not jumpt out of the airplane his friends were taunting him and told him yee a girl jumped and you didn’t, I felt sorry for the guy but at the time it was hilarious.

A scary story:

One of the guys who was with us fully yanked his breaks when he was still 2 meters above ground ( you are supposed to only fully pull them once your feet almost hit the ground and not 1 second before and the instructor told us 100 times to makes sure we do it at that time) if you fully pull the brakes above the ground you become parallel to the ground so he smacked flat on his back, THAT HURT and I think he injured his leg. Well because the guy was wearing red overalls just like me my Bro freaked out and was running towards him to find out it was not me 🙂

Now when we had to go back to the centre we were supposed to walk but I felt sorry for my Bro because he was sitting there for 2 hours waiting for me to jump, so I asked the pilot if my Brother and I could go on the airplane instead and I told him, “my poor brother was waiting all this time and it would be nice to take him up” so he agreed and it was only my brother the pilot and I and he let me fly the airplane (well just steer it) and I was super excited. My brother was sitting there kinda scared shitless because the airplane had no door and he would not come to the front and fly it …lol

Here are some links if you are interested:
The Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan (newer)

Royal airsports club of Jordan (not sure they still operate)


36 Responses

  1. i am scared of heights, i do noe even dare to stand on a chair…….you got lots of courage to do that 🙂

  2. I love the pictures you posted.
    They make me want to visit Jordan 🙂

    I would love to skydive one day.I am sure I would be alone though…I can’t even get my husband to go on a rollercoaster with me.

  3. It really is an extraordinary experience. I think I would go for it. My psychology professor has been bragging about how refreshing it is every week she goes.

  4. I’m sure it was an amazing experience 7aki 🙂 … but as much as I love heights , but I rather to stay still not jump LOOOOOOOOL , I ALMOST tried banji jumping , wleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee motet ra3beh, I froze in my place, and I was like “can I just enjoy the view from here? :D” I didn’t jump.. I’m a chicken I know 😀 LOOOOOL

  5. Thanks for the links , the info and the post! very encouraging! it has always been a dream of mine to do this.

  6. WOW!!
    I want to be your friend!!! Please take me with you next time!! I just LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!! MISHAN ALLAH! Take me … TAKE ME!!!
    Today, I was watching a movie about Base jumping in Peru .. and I am so addicted to this kind of adrenaline… I want to go .. PLEASE … take me with you .. 😦 Mishan allah!

  7. Yee, 7aki, you surprise me more with every post! cool chuckie~

    I was going to take up skydiving with my roommate in college, but then her jump-master died when his shutes didn’t open. Para-sailing, now that I would try.

    I bet, though, you did this BEFORE you had kids, mish?

  8. well 7aki u hit a nerve for me with this post…
    this post is my favourite becoz am bigging my friends eleeee 2 month to go for sky diving I found one club in UAE but they r refusing i think am gonna use my stick to force them with me:)
    loved the post thx:)

  9. no way i would do such a thing! ba5af! but it seems an interesting experience.

  10. Abu – shakush: LOL@i do not even dare to stand on a chair..too funny

    Well you gotta have courage and be crazy at the same time because it’s a 50/50 chance it won’t open.

    Leilout: Welcome to my blog :).

    Jordan has sooooo many amazing places to visit, check out my side bar in the “Things to do” links and you will definitely want to visit.

    My husband does not go on roller coasters either but he managed to bungee jump when he was younger.

    KJ: I can’t explain how refreshing and serene it was, I guess once you do it and truly free fall it would be amazing.

    Mai: See Mai you have to just jump and not think about it once you think you will get scared.

    Summer: Go for it summer you will really love it, I have to admit that the link for the Aqaba club looks more promising since you free fall and then you parachute for a good 10 minutes.

    Q: lol Q you made me laugh. Well it has been ages since I jumped but man. You don’t need anybody to go, do it by yourself, all the stuff on the “things to do” side bar I did by myself because if you wait for somebody it will never happen, that’s how I met lots 2 of my best friends because you do it by yourself and you meet people.

    BUT if I do it again I will definitely email you 😉

    Kinzi: yah I am full of surprises ;).

    Funny you should mention that because my Moms best friend jumped and became paralyzed that’s why I hid it from my mom or she would not let me go.

    Yes I did it before the daughter, hubs would not let me do anything he’s so scared he might loose me :), love eh?

    Tiger: why are you waiting for your friend, go for it, if you wait around for people you will never do it.
    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Sel3: Yah It is kind of scary if you are not comfortable with the idea of falling from an airplane thousands of feet high.

  11. you are awesome. I am loving you with every post.
    I’d love to try it next time I am in Jordan. I’ll make sure I’ll take adrenaline injections before I do them.
    My problem is that I need alooooooooooooot of psychological and emotional support.
    I’ll make sure to tell you the next time I do it. 😀

    Thanks alot for the lovely encouraging post

  12. No thanks!!! parasailing and punji jumping were more enough for me, and i will not even do them again..never!…r..one day i had no problem with hights and i was very courageous and something happened in my life and all the sudden i became a chicken…pak pak..

  13. I wanna jump … face first … I want to enjoy the experience to the max!
    I might die .. sure.. but I might also die while having dinner alone! I bet that would be a boring way to go out!

    I did Para-sailing before and oh-my-god I loved it. I didn’t even know that we can Skydive in Jordan. So I really want to do it! And after that… Base Jumping in Peru … definitely

    I really need an adventurous partner … 😀


  14. lucky youuuu…I would love to do it one day…my husband did it and he loved it! He had someone taking pictures of him jumping in the air and he looked so funny…I’d really love to do it!!!

  15. that is soooo coooool!! Do excuse my ignorance, but I never even knew there was sky diving in Jordan! Goes right into my list of things to do next time I’m in Jordan.

    Thanks again 7aki for educating most of us on what fun things you can do in Jordan.

  16. Hamza : you are making me blush :).

    Trust me the adrenaline will be rushing through you without an injection.

    Do please tell If you do it it would be awesome. Embrace the inner adventurer in you (keef bas ilfalsafeh…lol)

    Sam: Cool you bungee and parasailed, fun :).

    So what happened? Maybe you need to blog about it 😉

    Q: well I have no clue if you are allowed to jump face first and LOL man. I can feel the excitement.

    Did you bungee jumped? Kinda close an prepares you, I bungee swinged which is different but in my opinion more fun because you fall then swing…really cool.

    Para sailing was all right nice to look at the sea from above, I did it in Cyprus.

    Go man DO IT…EFT…LOL.

    So when picking the wife make sure she is adventurous like you so you so can enjoy it together.

    Nido: awesome! If your hubs did it ask him to give you I to you as a gift for your Bday or anniversary or something :), maybe he’ll go with, would be a nice experience for you together.

    Who – Sane: Jordan is really really cool, when people say it’s boring and they hate it I get mad because I experienced the most amazing things there, 3anjad.

    I will blog them all 🙂 Glad you are enjoying them.

  17. Totally Awesome !!!!

    I am sure i will try this once ,,, but i really never knew before that i can do that in jordan …

    high five !

  18. I didn’t finish reading the post, because I was sooooooooooooo envious, My dream is to sky dive before I die, I had no idea that I could do that in Jordan.
    I will definitely do it next time I’m home.

  19. With the authorities granted to me by myslef I know announce you to be the future tourism minister in my future government for jordan…

  20. Isam: High five 🙂

    Jordan has lots to offer and pretty cheap compared to other countries.

    Elijah: Go for it, it’s an easy goal to accomplish.

    Mohannad: Ya salaaaaaam.

    I already have the slogan:

    “Jordan, yours to discover” Keef bas? You like it?

  21. You are hired, I dont’ need to check any backgrounds because this how we do!!
    tara bokra el finale ta3 the apprentice:)

  22. God, I wana do it, but I’m get scared from the heights…

  23. interesting, when Microsoft produces a simulation game I’m going to try it from my house.

  24. “yours to discover” sooo orignal 7aki 🙂

  25. damn, i should not post comments when with one hand while a 3foot monster is tugging on my other hand..

  26. Sam: HA HA HA HA keef bas ilsir2a….zay all these places in Amman where the names are stolen from Europe and North America…da7akteeny wallah.

  27. Hey man, its lovely to see those photos. Good to see someone from Jordan who’s into extreme sports.
    Check my blogger corner as I’m into hang gliding (Another form of aero sports, I do that in Australia). I tried to contatct the royal aero club about how to get this sport into jordan but unfortunately no response.

  28. well 7aki i just read this amazing post, my passport is ready, could you plz email me and tell me about the jump fees???i ll appreciate ur help mate thx alot.

  29. can u help me to know more about skydiving plz email me if u have time
    thak u

  30. hi can i know any information about dyving school

  31. can i know any information about sky dyving in jordan if some body plz can help me

  32. i want to say first of all THANK YOU cuz its a first that i heard about sky diving in Jordan its something i wanted to do since forever but i didn’t know it was available! can u please tell me how much did it cost and do i need to call someone to book in advanced, thanks again!

  33. Hi Rawan,

    When I did it it was in Marka, I believe now the location has changed. Try calling the aviation club (not sure what they call it now) it cost me at the time 70 JDs, the price included 3 training sessions before the jump

  34. thanks you , i think its now in wadi rum am not sure cuz the website is still not complete, but i will call them soon, and i was wowed by the price..so cheap!!! comparing to how fun it will be, i cant wait! but i think am too much of a chicken to do it on my own so i think will jump with a trainer 🙂

  35. im goin for it, thanx alot for thu info, great team

  36. Let me know how it goes when you do it :).

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