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Over worked, over wifed and over Momed.

Really. I need to take a week off and maybe go to Alaska where nobody can find me.

I am just socially drained at the moment. I am over worked, over wifed and over Momed.

BIDDI MAMA ….WAAA3333333333


28 Responses

  1. I’m just visualizing the “over wifed” part…. hmmmm… Nasty .. nasty thoughts!! I need some Clorox in this head of mine!

    In Alaska, you will be, Over frozen, over bored and freaken over wifed 😀

    I wish I could be over husband for couple of days 😉

  2. 7aki dear:
    I’ve heard those words thousands of times from my mom, god bless you guys, walahi you are doing pretty hard job, I’m doing the take care of the guys part and I’m whining 24/7.. God bless.. god bless you 10000000 times

    You really need Clorox man.. er7am 7alak shwai

  3. you know..I’ve thought that over wifed is same like over Momed..till I read Qwaider’s comment.

    Dude, I need Clorox too.

  4. shabab sar bedha laundry el sha’3leh

    hala2 baseetah a3teekee el solution el ‘7aleejee la moshkeltek:

    1.Over momed 3aineee ‘7adamah saylaneyaaaah ma fee moshkelaaah.

    2.Over wifed baseeetah 3ainee zawjee mara thanyeh ebte’7lasee menooo he3he3he3he3

    3.Over worked esh tebeeeeen bel she’3el ‘7alek meneh ya 3amee el wanaseh wel ga3adeh bel beit azyan

    bel nesbeh la alaska..over bored difinetly a2olek vaccation is nice best place is some island haik o sho’3ol de3ayat CNN taba3et Greece o cyprus..

  5. Yifda7 7areeshak Qwaider shu shata7 khaialak bi2amaken mish imnee7a, bas ya3ni ma baloomak inta guy and that’s what guys aaaalwaaaaaaays think about…lol

    I guess getting away in the Caribbean would be a better idea, work on the tan while getting away from the people.

    So you want to over wife someone? Do I need Clorox with that? LOL.

    Mai: Thanks! You are sooo sweet, yah it’s tough, the husband is demanding and is a big baby then you have the real baby and then the demanding people at work who want to suck every brain cell I have..then I need to do my taxes and …WAAAAA3333..biddi mama.

    Yah, Q shata7 khaialoh bi2amaken mish imnee7a.

    Hamza: allah la ywatrizloh Qwaider now everybody who reads this post will be needing Clorox.

    Tiger: Yah and I am going to wash their brains with extra soiled whitest whites cycle, barken nidif mokhom shwai!

    For your suggestions:
    1) Yifda7 7areeshom ilkhadamat shu expensive here, and they don’t work on the weekend and after 5! I better stay home man and not work.

    2)Yeeee howeh illi 3indo 3a2el bighlat martain? bikafeh ghalta wa7deh ha3 ha3 ha3

    3) Sit at home and spend the money or better still vacation in Amman whenever I want…ahhh the dream 🙂

    Yah Spain would be nice.

  6. Frankly, I want someone to OVER WIFE day and night … night and day .. until she worships the calf (تعبد العجل) LOL …
    Ana bawarjeeha … death by over-wifing!

    And hey, if you go to the Caribbean and work on your tan, the over-wifing is going to be waiting for you at home!!:)

    Gosh, I need Oxy-Clean, Clorox AND sulfuric acid to clean my mind now!

    This is probably the funniest set of adult comments I’ve ever read ANYWHERE!! LOL

  7. ya3ni ilwa7ad ma bi2dar yi7ky ishi illa kull wa7ad min ilshabab thinks dirty thoughts about…lol

    Allah yee3eenha future Mrs Q.

    I am glad that you are being entertained.

    We have a nieghbour that my God does not have a clean thought in his head.

    You would say: “I worked hard today.” He’ll say..”ooooh you worked hard? worked hard on what? ” 😉 , hada biddo konboleh nawawieh to clean his thoughts man

  8. 7aki, I’ll take this topic in a ‘cleaner’ direction. Although, it was quite funny, I never thought a thing until Q came along! GET THAT MAN A WIFE!

    Honey, a prayer for you: “Lord God above, please bless this dear wife/mom/accountant with all she needs to continue to pour her life energies into her man, her kids, her business. Fill her empty cup with strong coffee, let her feel the soothing hot bath of Your love, give her supernatural patience in meeting the constant needs of her kids, and the kind of love her hubby needs as he faces the many pressures (real and imaginary) before him. Lastly, I pray, that You would give her a special surprise, a little God-gift that only she will recognise as from You, that she may feel the pleasure in Your heart as a result of her faithfulness. IJN, amen!”

  9. 🙂

  10. Kinsi: finally somebody to save me from these naughty naughty boys maybe you need to play “matchmaker” to Qwaider. The man needs a wife badly …lol.

    You are soooooooooo sweet and thank you so much for your prayer it really really touched my heart and made it warm 🙂

    One thing though, I am not an accountant, I am and IT consultant and consultant have to file special taxes 😦 and I am late.

  11. ya36eeki 1,000 3afyah

  12. Maybe it’s time you start charging for your service, but don’t over charge….

    Anyways, I thought of dirty things too about the over wived thing, I mean it’s clearly no one’s helping you out scrubbing the toilets and cleaning the dishes, clorox does help in toilet cleaning

    Start drinking or eating too mush.

  13. very funny comments, i have to say =).
    tab3an bedek tkoni over momed o ente nazle mosaba2at dominos ma3 el benet! er7ami 7alik shway, o ya ret betwa2ef 3a le3bet dominos you have to complicate it o te3male menha froid and theories and i don’t know what! allah yhade balek ya 7aki.

  14. Nas: Thanks man 1,000 shukur :).

    Firas: hmmm, charge for which service exactly…lol

    Yah I think bimoosa3adet ilshabab I have enough Clorox to last me a year.

    Yah I should start drinking more because I eat a lot already.

    Sel3: lol…lol.. man da7aktni kteer. sa7 ma3ak 7a2 ma lazim aloom 7ada illa 7ali ya3ni khalas il3abi Domino and uskooty lazim ya3ni Froid ?

  15. hmmm, charge for which service exactly…lol

    What the? I swear to God I didn’t mean what you have in your mind….damn and they say Qwaider is the bad guy …..

    I meant taking care of the kids,chores, work , “putting food on your family©” in reference to some report that came out two months ago that claims if women were paid for the chores and jobs they do freely out of love to their family, they would earn 250k/year or something

  16. shabbaab sar hal post 7arb el nawaya el 3a6leh:)))))

    7aki ansa7ek nasee7a ‘3ayree kelemt over wifed bel post kol wa7ad beqr2ha 3am befham ‘3ala6

    nasee7a 3an jad …

  17. Well the statement “Maybe it’s time you start charging for your service, but don’t over charge….” was followed with you also having dirty made me come to this conclusion.

    Anyway joking aside, It is sooo true that women do so much with the work ,the kids and everything else and don’t ask for anything in return. But nowadays (or maybe in North America more) men contribute to half of the chores and more. I have to admit my husband is really great and always helps out if not do more sometimes 🙂

    About the 250 K , The maid that comes to clean the house once every 2 weeks gets paid 21 dollars an hour.

  18. Nimer: biddish :p. I practice my freedom of speech and yifhamooha zay ma bidhom yifahmooha..LOL

  19. aywaaaaaaaaaa freedom o ma freedom
    hay sho’3ol Kanaka ya 3amee
    3ala raseee

    Allahoma hal bala’3t allahoma fa shhad

  20. Sweetheart…

    I know how u feel…cuz am a young mommy of 4 beautiful energetic kids…

    when I saw ur title…I realized there is more of “me” out there….I dont know if there is anything I can say thats supposed to instantly bring up your spirits and make ur day…I will leave that chance to the husband and the kids 😉

    God bless ur family…someone told me that I will miss the days when my kids were young, around me and listened to every little thing I said..and told me to treasure these days and cherish them for all their worth…so I pass it on to u 🙂

    BTW…for a busy mom…u got a very interesting and smart blog here….way to go hun =D

  21. Ghasheema: Thanks for your nice wishes and compliments!

    The husband and the kid always make me happy, it’s only on those challenging days that I want to escape, but they do make you appreciate the other not so challenging days.

  22. 7aki I have replied ur msg but it gave me a failure report I dont know why anyways not 100% u r right

  23. tiger: yah man it’s just annoying!

  24. Let them give u a break!!

  25. elijah: well I can’t complain about husband, he does more house work than I do, it’s some private time and alone time I crave, I am always surrounded by people that need things.

  26. لول
    احنا بالبيت عاملين اتفاق انو كل يوم جمعة اول ما تصحى حلا بشربها حليب و بجهز الشنتة تبعتها و باخذها و بنطلع عند بيت اهلي ، و بنخلي ام حلا بالبيت تنام و ترتاح شوي من تعب الاسبوع و بتعمل تعزيلة للبيت و بس تخلص بترن علينا ، برجع انا و حلا عالبيت بناخذها و بنطلعلنا شي مشوار نغير جو

  27. wallahi good for you Na3ouri, I am sure this makes the wife very happy.

    By the way 7ala is the most beautiful name 🙂

  28. mashallah taba3an 🙂

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