My all time most favourite commercials.

These two give me Goosebumps

This one is soooo funny

Wouldn’t all of these make you LOVE Canada? I AM CANADIAN and I AM PROUD.


26 Responses

  1. LoooL

    nice 🙂

  2. the last one isnt true if he was a canadian he would smile and tell him politly thank u:))))

    wala 3a rasee kanaka o ahel kanaka;)
    7abait el video el tanee fee wa7ad be kersh lazeez

  3. maaaan even our beer commercials are the best
    aaaaaahh if it was not 4 am i wouldve screamed I AM CANADIAN and im lovin it
    did you watch the one when we land on the moon with Americans

  4. WHAT!! Canadians don’t say aboot?? Get outta here! No really, get outta here!

    The 3rd is hilarious! But isn’t the guy in the first video the same bully in the 3rd one? yes/no?

    Well I gotta say, nice try 7aki, but this is utter blasphemy … don’t you know that Jordan is First! 😛

  5. look, Canada is soon going to be my 2nd nationality. But I am not proud of it. I mean the Raptors suck, the Blue Jays are losers and the Maple Leafs are…teethless

  6. Qabbani: glad you like it.

    Tiger: is his karsh like your karsh?

    Dandoon: this is exactly how I feel every time I see it, I just want to jump and shout it out loud.
    Yah I saw that one it’s hilarious, those stupid Americans. LOL.

    By the way, if you don’t mind me asking, which school do you go to?

    Whosane: yah did you see the last one. “No doot aboot it”. lol. They do look similar, not sure if they are the same guy though, kinda completely kills Joes credibility.

    And lol.. I am the queen of blaspheming.

    Hamza: : shuts eras and not listing: , la la la la la la la

  7. Haha

    Is Canada still the world’s best ice hockey team?
    Cuz I remember that Sweden won the last time 😛

  8. Nizar: see reply above to Hamza.

  9. One day the americans will invade you, you are NORTH AMERICA, hahahaha

  10. lol

    well you should be proud of where ever ur from 🙂

  11. 7aki:

    ana rasheeg ma3endee karsh he3he3h3

    kaman bal3ab fa6bool

  12. yahhhhhh rock on =D

    Canadians rock wallah…the most polite ppl in the world 🙂

    great place to live…I strongly recommend it 😛

  13. ohh and INDEED the best part of North America 😀

  14. Mohannad: No problem man, we will send the beavers to kill them all..lol.

    Ehsda3wa: 🙂

    Tiger: he3 he3

    shasheema: yes and yes INDEED 🙂

  15. BOOOOOOOOOOORING – maybe ill move to canada one day, after im dead.

  16. Anon: Great! Hope to see you soon 🙂

  17. gotta love canada…Go Canada Go…
    mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh to canada……

  18. 7aki: the pictures have been posted 😛

  19. whosane: Ichecked it and I put comments on the Maradonna post. Way to go guy 🙂

  20. you reminded me of a Canadian was with us in the training in Argentina! his name was “Jimmy Carter” the president! “hell yes” his accent was hilarious!

  21. pretty cool 🙂

  22. Hi 7aki fadi..(it feels so weired calling someone that)..i have been from the blog-sphere for a while and i only saw this now…
    ofcourse I dont mind..i go to Humber College

  23. Lol @ 7aki, I know , you can call me Dandoon or Dondon since you are dandoon too.

    Cool, do you live in Toronto? I work in Toronto and live in Burlington, it’s nice to hear about other Jordanians close by because I don’t meet lots.

  24. I go to school in Toronto and live in Mississauga and what is that about not too many Jordanians? 3njad? I meet most of my Jordanian and Pal-Jordanian friends in here! maybe not in Burlington…
    and you are a dandoon too 😀 hala walla!

  25. Jordan first, 7’awa

  26. The two things I miss most about no longer getting the CBC down here: Hockey Night in Canada, and the Molson commercials (I think LaBatt had some good ones too, back in the day.) 😦

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