Keep me posted

Just keep me posted if I feel better
Keep me posted if I will start tasting again
Keep me posted if I start seeing again
if I smile from within
if I feel ….But how if you don’t know how I feel?
Can you teach me how to be a better person?
Can you teach me how not to betray humans?
I feel helpless and sad, bored,
there is no meaning to everything around me,
it’s all just dim and looks weird.
Can you teach me to have a stronger will?
I have been forwarded and suddenly paused, with none than those hands of mine.
I hate my hands, I hate my brains, I hate myself
Today I was watching something on TV and I want to be unreal for a while , live in a different persons body .
My stomach is full but with no food in it.
I am writing now but not a single muscle in my body is moving but those fingers planted on my hand that I hate.

My eyes are gazing away , I feel numb and empty.
The world is a demanding place isn’t it?
My back is tired so I am curled on my seat and my hands rest next to my feet, but still not a single muscle is moving.

If you don’t move for a long period and all of sudden you wanted to, will you still remember how?

I wonder…

-I found this while leafing through my old diary dated 8/21/2000, sorry for the deppressing post. I just wish I can come out of my skin. I need a break.


7 Responses

  1. you posted this before…and then you deleted it…then its back..what’s wrong with you?

  2. Hamza: The real question is : “What’s wrong with YOU”

  3. there seems to be something wrong but it in not with me! 7aki 7elo

  4. haha
    but don’t you think “Bedi Barezeh” is much much cooler ?

  5. sel3: Thanks

    Jad: I believe this comment was for the loonie post?
    Ya bareezeh is cool…lol

  6. You’re conjuring 7-year-old sad memories! Seriously, what’s wrong with you? 😛

    but seriously, I’m sorry if you’re feeling depressed. But how do you help a depressed fellow blogger? I’ll try and post something funny next time

  7. who-sane: What’s wrong with me?…hmmmmmmm, a very good question.
    A better question, what’s right with me?..LOL.

    Thanks Man, a laugh is always good.

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