The Garden of The Prophet

These words have moved with me from office to office , from cubicle to cubicle form building to building ,hanging on the wall, for the past 5 years; I hope you enjoy them like I do.

“ Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its winepress.

“ Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.

“ Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream, yet submits in its awakening.

“Pity the nation that raises not its voice save when it walks in a funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block.

“Pity the nation that whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.

“Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting and farewells him with hooting, only to welcome another with trumpeting once again.

“Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.

“Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation”

Gibran Khalil Gibran
The Garden of The Prophet


17 Responses

  1. Hey, Thanks for visiting…nice blog you have here. I’ve taken the liberty of adding you to my blog roll.
    Inspiring quotes too 🙂

  2. Ya salam!!Hath we are all pitty!!

  3. hada 7aki kber!

  4. Giberan Khalil Gibran..

    I am surprised that this guy is not on the list of the most influential guys of all time

  5. totally agree with hamza. Gibran Khalil Gibran is amazing!

  6. nice… 🙂

    thanks for sharing

  7. Arima: Thanks for blog rolling me! Yah I love Gibran, his words are very inspiring.

    Mohannad: sa7 ya ghrab ilbain aka abu, joking aside, it is wisdom I agree

    Sel3: sa7 hada 7aki Malian for a change.

    Hamza: Yah even in the west he is revered, maybe we should campaign for him somehow?

    whosane: Absolutely , some of his stuff is also magical, like a3teni alnai was ghanni.

    Qabbani: You are welcome.

  8. you made me read the “garden of the prophet” again .. GKG is obviously influenced by Nietzsche’s style in “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” have you read it?

  9. pity the nation indeed

  10. ozz: I haven’t read it, should I ?

    Eshda3wa: indeed my friend, indeed.

  11. nice words … this is so meaningful .. if only can we understand them and act them our life would be easier ….

  12. well 7aki it’s among the most important books in philosophy. i strongly advise you to go for it. yet you need a very special atmosphere while reading. let’s roughly say the following options must be available:
    time: your next vacation, location: seaside,
    company: no one (just yourself),
    seat type: hammock,
    drink: red wine (or pineapple juice if you’re non-alcoholic)!

  13. I loved the one “On Marriage” in the Prophet

  14. ozz: ooooh I like the setting, even if i don’t read the book I would not mind doing that :).

    I will definitely read it, thanks a lot ozz.

    elijah: ya I like that one.

  15. Inspiring… Often I feel that this life is too much of bulshitting, and I don’t know why it because as such. People harvest their bad side as they progress in life, although the only progressing they do is in regressing.

  16. KJ: totally. Nations who think they are progressed do it in all the wrong ways.

  17. salam alaikom
    Ihave aresearch on this great work could you help me ? thank you

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