My Husband, his Grandma and White Sugar Coated Almonds

You know how us young people are obsessed with getting the perfect tan, not too dark not too light just the perfect hue of golden brown.
When I first got engaged to hubs we used to go to the dead sea/pools to go swimming and tanning. After we went 2 or 3 times we went to visit his grandmother and then she looks at me and says: “I don’t understand why you young girls do this, you go tanning so you can get dark? dark is not pretty, wallahi when I was a 3aroosa I did not leave the house for 3 months because I wanted to be very white for my wedding, the bride is so beautiful when she is like white sugar covered almonds, so now you are all somor.”
Then she would continue saying ”The girls in my neighborhood that are samara never got married quickly and got married to whomever because men love pretty light skinned girls”

So what do you say to that? Really! I was nodding and saying, yah you are right aha aha…lol…but my husband would jump to the rescue and say, ana ba7ibhom somor.

I thought to myself , it’s funny how old generations think this way and I thought most probably this is no longer the norm and people stopped thinking like that until the following happened:

My Brother in law was planning on getting married. I was visiting Jordan at the time and my father in law was in Amman too without his wife. He asks me to accompany him because he can’t enter peoples homes without a female with him to see this woman for his son (this is very ironic isn’t it? considering my stand in regards to this method? but I could not say no because my father in law would get upset).

We go to this girls house who is supposed to be veiled, first she comes out with my father in law there without the hijab. That was my first shock. Is she not wearing it to show off all her assets? then she explains” I am not wearing the hijab because you (talking to my father in law who she never met in her life) are like khalo” I thought oh buddy this is going to be interesting!

My father in law surprised me by saying “I want to go pray at the mosque” so he took the girls father and went leaving me there by myself with people I have never met in my life ….YIKES… what am I supposed to say or whatever, I was like, this is getting really really uncomfortable.

So the girl is talking to me about this and that and whatever then all of a sudden she said” I am by the way very light skinned, you see my face dark but I am really light” and she proceeded to unbutton her blouse to show me how white her half naked boobs were describing them as “white as ivory”. I Was SHOCKED.

My father in law came after 10 minutes and I finally left traumatized.

Are some women so desperate to get married that they succumb to this?


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  1. loooooooooooool @ “she proceeded to unbutton her blouse to show me how white her half naked boobs were describing them as “white as ivory”.”
    hehehe, i can’t imagine how it would be if your brother in law, the suitor, was there when she said that..loooool. Sa7eee7, did he marry her?

  2. Do you know what they call those almods?
    Jordan Almonds! Ironic?

    LOL… So you got to see boobs for free? COME ON!! 🙂 Why are you so upset
    Miss Ivory! LOL

  3. where did you get Jordan Almonds from Q, they are called mlabbas or bayd 7amam.. sa7?

  4. Looool funny story … its like back in the days in Syria where a mother would take her daughter to “7ammam” so she can show off her body to mothers who are looking for brides for theirs sons … i asked abt this after i saw it in a syrian series and i was told in their they the daughters would take it all in front of every woman there … intresting !

    also i think the white skin thing is because women used to work in the old days in agriculture or sheparding which makes the girl darker because of the sun and destroyes the softness of her hands and feet … so when someone marries a white girl he knows she is a true housewife who knows how to cook , didnt go outside much (which means no adventures “3al nab3a”) and can gurantee that she has soft skin and doesnt have muscles in her body (which apparently alot of arab men like)

    Logical ha ?

  5. yes, in English they’re called Jordan Almonds.

    Re: Somor, why would every other song mention somor as the favorite ones?

    “Samrrah, wa samarik zain” Raghib 3alameh
    “Asmar ya 7elo” Samirah tawfeeq
    “Ellailla ya samrrah, ya samaar, ellailah ya samrah” Mohammad Munib
    “abu samrrah es sukarrah, abu di7kah mnawarrah” Unknown!
    “aloo el gamal samar, e7taroo el somor feek” 3ala’ 3abd el khaliq
    “ya asmarani, mana kont …” Ehab Tawfeeq.
    “a7ib el somor wa ahwahom, a7ib el lail fe .., ana a3shaghom, ana …, ya bakht elli y7ib samrah, ya bakht elli y7ib samrah” Some Khaleegy singer.

    thats what I have for now after being in the states for ten years. I would talk to your mother in law had I been in Jordan.

  6. Yikes.. she showed you her business??? OPS… lah lah lah lah … looks like she is so desperate… ya rabbi… is this happening for real???
    7aki ya 7ayati.. your husbands grandmother is not the only one who prefers them light skinned… I know some young guys think the same walahi LOOOOOOOOOL how funny 😀

  7. loooooooooooooooooooooooool. what a funny story…Yet first things first. She is supposed to be m7ajjabeh and she is not wearing it…That’s totally unacceptable. I would instantly rule the girl out of my mind..Inno what the..?

    as for skin color, it isn’t that important as long as it balances. ya3ni don’t get me a samra or black girl with blonde hair.

    But coming to think of it, I’d like to see girls who are NOT tanned. That are either as white as snowhite (since I am into gothic girls :P) or white skin with a burn that leaves a pinkish effect like an edited Photoshop work.

    Ok, just forget the last 3 words. 😛

  8. WoW. I am going to send one of my girl friends for bride shopping and I will ask her to secretly record all the unbottoning on her mobile cam! LoL.

    Seriously though, people judge the person by skin color because it means that she did not go out, and, the 3arees will eyrabbeeha 3a edeih

  9. Damn she really did show you?! that is not appropriate at all, I have to go and see this girl, inno mish 3ashan ashoofha, no but to tell her inno 3aib el 7aki had :-o:

    lol 😀

    Na really come to think about it, I really don’t care for my wife-to-be’s skin, I am not marrying her skin ya3ni..

  10. 7akiiii one question :did they prepare arabic cofeee for u (remmembering that post:P)

    well to tell u the truth Personally I like both tanned and whitey ma3endee mashakel kol elee bejeebo rabna ekawyes 🙂

    now lel2asaf some ppl raise their gurls on the marriage boogy enoo u have to get married u have to get married u know how the mother is measured if she is successfull or not if she get to marry all her daughters before they reach 25 then she is judged by society as a perfect mother…I remmember my grandmother allah yer7amha talking about her friend she said she is a great mother I told her how? she said she got to marry all her 10 gurl….this is our society measurment on the mother not on what is the quality of her kids education not on how much is their ethics ya3nee this gurl u saw ya 7aki have no respect for hijab or relegion bas enha metrabyeh haik o aslan met7ajbeh bejooz 3ashan tetjawaz lel2asaf fee examples like that ..nevertheless mesh kol el m7ajbat zay haik 3ashan ma 7ada yefhamnee ‘3ala6:)

  11. Oh my God! I am traumatized just reading about it!!

    Unfortunatly a lot of women in Jordan are so desperate to get married! It is becoming like a culture thing! Poor women, it is their worst nightmare to stay celibate when they get 30!

  12. Sec,
    Yes thats how they are called in english: Jordan almonds:)

    Esma3ee, tara yes being white is very important for old people, it is the first thing they describe in a woman if they like her..
    BTW I hate white, ana ba77eb el asmar yaba, fesh ba3ed abu samra:)

  13. Haha, ta7sheesh, that cracked me up. ANA BEDDI TANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn.

  14. 7araaaam, I can’t believe how desperate girls can get, I bet it was her moms doings. I’m almost sure that your brother-in-law didn’t marry that girl, else you wouldn’t be blogging about her, no?

    On another note … Jordan Almonds taste so good! 🙂

  15. this is not supposed to be funny? I’m disgusted.

  16. oooh that is so funny…when i first went to syria I had gotten a tan..i hate it when may comes and my legs and arms are all white..yuck! and my mother in law kept on telling me about a cream that makes your face whitter..and im like khalto i spent so much money to get tanned…i really do not want to be white..and in syria there was a super white girl that everyone one described as beautiful and she is the pride of the family a sokara..blah blah..she did not look beautiful to me..

  17. irelevant comment

    7aki congrats although I dont care for profile views but the number is nice:)

    1000 profile views

  18. What a strange story! Yet for some reason I’m not surprised, you would be shocked at how forward some of these women are when you least expect it.

  19. Yeah, it’s not only older generation, but young guys too.
    For them the whiter the girl the prettier she is….
    “Man look at her whiteness, oh my God it’s like milk.”, and you are supposed to be impressed .

    I’m not sure it’s a racist thing,I think it comes from people understanding or misunderstanding of the Quranic description of beautiful women in heaven “Hour Al Ayn”

    Anyways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, these guys are missing a lot. And you are supposed to fall in love with the girl for her, not for her skin (later on is another story)

    Now for that girl stripping off to show you her whiteness just show what a ########## kids she will be raising, what a Habby Habby society…
    يعني هسع سلمى الحايك ولا جوين ستيفاني؟ أما عالم

    Now I think your father in law left so you can thoroughly investigate her and have a little girlie talk (but you being not so Jordanian you didn’t get it), but your encounter puts “girlie talk” into a new perspective.

    Pity the …. up nation!

  20. hada 2ismo ta7seen nasel ya 7aki ma tifda7ina we like them somor but mommy is looking to improve the off springs … or so they say.

    WOW ivory white …. i can’t keep a straight face no matter in what situation am in … LOL or more lie ROFL

  21. Secratea: No he did not, I made sure he did not, she’s crazy.

    Q: oh ya you mentioned hat the other day, so they are only made in Jordan?
    lol@miss Ivory

    Well I was not free, I paid with my sanity/nerves 😦

    Isam: Yah I remember watching all those Syrian TV shows and how women paraded their daughters especially when they all wore the niqab.

    Nab3a escapades, lol, I never thought of that 🙂 , very logical.

    Globaorama: I think all poets fell in love with somor because of the nab3a escapades mentioned above, lol, ma hoo to become asmar inta say3 ew dayew3 all day outside not at home.

    Mai: ya Mai I was 3anjad traumatized 😦 . If it did not happen to me I would have not believed it. God knows what other things that happen…yikes.

    Hamza: that is my point, ya3ni she is im7ajjabeh and then shows me her boobs ???? But thinking back I feel sorry for her wallah.

    And no comment on the last 3 words :p

    KJ: lol, that would be crazy. The camera thing I mean.

    And agreed.

    Jasim: lol lol your comment cracked me up, akeed ma biddak itshoof ishi :p

    Nimer: lol, yah she did , a7la jarabeen man2oo3a.

    Sa7 Nimer what you said, I can’t disagree with anything you said, some people wear the hijab to get married and have no interst in it at all, I blame the parents. She was I think 25 and felt that she needed to get married pronto.

    Fadi: You could imagine my shock and trauma I felt. I really wish that people empower their daughters to feel good always married or not.

    Mohannad: who fee ba3d ilsamar?

    Roba: yah you can call me snow white after this long winter, gosh I REALLY need a tan.

    Whosane: wallah 7sain I was very sad for her 3anjad wallah, ana 7assaseh :’(.

    This was 2.5 years ago and yes he did not marry her, he’s actually still single and I think he just met a girl recently and they are lovey dovey now, they are getting engaged soon 🙂
    I like chocolate covered almonds more, yummmmm.

    Sel3: agreed man, I wasn’t laughing when this happened, but I guess if you picture it’s funny in a sad way.

    Sam: older women man, shu bidna insawwy.

    Nimer: oh really, I didn’t notice, there are 1000 crazy people who clicked at my blog at one point. Cool :).

    Dandoon: sa7

    Firas: Yah my father in law later told me that he did htat so the girl gets comfprtable and talks and stuff, in this case a big mistake…lol…and I hope she really kind of grows up and not do this to her daughters too, 7aram wallah. But her mom was sitting there with us and did not flinsh when her daughter did that.

    Wallah pity the up nation man.

    No angel: ya3ish ta7seen alnasil :).

  22. Sadly though, yes some women are that desperate or the think this is the normal way, i don’t know.

    I used to get tanned on purpose when suitors came just to get rid of them 😛

    I remember a girl that lifted up her skirt so the mother can see the color of her legs.

  23. ever heard of ‘7at el nawar? they r the untanned areas that dont get exposed to the sun marked by a line separating the white from the dark skin making the person look really ugly. cant wait to get rid of my ‘7at el nawar

  24. Elijah: OMG, lifted up her skirt??!!?? Is there anything sacred left in the world?

    7afartal: LOL, well I heard of it but it has another name, it’s called “farmers tan” in English.

    The best way to get rid of it is to walk around topless all the time :S

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