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7aki ilzgheereh

I am exhausted.

I just put 7aki ilzgheereh to bed after celebrating her 3rd Birthday.

She got a new bike from her uncle that she’s super excited about. Took me like half an hour to train her how to push the pedals that are controlled with the chain unlike the tricycle she is used to that is controlled by the front wheel, never thought that there is a difference and that she had to re learn pedaling.

Happy 3rd Birthday, no longer baby, 7aki ilzgheereh 🙂


17 Responses

  1. kol 3am o 7aki el zgheereh b 7’er:D

  2. happy birthday 7aki zgheereh!

  3. oo Habby Pirsday to 7aki … 🙂

    When are we going to celebrate a sibling for 7aki? :evil laugh:

  4. Awwww that is so cute! Happy Birthday and Happy Biking!

  5. Happy Birthday to 7aki ilzgheereh 😀 .. 3o2bal 100 saneh ya rab.. o tekbar o tseer 3aroosa :D…

  6. كل سنة و حكي الصغيرة سالمة و غانمة
    و عقبال الـ 100 سنة يا رب

    مبروك الدراجة الجديدة يا صغيرونة 😀
    الله يخليلكم اياها و يحميها
    عقبال ما تشوفها عروس و تفرح فيها

  7. 7aki, aren’t 3 year old girls just one of the cutest things on earth!! Thank God for this little blessing!

  8. looOOoOl @ 7aki ilzgheereh, I liked the name 😀

    kol 3am w enti b2alf 5ear ya 7aki ilzgheereh…
    7aki ilkbeereh, post some photos of her, she must be so cute.

  9. y5aleekom la ba3ad …

    Happy Birthday …

    bedeeeeeeeeee … (baskalet o kids)

  10. Happy Birthday 7aki elzgheereh 😛

    When she grows up let her read this and the comments 😀

  11. happy birthday to her. 😀

    Honestly, when I first read the title, I thought its going to be a story about your childhood

    only if I were around, I’d take her to Arcades….Make sure you give her alooooot of quarters 😛

  12. how sweeeeeet!!! happy birthday to little princess 7aki 🙂

  13. happy birthday la 7akee el z’3eereh wel kbeereh men 3amoooooo NIMIR

  14. happy birthday!

  15. Mohannad : thanks, 3o2bal ma ti7tifil bi 3eed milad Jude :).

    Sel3: Thanks 🙂

    Q: shu inta kinno il2ahel sallatook 3alay ? they say: “With a fine product like 7aki Junior I would have lots more”
    I kid you not this is what they say..lol

    KJ: Thanks :).

    Mai: thanks you are so sweet.

    Na3ouri: wallah ahlan wa sahlan, nawar il blog :). Thanks for the wishes.

    Kinzi: totally wallah she is so entertaining and hilarious she cracks me up she is so funny!

    Ahmad: ya I also call her 7aki junior .lol. I will try and post some pics she is a copy of her mama, long curly hair 🙂

    Isam: LOL, wallah yesterday I wanted to ride that bike, it’s pink and shiny not like my bike haik difsheh .
    3o2bal ma titzawaj (inta 3izaby sa7?) and get darzeeneet wlad.

    Elijah: Thanks, yah I will definitely show it to her.

    Hamza: lol, the last thing I will do is let 3ammo 7amza steal her quarters ..he he he.
    Well, bas 3ashanak I will do a 7aki ilzgheereh mama post, good idea.

    Whosane : thanks and 3o2balak .

    Tiger: thanks 3ammo nimer.

    Hareega: thanks 🙂

  16. aw! happy birthday to little 7aki! mabrook on the new bike…she will learn soon:)

  17. Sam: thanks, yah she is getting good at it already 🙂

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