My uncle and the money tree

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Grandparents house, it was Eid and our pockets were full of sweets and what else? Money, lots and lots of money, shlooneh and barayez ( 5 and 10 piaster coins).

We go outside and were very excited, what do we do with the money, should we go to those big swings that only come out during 3ied? You pay 5 piasters and you swing for a good 5 minutes. No no. Should we go to Abu ya32oubs shop and gorge on more sweets? No no. Should we buy sa7beh and make some profit? No no.

Instead we, my older sister, my young uncle and myself, were convinced by my older uncle that if we plant our 5 or 10 piasters in the soil we will get a 5 or a 10 piaster money tree in 3 days.

So we planted them, waited 3 days, went back and there was no tree and no 5 piasters apparently we didn’t water them enough and the money was eaten by earthworms.

This works way better than a pyramid scheme I tell ya!


16 Responses

  1. hahahaha, hada 3ammik nahfeh!

    I’m assuming he’s the same 3am dahab in the previous story?

  2. Barayz and Shlooneh as 3eedeyyeh? What??
    Are you 60 year old or something?!
    Who would give shilen as 3eedyyeh!!? Aaah .. ayyam ma kanat tishtiri feeha kharoof!

  3. Kan eshtatreto fotesh:D
    Bas 7’alek hath mesh galeel walla, bas ento el mahabeel:D

  4. whosane: ya salam 3aliak, he is 3am dahab ma ghairo

    Q: man the people giving us the shlooneh are old people who think that we can buy something with them like my moms uncles and my grandparents, one time my grandfather gave me 1/2 dinar and I was like OMG so our other cooler younger relatives gave us real money

    Mohannad: yah fotesh, I miss fotesh, and those guns, remember them ? Where you put this reel in them, we used to buy the reels and hit the powder with a rock to make it go bang.
    Khali is mish galeel at all, he was way older, we were 7aram really young and mahabeel.

  5. hahaha I dont know why ur story reminded me with this although it seems irrelevant…

    the story is one day a cat went to my uncles car and got heavely wonded by the engine so the cat were nearly on the last breath….

    now me and my cousin we were at the same age of 5 years we said ok we want to help we brought the most amount that we can from signal 2 tooth wash and put it on the open wounds of the poor cat 3ala asas enoo hada beshfeeha and ya7aaaaaaraam i swear the cat was dieing and so tired but once we put the singnal 2 the cat started jumping and running from pain…taba3an we thought that problem is solved and we r heros!!!!:)

    okay just another point it was my idea by the way:))))

  6. LOL! That’s brilliant.

  7. I actually had that happen to me once – my neighbors and I planted LOTS of money (around 500 Syrian Pounds) which we have been collecting for ages. The money stayed where it was for a month and we kept watering them and they didn’t sprout.

    Then one day the worms ate them 😦

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL … 7abeebto la 3amek 😀 … is he the same guy who got hit by the train and woke up asking for his shelen?? cuz that would be understandable 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  9. walla nahfe hada 5alek jad eno fahman. bas lazem et6albe bel shloon wel barayez ma3 el interest ta3hom!

  10. looooool.

    you should take revenge. I suggest letting your daughter do the same trick for his grandsons 😛


  11. Tiger: ya 7aram :(. My brother once put a bird in a glass of milk for it to drink, and after that he cleaned it with “easy” glass cleaner to clean it up. He was 3 years old.

    Roba: yup, he’s the smart one in the family

    KJ: 7aram KJ, I feel sorry for you :(. So who’s brilliant Idea was it? And to put paper money is not exactly smart is it…LOL

    Mai: yup he is the train uncle same one.

    Sel3: hmmm, yah that would be a fortune now :).

    Hamza: He is still not married so revenge is far far away.

  12. *lol*…this story sound so familiar for some reason..bas ya3ni u guys deserved were so much more gullable back then eh? i can not see zozo falling for this trick…:o)

  13. LOOOL I can’t believe u fell for it hahahah

  14. Sam: ya kids were gullable :(.

    Elijah : lol, ya we weren’t exactly bright I guess.

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