Quite the dose of formage

I wasn’t expecting the amount of cheese contained in the movie; it was cheesy at points and had some really bad acting in other points, but it was entertaining.

Spiderman 3 was, meh, whatever, nothing amazing, amusing but not amazing.

I could not believe my ears when the old guy standing to Peter parker said: “ I guess one man can make a difference” PUUULEAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE.

Or when Sandman was standing there talking to his daughter saying that he has done bad things but he is not a bad guy, I thought to myself, maybe you’re not bad but for sure you are a bad actor ..lol , also his wife, or the kid, the whole scene was a big dose of bad acting.

It was fun to watch though, funny at some points and the visual effects were pretty good but not earth shattering amazing.

Hope the other 3rd instalment movies are not as disappointing as this one


7 Responses

  1. غشاشة … هاد كلامي

  2. Q: LOL…what, I havn’t read it on your blog man, hada kalamy ana.

    Maybe kalamy zay kalamak, aroo7 ashoof on your blog? 🙂

  3. I avoid reading movie reviews before I go watch a movie because I don’t want to be influenced.

  4. btw 7aki i have seen this what so called movie two weeks ago
    u remmember when there is a scene with peter parker is crying on the bridge when she told him that our relation is over u know that the amount of bad acting reached a point that the audience with me in the cinema started to laugh when this guy(peter parker) started to cry!!!!!

    what killed me the most is when we went out of the movie my friend just said he loved it not becoz of action but becoz of drama I saaaaaaaaid whaaaaaaaaaat !!!! drama man a’7er marah ma’7dak ma3ee 3ala filim!!!!
    could someone stabb me in my eye please yeah u over there bring ur pensil and come man ebsor3ah…

  5. I agree with tiger (and you) – the acting was insane.

  6. Tiger: My Gosh people were laughing soooo much during the whole thing it was hilarious.

    I have a sharp pencil I can deliver to you :), you should stop being his friend.

    KJ: ya I don’t understand how this movies acting was so bad, I don’t remember 1 and 2 being bad.

  7. You dont need a triology to realise that Spiderman is lame …

    i didnt watch any part … i never will …

    i remember when there was Spiderman 1 in the movies … i went and saw Adaptation or The Hours (if i have good memory) see those and then think about the time wasted all around the world watching action movies ….

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