I have been to the lowest point on Earth. Have you?

Going to the Dead Sea is one of my favorite things to do, the weather is always nice, you can float on the water and read your newspaper, the mud is great for your skin and you can say that you have been to the lowest point on Earth!

For you to experience the beauty of the Dead Sea you have to go to the Jordanian side. Jordan has built some beautiful 5 star resorts with amazing pools, great restaurants ,cafes and SPAs. So if you don’t want to swim in the dead sea you can swim in the pools or just escape to grab a coffee or some lunch or dinner with friends and family.

a picute I took of one of the marriot hotel infinity pools (click to enlarge)

What’s also wonderful about it, since Jordan is east of the Dead Sea, is you are always guaranteed to view a beautiful sunset. The sea is tranquil leaving the water looking like a mirror reflecting the sunset’s beauty. Sunset at the Dead Sea is my favorite time, very romantic.

a picture I took of the amazing sunset (click to enlarge)

It’s only a 45 minute car ride from Amman. One of the amazing places Jordan has to offer.


29 Responses

  1. 7aki, don’t worry you got the ministry of tourism, but serioulsy el ba7r el mayyet kollo thobban, and not only regular thobban big-sized-stick-to-your-face kind!! Any how this picture seems to be before the baby and 3awamel el zaman;p

  2. yah the flies are yucky.

    This picture is after the baby by the way 🙂

  3. Walek 7aki … shi had … walek tli3ti sha2feh!

  4. I wanna visit so many places in the world, really, I don’t want to live in a box forever. The Dead Sea is the closest “exotic” place I can visit!

  5. Dead sea is a nice place , and becoming more nicer with the new projects there 🙂

    kol ma bedhom yetl3no ween 3al ba7ara ..hehehe for me ana zh2tha

  6. i hate the deadsea, went there few times and i could never like it! wala mana 3aref 3ala shoo u like it! and i cant get over the fact that the homos got burried there!

  7. Yes, the Dead Sea is amazing! These are really nice photos.

    w eza haik el post-baby, keef before-baby!

  8. Q: hmmm, thanks I guess. I haven’t heard this word for AGES.
    Haik for a second I felt I was walking on a street in Amman and was hit on :p.

    KJ: if you have never been to Jordan you definitely have to go, there’s also Petra that you would love :).

    MQabbani: Yah the projects are very nice.

    lol, well I miss it haven’t been there for a while, the weather in Canada is not exactly great so I miss it.

    Mariam: haik hasait inik im3asbeh..lol.
    Well my post was explaining why I like it ;).

    whosane: Stop you are making me blush :p

  9. Btw, your glasses in the first thumbnail is making you look like a devil, lol! but cute 🙂

    and … hmmmm, was a comment deleted here?

  10. Yes, I’ve been to the lowest point on earth. well, dead sea mashi 7alo, I didn’t like it a lot. and you look nice with one red crossed eye 😉

  11. whosane: lol that’s truuuue, I didn’t notcie that. Funny 🙂

    The comment was left by someone and he deleted it not me. But I read it first, I get the comments to my email ;). I don’t know why he deleted it because it was harmless, I will respect his privacy and not say what he said.

    Sel: LOL at crossed eye.

  12. For a while I thought you’re this 300 pound chick….
    But I was pleastly surprised, you turned out to be Shagfeh 🙂

  13. lah, shoo m3asbeh, e7na heik fee amman, mrakbeen kashra, w jdeed sarat teeji el kashra fee 3olab, disposable ya3ni 🙂

  14. YES.
    I’ve been there..twice. Marriott Hotel is amaaaazing. I really enjoyed Dead Sea more than Sharm El-Sheikh. But I gotta say the road there is pretty dangerous.

    I dunno if I am the only one, but for some reason, your eyes are censored. It reminds me of those reality cop shows where they blur the eyes of the criminal …hehehe

    or when its a porn picture and they censor the juicy parts.


  15. Q : Again with the shagfeh comment.

    Why would you think I was 300 pounds?

    Mariam: LOL, ta7sheesh, tab kam 3ilbeh istahlakty today?

    Hamza: I am wanted in Jordan actually, there is a huge bounty on my head :p.

  16. 7aki : thanks 🙂 i think i was out of line even if u think you are harmless … and i know u get the comments to ur email 🙂 thats my way of letting you know … u dont have to answer btw …

    Who-sane : ya 3afreet i know u saw the comment … ga3ed betHawe ?? mashe …

    :wa7ad bet7allaf be dagno:

  17. 7akiiii

    That spot is amazing, I really enjoyed the pictures you’ve taken…I’m sure it’s even breath taking being there…

  18. البحر الميت من اجمل المناطق يلي ممكن الواحد ينزل يقعد و يسترخي فيها
    و اكثر اشي عجبني بالموضوع هو صورتين الغروب ، بجننوا تسلم ايديكي

  19. Isam: No problem :).
    Inta ma bti3raf inno whosane mashkaljy..lol

    elgante: it is even more amazing when you see it in person. You gotta go see it 🙂

  20. na3ouri: did you really like them, that coming from you is definitely a great compliment because you take amazing pictures yourself.

    I love photography it’s a hobby of mine.

  21. wala 7adaaaaaaaaaa be7keeeeeee wala 7adaaaaaaaaaa bezamer enooooo ‘7altoo 7akeee 6al3a 3al talafazyooooon o 3am te3mal taqreeer e’7bareee o 7arkat o ana a3ed a7ok rasee meen hal mozee3ah hay mesh shayefha gabel haik te6la3 ‘7altoo 7akee o ana mesh daree:P

    mashee ya zo3ran 6ab zamroo

    7akee by the way kona ro7na el ba7r el mayet a howeh bejanen bas ktheeeeeeer doban gasdee flies;)

    well am a phtography fan so I have to admit u won my heart on the sunset one:)

  22. Wow, I’ll never go this low
    Ma banzal la heek mustawa 😀

    Good stuff.

  23. I love the Dead Sea … The pictures looks great 🙂

  24. Tiger: inta nahfeh.
    ana ma bekoon fe dubban where I go, kinno inta bitroo7 3ala ilistira7a …HA HA HA .

    Glad you like the pictures, I love taking pics.

    Firas: LOL. Keef bas il title? haik bit7ess inno like very impressive ma3 inno kulloh ya3ni the Dead Sea…he he he , haik khid3a.

    Hala: Glad you liked them; I got a very nice professional camera from hubs for my Birthday that year 🙂

  25. والله العظيم انهم بجننوا 🙂
    و مشكورة على تعليقك ، منيح اذا عجبوكي صوري ، مع العلم انو انا مثلك تمام يعني موضوع التصوير عندي عبارة عن هواية مش اكثر و الكاميرا يلي معي مش هالكاميرا العجيبة ، ان شاء الله طبعاً اقدر بيوم من الايام اجيب الكاميرا يلي بنفسي

    و اذا عندك صور ثانية عالنت احكيلي وينهم خلينا نشوفهم

  26. na3ouri: I havn’t posted any pics but I might :).

    I will let you know when I do.

  27. Ah ha! I recognize that X…especially with the surrounding orange!

  28. Dave: What X??? What orange? I don’t know what you are talking about :ANGEL:

    LOL…ok,alright. I stole it from you. he he he 🙂

  29. Wow, those are really great pictures! 😀 No, I haven’t been there but I wish to someday.

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