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7aki ilzgheereh goes to bed

I took little 7aki to bed, tucked her in and gave her a kiss and I went downstairs.

After 2 minutes.

I hear footsteps creek creek, pitter patter pitter patter.

7aki ilzgheereh: Mamaaaaaaaaaa? (stress on the aaaaaaaaaaaa)
7aki ilkbeereh: Yes Mama.
7aki ilzgheereh : I want haleeeeb (stress on the eeeeeeeeeeeeee)
7aki ilkbeereh: Ok 7ayaty

I go to the fridge and I get her some milk

7aki ilzgheereh: I want it in my sippy cuuuuuuuuuuuuup. (stress on the uuuuuu)
7aki ilkbeereh: OK, here you go.
I hand it to her
7aki ilzgheereh: OOOOH, Thanks mom.
7aki ilkbeereh: You are welcome sweetie. Yallah go to your room
7aki ilzgheereh: mamaaaaaaaaaaa
7aki ilkbeereh: Na3am ya mama
7aki ilzgheereh: Can you tuck me iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin (stress on the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
7aki ilkbeereh: Ok

I Climb up the stairs to the second floor , take her to her room and tuck her in.

Five minutes later…

I hear footsteps creek creek, pitter patter piter patter.

7aki ilzgheereh: Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa
7aki ilkbeereh: Yes mama, what happened?
7aki ilzgheereh: My shirt is weeeeeeeeeeet. (there is a microscopic drop of milk on her shirt)
7aki ilkbeereh: It’s ok sweetie it’s too small it will dry
7aki ilzgheereh: OK. Can you tuck me iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
7aki ilkbeereh: OK

I Climb up the stairs to the second floor , take her to her room and tuck her in.

After five minutes

I hear footsteps creek creek, pitter patter pitter patter.

7aki ilzgheereh: Mamaaaaaaaaaa
7aki ilkbeereh: Na3am ya mama
7aki ilzgheereh: I am doooooooooooone with my haleeeeeeeeeeb
7aki ilkbeereh: Ok, put it in the sink and go to bed
7aki ilzgheereh: Mamaaaaaaaaa
7aki ilkbeereh: Na3am
7aki ilzgheereh: Can you tuck me iiiiiiiiin
7aki ilkbeereh: OK

You get the picture.

All of this to avoid sleeping.

Examples I collected during the week:

I need to pee
I need to wash my hands
I’m cold
I’m hot
I want my dolly
I want to brush my teeth
There’s thump thump in my room

Sheesh , she cracks me uuuuuuuuuuuup I tell ya!

And people wonder how I eat what I eat and never gain weight…

PS: 7aki ilzgheereh is not from ilkhalil, she just likes to nag / whine a little..lol


22 Responses

  1. She’s scared..
    She wants you to be there until she closes her eyes … and sleep
    Ma azkaahaaaaaaaaa (stress on aaaaa)

  2. LoooooooL, she is controlling you like a puppet 😛 You gotta, some time, NOT answer her, so that she learns not to have her way all the time!

    It helps she is not from el khalil 😛

  3. It has begun …
    take it from someone who has 2 much younger sisters and have seen it all …
    The mind games have started 🙂
    but it’s worth every moment …
    Allah la yeb3edkom 3an ba3ad 🙂

  4. okay , you need to manage this , from now,

    ya3ni la trdi 3leha all time , cuz as u give her she take , so careful and btw

    use her name and mom , better cuz 2t5arbatet hehehe 😉

    yllah allah ye7meha , and 3njad la ta3teha wesh metl heak cuz bt3azbk later

  5. mmmmm Ma a6wal baleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek .. law ana kont sarrakht 3aleha zaman aw shaddait sha3ry 😀

    I guess thats why I am not married lahla2 😀

  6. 3njadd ma a6wal balek,
    lao ana mkanek:

  7. How cute 🙂

    Maybe you should wear her out so that she sleeps without even you asking for it!

  8. Adorable..
    What’s Thumo Thump in “There’s thump thump in my room” ?

  9. SO sweet! 7aki Lizghreereh and Little Kinz are cut from the same cloth!

    Her latest sleep-delaying tactic is: “Mommy, I want to sing you a new song about Jesus”, or “Mommy, I want to pray with you again”. Yea, using my enthusiasm to see her faith grow against me! Manipulation Queens, those little girls!

  10. 7aram 7aki el zgheereh, she’s soooooooo adorable.

    bas 3an jad allah iy3eenik! That’ll drive me mad if it happened to me ..

    but hey, at least you’re not gaining weight!

  11. loool

    7akiiiiiiiiiiiii (stress on i)

    you could have told her a bedtime story till she went asleep, as long as you don’t sleep before her.

    looks like she’ll grow up to be a smart cute girl 😀

  12. Q: Well she might be , that’s why I let her get away with it :D.
    And she only does it three times every night cos by the third time bitfarfet ro7y and I start the threatening (iszaa ma bitnamy mafi cartoons tommorw ) ..lol

    KJ: man I am wrapped right around her little finger!!!

    Isam: I really enjoy it wallah, I work all day and only see her for 2 hours :(. So I love that cos I get to hug her extra before I tuck her in :D.
    And thanks! Allah yikhalilak ilnas illy bit7ebhom.

    Qabbani: lol, lets wait till you have your own, then come and talk to me.

    7ala: lol, wallah da7akteeny..I was like that but you develop lots of patience with time.
    But ana lama ba3aseb 3alaiha I give her the Evil look instead of screaming…lol…it’s more effective.

    Ahmad: LOL LOL, OMG , your comment is sooooooooo funny inno I am on the floor.

    Observer: 🙂 , yah but it was raining yesterday so I could not take her outside to play.

    Anon: She claims that she hears noises in her room that go thump thump :(.

    Kinzi: aawwwwwwwww how cute.
    Yah they know what makes us happy, inno sometimes she comes down stairs and says, mamaaaaaaaaaa, I forgot to give you a huuuuuuuuuug. Cos I love her hugs!

    whosane: Yah it does drive me mad sometimes :). But I am very patient with her, then I take it out on my husband ..LOL..maskeen husband.

    Hamza: See that would farfet ro7y, I can’t do it, cos if I do that she starts playing delaying her sleep even more and kinda giggling and stuff, that would take me an hour, now it takes 15 minutes with all the trips downstairs so it’s OK 😀
    And thanks, she is really a good kid!

  13. nahfe bentek. allah y5alelek eyaha.

  14. El maf3oo9a benti ma 9ar 3omerha 2 weeks o 9arat mgazezeetna bedha 7amel o dala3!!Amma jeel walla

  15. sel3: :), thank you.

    Mohannad: awwwwwwwww.

    Allah yikhalilkom iyaha w “tgazezkom” more.

  16. TA7SHEESH!!! Heheheheh, i say u tell her, isma3i mama, roo7i namii 3al kanabayeh oo 7illeh 3anni, biddi atfaraj 3ala Prison Break.

    Oh no wait, that’s prob something I would say.

    Nevermind, ignore me, you’re doing very well your way 😀

  17. Hi 7aki 🙂 how old is little 7aki?

    get her a small nawwasa and tell her you get to have a magical fairy in her room to watch for her 🙂

    btw you are tagged

  18. 🙂

    hehehe , you can say i had my enough experience :), yeah something like my Own , with 5 kids from Day one till 8 yr’s , and from 10 – 17 yr’s old girl, so what am telling coming from a place ,

    and know what am telling you exactly 😉 ..

    your the mom and sure you can manage things …

    young father

  19. Hal: lol, walik nahfeh inti. 3anjad nahfeh..he he he

    Tala: my daughter is 3 years old. She does have a nawwasah in her room; she just wants to play a bit more :).
    Hey, thanks for the tag! I will try and answer it ASAP.

    Qabbani: Good stuff.

  20. i heard that “nawwasat” may increase the chance of getting the kids short-sighted. I know it bothered me as hell when i was a kid … look it up and consider a more hidden type of lamp that can give indirect lighting with no glare ….

  21. يعني افهم انوا هذا الموضوع جايينا
    عالطريق احنا كمان 🙂
    الله يخليلك اياها و تضلها تزعج

    احنا مبارح كان اول يوم بتنام فيه حلا بعيد عنا 😦
    نامت بغرفتها لحالها طبعاً بعد مناقشات مطولة بيني و بين امها انو حرام تنيميها لحالها و هي بتحكيلي انو لازم تتعود من هسا لانو بعدين ما بينفع

  22. isam: it is a lamp and it’s dull blue and out of her line of vision.

    Na3oury: I saw your daughters picture on your blog ma sha2allah she is so cute :).
    7aram baby 😦 and 7aram baba and mama, I bet you it was harder on you than it was on the baby.
    W inta allah yikhalillak bintak w itdallah tajnankom kaman.

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